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    Unfortunately for all of us this problem has been around for some time and continues to be ignored by Apple. Been a loyal user for many years but not much longer.

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    What are you talking about can you be more specific I got no boxes

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    Mine won't sync at all. Could y'all speak English cause all this uncheck this or that doesn't show up anywhere when I plug in iPod. Plus new iTunes is beyond complicated half the menus are missing

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    When I plug in my ipod classic, it won't even recognize it, so I can't even get to a summary menu to uncheck the box...ridiculous APPLE!


    Get this fixed NOW!

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    I have a similar problem so will try what you did and cross fingers. this has only happened since I downloaded the most recent version of iTunes.

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    I thought this might be a solution but where can you find the old versions of iTunes?

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    Just google download iTunes 10.7 and you should be able to find it.

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    Happy to hear others are experiencing the same issue I am. I thought I was going crazy! The Genius Bar acted like I was making all this up in my head and couldn't find a problem. I'm still unable to convert MP3's to AAC files while syncing. I'm on a Win7 64-bit device and it all started when I downloaded iTunes 11! Oh, and trying to convert them in smaller batches does not work for me either. Very disappointing!

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    Suspect that they have been told to deny this issue given how long it's been going on without so much as acknowledgement of the problem.

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    Perhaps if someone went to a genius bar, with a MacBook and an iPod, and demonstrated the problem...


    Tempted to myself, but it's a hassle getting to my nearest Apple store.

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    Well it seems that chek/uncheck here and ther didn't help.

    I have managed to sync my 160gb but it took some time.

    My library is mainly ALAC so i had do covert while sync.


    It seems that syncing (with conversion) a single album at a time is OK so:


    1. Try sync the whle library
    2. Look at the track where the sync is stucked (eg 2 of 4500 .....)
    3. Sync the complete album of that track
    4. Go to 1


    It seems endless but after few albums the sync went smooth

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    Ok everyone,

       I'm pretty sure I have found the solution to this problem. I have an iPod classic 160gb and a windows 7 64 bit laptop. iTunes 11 kept crashing during the sync. I called Apple and they told me how to do a complete iTunes uninstall. You have to uninstall iTunes, then QuickTime, then apple mobile device support, then Bonjour, then Apple applications support in that exact order. After that reinstall iTunes 11 from the Apple website. And everything works perfectly now. I'm even down converting to 192kb and all my songs synced with no crashing. I hope this works for everyone else.

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    Sorry Guitarguy103. I tried the process you mentioned, exactly. The problem persists.

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    Haven't tried this yet, but if I do does that mean I have to start over putting all my music back into iTunes?  That would take weeks