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    "Re: iTunes 11 airplay stops in middle of songs, why?

       Jan 20, 2013 9:53 AM    (in response to Richard Kirschmann)    

    I had to really spend some time messing around with wifi channles my network was using, and how i set up my network to get rid of the very old and long existing problem of airplay dropping out.  Another problem with airplay i have forwarded to apple,  certainly never to be fixed, is that if you ff or rw within a song playing over airplay several times, or just once, airplay stops.  I have to turm airplay off then on to get anything to sync again..  11 has soooooooo many bugs."



    So what did you change to make it not drop? I have tryed a lot of options, but havent really found a case on the dropping. It just doesnt make mutch sense to me... How changing the channels would work? I use Time Capsule conected to the rounter and a Airpot Express just joining the network to play music. Also use Apple tv to play music on airplay... And get a lot of droppings with iTunes 11.

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    Richard Kirschmann wrote:


    I switched my Aiport Express to "particpate in netwrk" intead of "extend network" and it stopped droping airplay. The air express is particpating in my airport exteme wifi signal.



    Well that just doent work for my. I use to have it extending my network, but i had several problems with stability. So II change made it just join the network, the wireless got better, but the iTunesdidnt. It still had a lot of dropping while playing music....

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    tomq wrote:


    While this problem is broad based since the iTunes change to 11.0 and 11.1, I have noticed an improvement with less dropping out.  There may have been a radio frequency change as music cuts out during AirPlay when small Cessna-like aircraft flies overhead.


    I have not make that correlation. But I live in a apartment. And I noticed that if we use the microwave, the music tend to cut more often... Could even be that when the neigbors use it may be influencing... It is very weiard...

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    Just throwing my hat in the ring on this one. I've tried multiple resets of my iMac (early 2006), Airport Extreme, Airport Express(es) all to no avail. Sometime in the 30-60 minute range, the sound will drop out if I'm using Airplay (either single or multiple) all the while iTunes is still showing the song as playing. It restarts streaming as soon as I hit the previous button (<<) to restart the current song. I've submitted feedback to Apple (becoming a daily occurence with iTunes 11) and will wait for a viable SOFTWARE solution from Apple.


    I will say that my music listening has dropped by about 82.3% since upgrading to iTunes 11. I'm not talking about the lack of larger sized album art either. I'm talking about functional issues such as this, the lack of playcount updates when using crossfade, the complete eradication of playcounts due to some funky iCloud desire to mess with my data, ID3 tag info changing randomly, etc. It's become completely unbearable. Sorry for the rant but I've told everyone I can to NOT upgrade at this point. First world problems and all, I used to listen to music much more than watch TV and it really is egregious.


    I've not had the time nor inclination to try and revert to iTunes 10.7 but at this point I'm reconsidering that position.

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    This worked!  As long as I'm playing to 'multiple' sources, iTunes does not stop.  Thank you.

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    the new airport software and firmware fixed everything for me.  Started by udating to Airport Utility 6.2  it then found firmware updates for my express and base station.  Nice!

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    I have seen microwaves kill 2.4GHz networks going all the way back to when wifi B just came out and when I had a wireless video link in the TV cabinet, which was back to back with the microwave in the kitchen. 


    A decade and two houses later, the same stuff still happens. The microwave knocks wifi out that goes to the iPad sitting on the counter 4 feet away.


    Similar interference issues happen with anything that uses 2.4 ghz:  phones, video links, baby monitors, ...

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    Richard & All ~


    Thanks, I can't say it's technically resolved, but what I can say is that appears that it has not happened in a while now.


    Here's what I did:


    1) Update to the very latest of iTunes, at time of writing 11.0.1 (12)

    2) Update the firmware of APExpres, at time of writing 76300.7 (or 7.6.3)

    3) I changed the way my APExpress connects to my APExtreme, I now use WDS (a.k.a. "Join a wireless network), instead of "Extend a wireless network".


    I am not certain which of these did the trick, suffice it to say, knock on wood, no issues yet.


    See also: and


    And should you want a rather comprehensive set of instructions:


    Now, another thing I did later, was to re-install my OS. This had nothing to do with my iTunes issue, but it really sped things on on my Mac, and some trouble issues seemed to get resolved.


    Hope this helps, thanks, and good luck to all!

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    Had same problem, iTunes pausing / locking up when playing after 2 or 3 songs.  This never happened until last update of either atv or itunes, though subsequent iTunes update has not fixed the problem.
    I always play Apple tv / iTunes on shuffle.  I have just selected a playlist and so far its on the 12th track without locking up tunes.


    Bug in either apple tv or iTunes.



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    Apple did fix it the problem via Airport Express and Airport Utility UPDATES within the last three weeks.  Since November 2012 with the new iTunes format until three weeks ago, the problem was persistent.  I've spoken with Senior Advisors twice in January out of frustration so they confirmed that iTunes and Airport Express/Airport Utility had a connection gap.


    Download both of these updates which occurred late January or early February 2013 and your problem will likely go away.

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    Since after i moved i had constant stutters and stops when trying to airplay on 2 atvs.

    I was using the 5Ghz wifi on my TimeCapsule which now seems to have issues on certain channels. After i switched to a different channel the wifi connection is rock solid again with no stutters at all when i airplay to both.


    So maybe it's just a wifi settings isssue.

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    I can tell you that this isn't strictly an AirPlay problem either. I'm running iTunes 11.0.2, AppleTV 2 iOS 5.2, computer set to never sleep, never turn hard disk off. I use the AppleTV interface to play music, so I'm not AirPlaying. Sometimes after every two songs or so it pauses right at the beginning of the next song/end of the last song. The computer is still active, which probably shouldn't even matter, since my library is on a NAS.


    I'm pretty sure this problem started for me when I updated to iTunes 11. Could have also coincided with my Apple TV being updated to iOS 5.2 (I had been running 4.3 for a long time while it was jailbroken).


    Anyone have any other suggestions?

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    My issues only started after iTunes 11. I am running my library on a Synology NAS, anyone non-NAS have issues? Seems like a few it's effecting have NAS library's

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    What model Synology do you have? I've been thinking of upgrading but I don't want to run into this issue again. I am using an ArticRoc 2T and 2011 Time Capsule. Did you download the most recent iTunes? I haven't had any pauses after I updated.

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    I have the DS213 3TB setup with RAID. I haven't played too much but so far pretty good, however the new update does not sync my iPhone 5 properly and new stuff can not go on it