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    Gotcha.  I'll try letting them play IN iTunes first (to make sure they imported gapless), then try a remove and re-add to the iPod.



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    For what its worth, I'd been having this very same problem on and off. Sometimes it would play gapless, sometimes it wouldn't. This morning I went into the iPod settings, turned off Sound Check (which I use only for playlists) and noticed it was on. I turned it off, reset for good measure, and what would you know, my gapless albums once again played gaplessly.


    P.S. next time, I proofread better before quickly making a username to post an answer.

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    For me, what worked was moving out the iTunes library files to my desktop, starting iTunes as new, shutting it down again and just copying the library files back using 'replace' (when I couldn't find the import library feature).


    I think we all agree that iTunes handles gapless albums badly. Sometimes they play fine, sometimes they don't. In my experience: Mostly they don't. There is no excuse for this. Sort it Apple.


    We don't care whether it's an automatic feature or a check box is needed so long as it is easy, obvious and it works. Seamless gapless playback is essential or iTunes will be phased out by many users (including me).


    In fact, iTunes should play gapless albums gaplessly without us setting anything. How hard can it be? This is the 21st Century! The tips and tricks listed above may work, but we shouldn't have to trick iTunes into doing its job by either setting something that isn't obvious or reimporting libraries or tracks or whatever.


    Recently iTunes feels like something that has been around for a month, has not been tested fully and has teething troubles. Given the length of time since it first appeared, why isn't iTunes awesome by now? Apple have had nearly fifteen years and this is the best they can come up with? Shocking.


    I am very disappointed with Apple recently. We've always said that the best thing about Apple is "it just works. And straight out of the box". That isn't true anymore. Sadface.


    Thanks for listening. I feel better now. Back to work...

  • wqerwqerwqerwqer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I noticed this issue on some live albums that I have.  I then noticed that the ones I ripped in iTunes played gapless correctly, but the ones I had ripped a long time ago in FLAC, then imported into iTunes would not, even after meticulously updating the metadata.  I finally bit the bullet and deleted them and re-ripped them and now they play gapless just fine.  I suspect that Apple is relying on the on-line CD metadata exclusivly to determine this setting.


    It is a shame that iTunes has become such an unweildy, cluttered piece of bloatware.  It's trying to do too many things and solve too many problems as as a result is becomming harder and more frustrating to use.

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    I hardly ever complain about Apple and like they are even going to care about me writing this post but if they generally do care about their customers they should listen and rectify this problem.


    Everything I own Is apple Ipad, phone computer, apple tv, ipod. the list goes on.


    A week or so ago I updated my computer and ipad as I had not done this for some time. I work as a therapist and rely on my ipad for mobile clients and the computer for my treatment room. My business is based upon relaxing people and destressing them with a multitude of therapies. So you can imagine when I have 180 ambient albums that used to be gapless suddenly have 1 second gaps between them. All of my clients have noticed this gap and actually is effecting my business.


    Bring back the section that allows me to join up tracks, for example I have an album I use all the time called Solar Walk by Astropilot. The CD is seamless and has no gaps on, I sold my cds around 1 year ago after using itunes match as the cds were cluttering up my house and was no point keeping the the cds.


    So I update my itunes 9 or 10 i think it was to the new one, suddenly gaps... I cant believe what has happened, I am generally upset with Apple I am lost for words and cross fading is not like a seamless album. My ipad has gaps on music that did not have gaps before. Half my music is bought from I tunes and the other half CD'S that I imported.


    Well I am sorry for being so negative and sounding hurt over something that should not have been removed from I tunes, but it is effecting my business and its sounds silly but it really is! Yes I could probably fit all the 180 albums together in cubase to get them to be perfectly seamless like they should be. But why should I, have spent thousands of pounds over the last 14 years on apple products and software.


    I doubt I will get any reply from Apple as I rang apple today and complained, wish I had never have updated and Apple are really turning in to Microso**, too big of a company that dont give a dam about their customers. Yes itunes has gone backwards and is not the user friendly product it used to be. I hope soon that there is an update and the gapless section where you can join up the albums I ripped to itunes years ago gets re added for people in my situation.


    To the chap above, yeah I might have to do what you have done but 180 Ambient albums I use for a spa therapy room ( I dont have the time to ripp 180 albums and delete them to re-ripp them back on to my computer. Its 2014 not 1994


    Sort it out apple, I am sure it does not take a scientist to add something back on to itunes that previously was there. Hope some one from Apple actually replies to this because I am absolutely discusted by this most simple feature that has been removed and frustration is not the word for it. Im angry because my therapy cant flow with the music when an hour massage has 12 one second gaps within the hour, clients notice and comment.


    It really is taking the **** ( Have never ever once complained about apple ever, being a Mac Head...... but I am really doubting now the ability of a company that removes a basic simple feature that really was so valuable for me as an individual and my business.


    Sorry if anyone thinks I am being to harsh over a small issue but I hope they sort this out, else my confidence in the company and the way I can see it going is being tarnished by trying to be to complex with itunes when it used to be simple and easy to use.


    Please please please but this feature back on Itunes :-(

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    when importing continuous cd's you can join tracks together.  When it says import songs you say no then you can join the tracks alltogether in the top right hand corner.  I think its under options.  It tells you in I tunes help also how to join tracks together.  Hope this helps.  Kind regards Blizzard conditions.

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    First, that only works on a CD, not a set of WAV or MP3 audio tracks.  Also, it creates one big track, which is not the right way to handle 20 or 30 songs from, say, a live concert.

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