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  • Bill Lindsay Level 1 (0 points)

    I am so SORRY I upgraded my iTunes to the horrible version 11. This version is really, really aweful. Unfortunately, as shown by Final Cut Pro, I don't think Apple will fix it. I think they think its better.


    HOW DO I DOWNGRADE back to version 10???



  • noisepec Level 1 (0 points)

    How presumptuous of you, ransims.

    A few users in this thread completely dismiss others' opinions and complaints. Just because you didn't use such and such feature doesn't mean no one did!!!

    And the fact that so many people are complaining about the very same things should make clear that it's not mere whining: coverflow gone awol, clogged UI, ugly design, terrible new App Store (no quick info? no way to tell universal apps from others? 3 freaking pages for every apps as opposed to a single one before, WHAT drugs on earth had the engineers smoked when they thought the new app store felt more user friendly?!?!)


    I hate it, and over the past few weeks have lost faith in Apple, which I had never even thought could happen.


    Read the "Bottom Line" of this review. The journalist sums it all up pretty well:


  • Arasonghus Level 1 (0 points)

    I just want to add to the long list of disgruntled users of the latest update for iTunes...for all the reasons stated below and above!  I, like most people here, am a pretty busy person and want my music immediately at my fingertips.  It should be stored in a place that is easy to navigate, fundamentally intuitive, and enjoyable to use.  The new version of iTunes is none of these things.  I feel like I am a rat in Apple's maze being coerced down a path of their choosing, not mine.  Perhaps they think if I spend enough time trapped in their labyrinth I will get eventually get hungry, ring the bell and eat what they are serving up--for a price...  It's a shame!  Steve, We Hardly Knew Ye!

  • Danni_in_pdx Level 1 (0 points)

    I HATE IT AND I HATE THE GUY WHO WROTE THE CODE AND I HAVE APPLE RAGE PAR NONE! I have SO many things to do and I don't have time for this crap and I was sure I just screwed up my settings but no, this is WHAT YOU DO TO US BEFORE CHRISTMAS.     





    WHY????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??

  • woodmeister50 Level 5 (5,170 points)

    noisepec wrote:

    ...... terrible new App Store (no quick info? no way to tell universal apps from others? 3 freaking pages for every apps as opposed to a single one before, WHAT drugs on earth had the engineers smoked when they thought the new app store felt more user friendly?!?!)


    They are probably the same folks that destroyed the App Store

    app in iOS 6.  Needed to download a third party app to get meaningful

    and useful access to the App Store.

  • Saxman Level 2 (175 points)

    Canes, how exactly did you uninstall it, and re-install 10.7?

  • Drew Reece (Re:co) Level 2 (310 points)

    woodmeister50 wrote:

    Needed to download a third party app to get meaningful and useful access to the App Store.


    What's the app on iOS 6 that makes the store usable?


    I looked at the iOS 6 version of the store & it seems painful (less info in lists, one big app per info screen - scroll, scroll, scroll…).


    I'd like to get an alternative to Apple's messy when Santa brings an iOS 6 device

  • embee_HH Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Saxman


    Mostly anybody in this thread had made it back to 10.7. This most important is: do you have a Time Machine backup??


    From that on you will find several solutions spreaded across dozens of threads here. One worked for me too - but I got luckily a backup.

  • RogerOut Level 1 (85 points)

    Like some of you, I’ve been a Mac user since the beginning.  I, too, think iTunes 11 is a buggy step backwards and it coincides with other weird changes in Mac OS along with iOS.  We’ve come full circle, from the attitude of the 1984 commercial, to self-empowered computing, and then back again to being tied to a centralized monster (iCloud).  And, Apple is trying very hard to rid itself of the file system and make the Mac OS become really dumbed down like iOS.


    This debacle has been going on for some time but became very public with the incredibly stupid handling of Final Cut Pro X.  Fast forward to the Maps scandal - and two releases of MacOS in between that have ushered more and more iCloud and social networking, and dumbing down to the n’th degree. Can anyone believe that Calendar now includes a snooze function but no way to set how long to snooze? I mean, *** is the point? 


    We have no way to control who gets to rings us, like being able to tell iOS to ring if someone in my contact list is calling but send all others to voice mail.  We can’t have the most fundamental features in these programs.  I honestly miss my Blackberry because not only could it do far more as a phone and calendar, it did it years ago...


    If these are the signs of the times, then it’s clear that we are seeing the demise of computing as we know it and moving into a new form that few want but are going to get simply because Apple wants it that way.


