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  • stephenward_ Level 1 Level 1

    yeah, I pretty much never had problems with itunes. Now with itunes 11 it got a lot better overall. I did find one bug though, where all my movies and tv shows suddeny got marked as played. Not sure what happened there.

  • stephenward_ Level 1 Level 1

    Your album art is displayed in the Albums view.

  • MrsSpooky Level 1 Level 1

    This is awful.


    I can't find any of the music from CDs that I imported (hint: they won't show up in "purchased" list).  When I DO find them, the playlists bar disappears from the side so I can't drag them into the playlist like I am used to doing. I can get it done by right clicking on it, but I prefer the drag and drop.


    Now I can see all my music but it feels like I have to jump through hoops to get to this point.


    Hate hate hate the new iTunes.  I can't find anything in here any more.  I wish I had never upgraded.

  • Extemporaneous Level 1 Level 1

    Nope, probably the single-most traumatizing and problematic upgrade I've ever done with Apple in nearly 12-years, and I'd go back to 10.7 in a heartbeat, if I could only figure-out how.


    I'll spend the next 2-days reading all of these six-pages of other posts (both good and bad), but I'm not at all happy, not at all!! And I'm certainly not going to pay Apple $19 to problem solve it for me. I can't believe they just chucked this 'shrapnel' out there without some homework or at least a precautionary notice of some kind. The bugs are too numerous to itemize at this point, but let's start with this one . . . where are my Playlists?


    And if the answer to that is . . . "sorry, they're gone", then in my view, Apple has instantly joined ranks with a long-long line of others that I will now avoid at all costs! I'll spend my time figuring out how to uninstall this drivel and return to 10.7, if possible, before I'll spend any more time fiddling with this version. This is just ridiculous!

  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 Level 5



    Apparently you don't have a clue on what Cover Flow does in Full Screen mode on a HD TV.

    Apparently you haven't spent a thousand or so dollars on an entertainment center like many others here have.

    Apparently you haven't spent many days or weeks downloading Album Artwork like many others of us have.


    Mac Min, large screen HD TV, Stereo, Speakers, etc. = bucks.

    For those that haven't spent the money, that is fine.

    If you just want to look at lousy small album artwork on your computer, that is fine.


    For those of us that have used the older Front Row (remember that?), and those that use Cover Flow in Full Screen on our entertainment centers, the lose of Cover Flow is a disaster.


    For those of us that have an entertainment center, you know what I'm talking about.

    Here is Cover Flow in full screen mode for all the Apple employees and other members here that don't have a clue what it looks like.


  • Michael Gaines Level 2 Level 2

    stephenward_ wrote:


    Your album art is displayed in the Albums view.


    Albums view is crippled. It doesn't play the next album after one ends. List view does. List view in 10 had album art. List view in 11 does not.

  • Stephen Cox Level 1 Level 1

    "* The album view is unworkable with a large library, especially with a ton of singles purchases. I bought about a dozen iTunes Essentials playlists, each of which adds 75 tracks from 75 different CDs. That's about a thousand album covers, each of which represents only one song. Yet iTunes keeps reverting to the album view no matter how often I pick the list view."


    That's a major issue for me. I suppose if you only have a few hundred songs it's no big deal. But my music library is 126GB (throw in movies and TV it's over 200GB). About half of it is classical/opera. Which means the same piece recorded by different performers - in other words nightmare. So iTunes 11 adds second "click" for me - having to select List View everytime. Be nice if you could set a default.


    My general inmpression is that Apple has dumped down iTunes (just like QuickTime, FinalCut, Logic, etc, etc) and made it look pretty. But "pro" users are out.


    Anyway I've downgraded by restoring/rebuilding my system. I have daily backups so no big deal except lost time.

  • MrsSpooky Level 1 Level 1

    If you find a way to download 10.7, please let me know!


    This isn't the first upgrade to bollux things up - iOS 6 broke foreign language font support in pdfs.  I have 2,000 pdfs organized in GoodReader (and iBooks) with English and Japanese fonts.  Gone.  Adobe reader can display them, but I don't want to use Adobe - I paid good money for the feature set in GoodReader (and they seem to be content to wait for Apple to fix what their broken OS).


    I'm also not loving Apple removing the CD/DVD drive from all their Macbook Pros.


    Yes, I'm hating the new iTunes, so now I have to complain about all the stuff Apple's done to irritate me the last year or so.

  • Extemporaneous Level 1 Level 1

    Yup, at almost 20-years of age, my collective MP3 library is now nearly 340GB, so this is a catastrophic change for me too.

  • 10arrows Level 1 Level 1

    Once again, Apple has decided that the power of our Mac should be diminished to a glorified iPad! A graphic interface is fine for a tiny iPad screen. It is insane with a 27" monitor. Plus unless you happen to fit within the range of modern popular music, practically none of your iTunes folders will have covers. Three quarter of my so called covers are just blank icons. This helps me??????


    Yes, thank the Gods one can return to track list format. But everytime one ejects a music CD iTunes auto drops right back into icon mode.


    There is SO many things wrong with the new iTunes I don't know where to begin.


    How about Apple breaking their own OS definitions. Apple-N has ALWAYS been open a new window. No matter the application. But not in iTunes 11. Now it creates a new playlist! ***????? Apparently there is NO way to have more than one window open in iTunes anymore. Couldn't they at least have thrown us a bone and added tabs??????


    Another Apple mainstay, roll the mouse over an icon or button, and you get a definition of what it does. MIA in iTunes. If you don't know the program well already, its trial and error on figuring out what the various buttons do.


    Apple LISSEN UP! The Mac is NOT a freakin' iPad. Stop trying to make it one!!!!!!!

  • waltersdan74 Level 1 Level 1

    this is just complete crap my second gen ipod touch wont connect to itunes 11 at all help will be appreicated.

  • BopCat Level 1 Level 1

    iTunes 11 has screwed up your "expensive" $1000 entertainment system because it doesn't have "cover flow"? Thanks, I've seen "cover flow" before.


    Seriously? Hardly a "catastophe" as some would have us believe.


    Buddy, I have amplifiers that cost more than $1000.

  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 Level 5

    And that's all you have to say.


    Good HD TV's are more then a thousand.

    So are good Amps.


    I mistyped the thousand. Should have been thousands.


    Again, apparently you don't use anything as an entertainment center.

    That's OK, not everyone does.

    But for you to call the rest of the people winers is ridiculous if you only use your computer in a simple manner.


    Even the Apple TV has a version of the older Front Row along with a version of Cover Flow.

    Both of which have now been removed from iTunes for computers.


    For those people that don't have an Apple TV or use a computer connected to their entertainment center, then you might not notice any difference in the new iTunes 11.

  • Fabini Level 1 Level 1

    Spend thousands of dollars to look at Dylan album covers? Yeah, I can see that. Steve would approve.


    Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 6.00.20 PM.png

  • William Fiveash Level 1 Level 1

    The %-L locate currently playing song doesn't highlight the track entry in list mode as it used to.  Minor but still a step back UI-wise.

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