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    ive really enjoyed reading the posts that are dragging this app thru the mudd. They are very funny. After reading many of the posts, most seem to hate iTunes 11. So, I tried to look at it through a different lense and hate it too. It didnt work. I still think its awesome but I appear to be among a small population. LOL!

  • woodmeister50 Level 5 (5,170 points)

    Paul Richards4 wrote:


    99.9% of the posts here are very critical, or extremely critical. A number of people are talking about getting rid of their Macs, Phones etc and going to Windoze, or any number of other crazy ideas.

    First, let me say, go to your office. Sit on your PC for an hour. and remember how bad things could really be.

    Think about viruses, Norton and Symantec.

    Think about Service Packs. and about XP, Vista, 95, 98 and all the other ludicrous options.

    Think about Dell and Gateway, and what you actualy get for your three hundred quid. About 250 quids worth of stuff that isn't reliable.


    Your right!  The grass isn't any greener on the other side of the

    fence, the wall, the ocean, intergallactic space.  I've been part

    of all those worlds (Windoze (especially Win8), Android, etc.)

    and it is a mess.


    The problem now is, Apple is seemingly no longer a "better"

    choice, rather a choice of the lesser of all evils!

  • Vdue Level 1 (0 points)

    mwheelerk wrote:


    ... I manage my music on an artist and album level rarely on an individual song level so the Song list view is of little consequence to me but I see how it might effect others. ...


    Like I said, so many variable needs and wants for all of us that may or may not be available in 11 that YMMV in the experience of using iTunes.

    There is nothing wrong to organize music by artist and album, that's what most people are doing. The problem starts when your ID3 tags are not super clean to iTunes liking, then music files are all over the place. And if you import a compilation CD and iTunes non-standard ID3v2 tag "compilation" is not set then more trouble arises. All this you could be handled if you store files locally on your PC or laptop. Bring-in a NAS drive into play, things are getting funny. You can tell iTunes get the files from the NAS and keep your database locally, Ok that works. Now the NAS is down you start iTunes, the app will tell you it cannot access your files. Ok, but now iTunes changes its preference settings without telling you. Change the settings back to NAS then iTunes starts to rebuild and to re-organize your files, hours later we are back in business. Now lets assume you have a small family of three, mom, dad and a youngster all equiped with PC or laptop and a mobile phone. The most obvious thing is to keep all your music files on a NAS. Good luck to get it to work. Apple failed to include such functionality or deliberately is not implementing it. It's up to you to judge what is worse. If they failed to include then they should fire their developers if they are doing it deliberately then you can imagine in which direction the train should run: straight into their iTunes Store. This is not all related to version 11 with most of it we need to live since years.


    This thread already lists a lot of bugs of the current version. It appears to me that Apple tries to impress shareholders and the press by releasing a new version in a new outfit. In short: a new dress does not impress me and I could live with a changed GUI. But I experience that I need now more mouse clicks then before, this whole thing is not Apple look&feel and reacts not predictable. An example: If you have a NAS with iTunes media server, then the drive shows up under SHARED volumes and you get a beautiful list with artist, album,... A nice list deserves a column browser. To get it you need to switch off the side bar then activate the column browser and then switch on again the side bar. And if you think during nect start-up that is the view you are getting, no you need to redo it after each start-up. Which developer is guilty for this intuitive behavior? Now since the media server already provided all data why iTunes cannot use these data is beyond my imagination. You cannot produce a playlist or drag&drop those files into an existing playlist. No iTunes needs to build or re-build it's own database.


    Apple here is your todo list:

    • implement a working file management system which works locally and on NAS
    • re-introduce features which you kicked out (duplicates, artwork,...), read this thread and you know what's missing
    • make it run faster by replacing your xml file with a solid database (my homemade id3 reader with a sqlite db runs 5 (five) times faster)
    • do not **** us off with Store buttons all over the place
    • GUI, Apple do not be surprise, if you like it leave it as it is, after a week of flawless use people get acquainted to it (thers is a flawless in this sentence)


    And if the above and the rest mentioned in this thread is nicely implemented, then you can come back to us with an working update. Until then, get your acts together. Cut down beach time and work hard at your work benches.




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    I do my own artwork for my mixes covers and in Grid view they have coverd half of my artwork with an opaque wash of colour. Whats that all about. Leave my artwork alone Apple !!!!. Bring back cover flow.


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  • Steven Dodds Level 1 (75 points)

    I like it. Nice update. It needed it. 

    For me, cover flow was usless, no great loss...

  • Steven Dodds Level 1 (75 points)

    It comes down to Most people don't like change, if it makes them have to re-learn or think.

    I rather like the new stuff in 11.  It's a nice upgrade and move toward the future.

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    Steven, it isn't that people don't like change. If I didn't like change I would still be running OS9. The problem is that iTunes 11 doesn't cause people to re-learn or think. It doesn't do any of those things. It's been dumbed down so people don't *need* to relearn or think.


    As for your comment about "a nice upgrade and move towards the future"...well...all I can say is it better not be because most of us on this thread will probably not be here for it. If this "upgrade" is Apple's future, I'd be better off going back to Windows 7 (which I also have), or a Linux platform (which isn't as archaic as people like to believe).