    The new CEO said “Apples loves its customers.”  That really means, “Apples loves its customer’s money.”  They obviously don’t care about anything else.

  • Porf Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple finally approved the google map app and its now the #1 free download on the app store.So much better than the hot mess app apple released. Apple needs to do something or like the map app they are going to tumble down hill and real fast.

  • Fabini Level 1 (120 points)

    Version 11.0.1 brings back find duplicates.  View >> Find Duplicates.

    It's perfect.

  • ToneMonkey Level 1 (0 points)

    I've never been so happy to install an update in my life.

  • TPerhai Level 1 (0 points)

    The newest update, 11.0.1, brings back Find Duplicates and should fix some of the bugs, but it's not enough. No added Artwork features such as in List form. Not having any Artowrk in List form is bland.


    Hopefully we'll get some improvements along the way, but I find it strange that we have to persuade Apple to write a sensible program. I'm going to thank them in Feedback for doing the fixes but will repeat most of my previous requests. As such, I am still not updating my main iMac to version 11. Version 11.0.1 is a small step but a few big steps would be nice.


    Keep the Feedback going, and perhaps we'll actually get something like the iTunes we would like to have.

  • adn792 Level 1 (0 points)

    For me, iTunes 11 is the last nail in the coffin.


    I've been using apple products since my childhood in the 90's, i use them at work, at home, for everything. For years i'd been totally satisfied with them: apple products were designed to suit and to ease the needs of the user (in contrary to windows, for instance), who was in the center of the concept. This was a sufficient justification to pay higher prices. 


    For something like three years, this philosophy has apparently changed. Every OS or app update since then has been disappointing. Let's just cite the abandon of rosetta, those stupid "relative-width" tabs in safari, the reverse of mouse-scrolling, the hiding of the library folder, and too many other examples to mention them all. And now, this "new" sluggish itunes 11 that makes me feel like using windows media player in its worst years. The features that made iTunes so user-friendly (for instance coverflow) have gone.


    The feeling globally coming out of these "updates" is that i'm no longer free to do what i want on my computer, that i'm more and more "guided" to locked up environments such as the app store, itunes store or whatever. And finally, it's just like my mac is being one more advertisement screen.


    Maybe it's a consequence of their strategy to merge Mac OS and iOS. First of all, it's absurd, because a computer and a phone aren't the same thing and don't need to have the same OS. Anyway, they are doing it the wrong way: Mac OS is progressively (at least since snow leopard) turning into a big cell phone so it's becoming a locked up system, where the opposite should happen: my phone should be getting more like a computer (not my computer like a phone). What is the next step? Forbiding us to download apps elsewhere than in the app store (this is exactly where the mountain lion's feature "Gatekeeper" is getting us to)? A finder with only three buttons? Or a locked up file system like in iOS?


    Apple is becoming a prison for users, and a golden one, since we all pay high prices to enter it.


    Sure, I could get back to itunes 10. But maybe in 6 months i'll be forced to use itunes 11 to be able to use my phone. The same already happened between lion and mountain lion (to use rosetta, you had to stick to lion, but anyways you're forced to upgrade once). I'm tired to pay loads of cash to be forced to adapt to absurd "updates".


    The only logical response to this situation is leaving the sinking ship.


    New Year's resolution 2013: From now on i will stop buying apple products and i will as much as possible stop using Mac OS or iOS.


    I don't care how much time or efforts it will take: Ubuntu, i'm coming! (and i'm pretty sure rhythmbox will be better than iCrapTunes 11).

  • adn792 Level 1 (0 points)

    woodmeister50 wrote:


    The problem is where else can one go?


    The abortion that is called Windows 8?


    Android with its host of problems (been there, done that)?


    Linux, really?


    The issue is that the computer/mobile industry is reaching

    the point where they believe if they put a little glitz on a product

    people will still buy regardless of quality! 


    The U.S. auto industry went down the same road in the 70's and

    80's and look where they are now.

    I think: yes, Linux, really.


    Actually it's the only alternative to a crappy locked up system, which are Windows 8 or Mac OS (since it's being merged with iOS).


    Look at ubuntu now: it works very well and looks user-friendly (at least for daily usage: mail, music, photos, web browsing). Maybe Linux based systems require a bit more interest to how your computer works.

    But if it's the price to pay to be free, i agree to pay it. And a bit more knowledge about informatics does never hurt, after all.

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