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Today my iPhone 4 S (3 months old) is having some kind of battery freak out. It went from around 60% to 1% earlier today, in 5 minutes. I plugged it in, said it was charging, but I still had the "red" battery indicator on the screen. I got home, plugged it in to a wall charger and let it charge. It read 100% after a short time. I did a hard reboot and it read 100%.


Unplugged it and tried to use it. As I have been searching for solutions, I have watched the battery drain from 100 down to 1 again- in a matter of 20 minutes. What the heck is going on?


I have turned it in and off, toggled airplane mode... Those are the only go to fixes I know!!

I haven't purchased any apps recently and my software is up to date.


Any help is appreciated!





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