    My problem at the moment is the lack of alternatives and compatibility. If I did decide to abandon the Mac OS X platform and stay with Windows, I'd have to convert a lot of songs, because I wouldn't want to use iTunes 11 on there either. The simplest solution is to have Apple readmit some of the lost functions into iTunes. Some are already on the way back, but not enough for my needs.


    I would like you to elaborate on what "new stuff" you like. Believe it or not, there are a couple of new features that I do like. There's just not many on my list of likes. I prefer iTunes 10.7 where you do have the option to use or not use a feature. For those of us who did use Coverflow, it is not "no great loss". It's a big loss. The presentation aspect of iTunes is gone.


    In addition to my request for elaboration, how big is your Library, how often do you use iTunes, and how many features did you use in version 10?


    I understand how people would like iTunes 11, but for me, I need something more. That's why I went back to 10.7.

  • grallen Level 1 (0 points)

    Cover flow wasn't useless to me.

    And I like good change. My mixes used to be in the order I did them, now they are random. Whats good about that. Whats good about someone destroying your artwork, for no reason (ie click on an album whilst in grid view). Its half faded out. Wierd. Cover flow was  visually exciting, and an excellent way of choosing your music. I learn and think continually--so dont class me in that thank you

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    Clearly the people posting opinions on this thread praising "how good" iTunes 11 is, don't use it.

    Otherwise, they would have noticed that things don't work as they used to, not mentioning that removing things like coverflow, artcovers on song view or the integration with Genius and the iTunes Store in any view cannot be considered as "an upgrade".

    iTunes 11 is a clear downgrade, but the worst is the fact that it is full of bugs as discussed and documented by lots of people in this thread.


    I give you another example of how things that have changed are not for the better.

    I used to listen to music all day simply by chosing a song and activating the genius playlist mode.

    If I didnt like the results, I would refresh it.

    I dont need to keep those playlist so I would just listen for hours and make another one as needed.

    If I would like it, I would save it.


    iTunes 11 always saves the Genius playlists.

    But the worst is that you make one and you have to remember what it was called and look for it in the sidebar if you just want to listen to it and do changes...


    Also, without play counting there is no fast way of jumping to brand new songs and albuns added to the library. Since I have upgraded to itunes 11, all the songs I have listened to so far have remained as they where, including "0" plays of songs I have listen to several times.

    How could this be called an upgrade?


    Since I am continuously importing new music from CD, since I upgraded now I have to "import" manually the tracks after I have ripped the CDs. iTunes does not recognize the original import, although the files have been created in folders inside the library.

    Today I checked the Music/iTunes folder and I nearly fell of my chair when I discovered that  in the last few days iTunes is generating dozens of misterious *.tmp files... I have no idea what those are and what consequences it will have on my library if deleted...

    I can open those *tmp files in text edit and its only code but they do contain names of tracks I have in m library.



    Also, without play counting there is no fast way of jumping to brand new songs and albuns added to the library. Since I have upgraded to itunes 11, all the songs I have listened to so far have remained as they where, including "0" plays of songs I have listened to several times.


    After the last days, I start to think that iTunes 11 was in fact released by a team working for Google that, somehow managed to convince us that it was a legitimate Apple "upgrade".

    If they realy wanted to destroy our confidence in Apple, they would not have done a better job.

    This is cleary sabotage at its best.

  • Andy2287 Level 1 (0 points)

    Never before have I felt the need to make a comment on an apple product but I am compelled to say I HATE the changes made to iTunes. Its simply not as user friendly as the previous version and I would certainly not recommend it.

    If something's not broke there is no need to fix it...

  • Duncan Arnold Level 1 (0 points)

    Another bug:

    when on shuffle a song comes on and I decide I would like to listen to the rest of that album. I turn shuffle off, it keeps shuffling. I turn shuffle off and clear the "Up Next" list, iTunes stops playing instead of playing the next song on the album.


    Also I want my list view back, I want automatic Go To Current Song, and I want to stop jumping between views when I'm selecting tracks.

    Poor show Apple.

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    It comes down to Most people don't like change, if it makes them have to re-learn or think.

    I rather like the new stuff in 11.  It's a nice upgrade and move toward the future.


    Have a look at other 'low cost or less'-product - discussions of Apple (i.e. iWeb) and compare it with iTunes threads today. At the other discussion channels the people doesn't dislike changes. You will see missunderstandings, some errors in software or lack of knowledge. Happens everywhere, no problem.


    But this iTunes11 looks like from a different planet ( ...outsourced development?).

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    Sir, I'm going to assume that you didn't intend your opinion to sound as ignorant and condescending as it did.


    Personally, I'm very comfortable with change. I'm especially comfortable with change that brings me better tools. I'm not at all comfortable with change that causes me to be less productive managing my music collection, even if on some level it looks "cooler."


    This "I don't have a problem, so there is no problem" attitude is extremely myopic and ignorant. All sorts of people use computers in all sorts of ways. Apple used to understand that.


    Perhaps the real world is not as neat and tidy as the one between your ears.

  • DominiekV Level 1 (0 points)



    nicely put Mr. ToneMonkey

  • Steven Dodds Level 1 (75 points)

    You can turn off the color blending of album art, if you don't like it in the album grid view.

    Uncheck "Use custom colors for open albums, movies, etc.' in Preferences, General, views.

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