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  • Jimzgoldfinch Level 5 (7,690 points)


    Have you tried "Beethoven Piano Sonatas Alfred Brendel" in search criteria? This partially works!! A major problem is that when you list by songs you have no option to sort tracks.


    Not satisfactory but it cuts down the number of albums to view!!



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    Using iTunes for Classical music is similar to reading the music pages in the Chicago Tribune - you would think that classical music has disappeared from the earth - other than the separate reviews of the CSO. The lack of a composer search in Album view is a real pain. Surely someone in Cupertino listens to Classical music!  Apple has really let us down!

  • ClassicalBelgian Level 1 (0 points)

    The best part of this downgrade is that, if you want to want to purchase a classical compilation album from the iTunes Store, you first have to go and look at Amazon or another online seller to see the name of composers of the various pieces....... Way to go Apple!


    I've been an avid supporter for Apple for years, but since a few months i'm having serious doubts as to what Apple wants: to remain a reliable, userfriendly and durable friend for the entire community aged 16 to 99 or to be a flashy designer driven company for badly conceived Microsoft like gadgets for kids between 16 and 30!

  • nuno1959 Level 1 (25 points)

    another VERY simple solution is to just go back to iTunes 10.7 - just don't forget to de-select the automatic updates for iTunes...


    to avoid all sorts of troubles follow this procedure, it's bullet proof, you'll loose nothing, get no errors or other :



    then to wrap it up send Apple some feedback explaining why you did it


    i did & .....bliss again !


    but to be honest i'm waiting for something to come along to replace iTunes to jump ship - a little bird told me there IS something REALLY NICE in the works & coming up..


    iTunes gradual ''iOS-ation/dumb-ization'', constant progression towards what is or isn't convenient to those who buy music by the song/have 20GB music libraries, easy access to the iTunes Store at every step of the UI, me only means i'm done with iTunes & can't wait to drop it like a hot potato


    i didn't buy a Mac/paid extra to constantly battle uphill or to be bored to tears - for that any El Cheapo machine running XP would suffice

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    I agree. Terrible for classical music. In ITunes, you cannot search by both title and composer. iTunes will not list all of the available works. The search engine is so limited and omits much relevant music. Additionally, when looking at the samples, the composer cannot be found. Music is listed by title (such as Partita). No mention of composer ( probably Bach, but who knows) . Just do a search for Heifetz. There is a compilation of works, but clicking on what's on the album will not give you any of the composers names. I find amazon much more user friendly and unless iTunes shapes up, I plan to buy music from other sites.

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    I have just downloaded three tracks from the album "The Merton Organ" which is a compilation of pieces played on the new organ of Merton College Chapel Oxford. I cannot discover the names of the composers of the remaining tracks without buying them! I can find the name of the organist but not the name of the composer of 'Andante with variations in D major Op 82' etc. This is silly and an insulting affront to lovers of classical music who find it really difficult to identify the tracks in iTunes store.


    Get real, iTunes - we classical music lovers might spend some serious money if we knew what we could buy!

  • Northumbian Level 1 (0 points)

    'Andante with variations in D major Op 82 is by Mendelssohn. Found the info at:



    which I found via Google. Unfortunately I can't tell what sort of a site it is, but the data is listed in a column labelled "Artist". The other tracks are similarly listed.


    I'm here because I've just bought a major new NAS (8TB or 4TB in Raid) and was thinking of using iTunes to build my library of music - mainly, but by no means exclusively, classical and perhaps audio books. What I have read here has not been encouraging. I shall look around to see if there's a better option.


    I don't need it as a place to buy music, but I would like to have a good service for loading information from CDs and for searching and playing stuff once it's been loaded. And streaming over my network, since that's where the storage is. Backup I will worry about later.

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    Here here! I second the motion! Apple let's make things right. The people are speaking.

  • thomasfromhanover Level 1 (0 points)

    OOh man! If you do hear from that little bird, please share. I'm positively sick of what's happening to Apple and the lot.

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    If Apple does not fit your requirements for Classical Music, then you could always try Windows, it is probably more within their Developer's age group.


    Good Luck



  • thomasfromhanover Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually, I'm speccing out a PC just for my 150 gig library. I'll use WMP or one of the many other simpler music players Than iTunes. I'm almost as fed up with Apple now as I was with Microsoft when I made the switch. Go figure.

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