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  • Mavis Haddlar Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have just bought Macbook Pro and am learning!  Problem with syncing my iPod touch.  It syncs (well, it says it does) but no music transferred and syncing only takes a couple of seconds so data is not being transferred. Before, with my Windows I only had to plug my iPod i and all tunes were transferred.  Now, after the brief syncing, there are no tunes in my iPlayer.

  • alassman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I finally fixed this bug with my itunes match and want to share it with everyone. I updated to iOS7 on my iPhone 4 and the playlists were all showing as empty or with only a few songs. Tried pretty much everything - hard resets and turning on/off itunes match. Finally I turned off iTunes Match on both the iTunes on my PC and also on the iPhone. Did a hard reset to the phone. Logged out of both (Apple user ID). Logged back in again. Connected the phone via the USB to the PC and then turned match on again inside iTunes on the PC. And then turned it on again on the iPhone. Bingo!! I can now see all my music again :-)))))))

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    I did everything you (alassman) did above and I am still only getting half of the playlists filled.  The songs are there but not in the playlists.  I made sure all the playlists are music only.  Not suree what else to do.

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    Same issues and have tried so many different things I can't recall what was done last. The latest was I downloaded an album and only 8 of 12 songs would download. Tried each again and told the PC wasn't authorized. Signed in as asked to authorize and PC was identified as already authorized,  still no songs. Added what I got to a couple of playlists and synced  the i5 and all of a sudden the iTunes overloaded the iPhone by 6 gig! And then the playlists changed the list to alphabetical and wanted to download 40 of 130 songs on both playlists on the iPhone 5. Next when I went to play a song the art and text was different than the music. Did a reset and still did this. So I decided to remove the playlists off of the iPhone 5 and rye sync and now the playlists are completely gone off of both! Sent apple a note and haven't heard back. I still have the correct play lists on my iPad. If I sync it to the PC will they show back up on the PC?

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    This worked for me.  Thanks.

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    I don't know if this will help anyone... but I just got Apple TV. I could not figure out why my playlists on my macbook would not show up on Apple TV. Then, I made a "smart playlist" instead of just a playlist, and it synced almost immediately. I don't know if this is just a workaround or if some people can't get any playlists, even a smart playlist to work, but for me, this is good enough as I have tried everything else under the sun and back to fix this issue. This is the only work around I've found that works.



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    Delete tracks with crossed out Cloud icon--instant fix for me.

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    everyone of us paid **** load of money for an apple gadget!!!! and one of the most basic functions - sync of music from iphone to itunes or vis-a-verse does simply not work!!!! waiting for ages and several updates, but Apple seems not to care at all about this!!!!

    Obviously, they earn too much money on their faulty stuff and customer satisfation seems to be something completely unknown to them.

    This is a non acceptable way of behaviour!!! I will go for Android with my business cell as well as with my private cell. And for my daughter's next birthday I will have an Android phone as well because Apple cares a s..t about customers.



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    They were not aware.  Hah.  iTunes Match has been nothing but trouble since the very beginning.  It seemed to work for a brief shininig moment.  I think it was a Tuesday in late October 2013....

  • StayinFrosty Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This fixed the problem for me. Thanks!

  • Fastfwd Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    I went for the nuclear option and it worked for me after trying tons of other things from this thread and others.

    log out from itunes on the computer

    close itunes app on the computer

    delete the itunes folder under my "~/music/iTunes"

    start itunes app

    log in

    re-enable itunes match

    start itunes app on the iphone

    wait a while. go around icon next to wifi icon comes and goes and eventually all playlists are in sync between iphone and itunes

    Also tried to make some changes on the computer after that and they synced to the iphone

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    The fact that this much troubleshooting has to be done to get your playlist on the newest apple devices is ridiculous. Apple clearly could care less whether iTunes Match works well or not, same bugs and problems from day one. Im willing to venture none of the above posters smart playlists worked either. Apple will never repair or debug this product because they dont care… they already got what they wanted when you paid to have iTunes Match for a year. Typical half brained Apple service….

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    I didn't read all of the posts, but I figured out for me at least how not to lose all my playlists on my Iphone. The playlists would show up on iTunes, but were listed on my phone with no songs in them.

    1.) I created a generic playlist, while my phone was plugged in to my computer

    2.) paste songs from playlist 1 (or whatever you have labeled) into the generic playlist

    3.) copy songs from generic playlist back into the original, and a pop up will happen about copying songs

    4.) click SKIP

    5.) check your phone and your playlist now has the tracks back in it

    6.) repeat over and over to get all your playlists back to your phone

    I hope apple can eventually program iTunes in a way that could copy and paste playlists from the phone to iTunes and vice versa, and so we don't lose our playlists. There has to be an easier way to fix that. Hope that helps

  • Geezerbird Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks very much, spent hours tonight trying to fix this before I found your post CraigRochester, fixed it immediately. Still frustrating that it doesn't work as advertised, but so glad to have found a work around!

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