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  • mdwpsyd Level 1 Level 1

    Note to Apple: if you happen to look at the above post, please allow me to make a couple of points.


    First, I recognize that Apple does not monitor this forum ("Discussions" or "Communities") in order to provide assistance to Apple customers. See

    Apple Support Communities Terms of Use:



    6. Apple involvement. Apple does not formally provide technical support on the Site. However, any information that is provided by Apple or Apple employees is offered on an "AS IS" basis without warranties of any kind.


    Second, Apple might initially assume that the two links in my post violate this part of the Terms of Use:


    6.2. Any reference, including a link, to a commercial item that is not directly related to a relevant technical support question or answer.


    However, I believe the links are appropriate because they are directly related to the support question because they provide an alternative for individuals to purchase music and listen to it, given the significant problems associated with iTunes 11.


    If you delete this post, because of the links to Amazon and Tomahawk, but you ignore the flood of posts bemoaning the changes introducted in iTunes 11, that will tell us a lot.



  • Slythen Level 1 Level 1

    the right scroll is off the screen too. snapping to the right and biggy sizing it is great but i don't want to do that every time. Apple should put a quick patch out for this. this a windows wide issue.

  • diggsyang Level 1 Level 1



    Worked! Thanks!

  • Víctor Noriega Level 1 Level 1


    11.0.4 (4)

  • section2i Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I've been meaning to say that this issue did seem to be resolved in the version of  iTunes I am currently running (, I think).  And I assume will continue to be fixed in 11.0.4 just as soon as I can get that to download and install correctly. Ho hum.

  • nick25077 Level 1 Level 1

    Worked for me! Thanks!!!

  • skip3d Level 1 Level 1

    the solution is to rightclick on itunes through your start menu then click properties then compatibility then check the box next to disable display scaling on high dpi settings...guarenteed will work if nothing lines up on the itunes library then click apply and then ok

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