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    So, I am in the same boat. 6.02 is draining the battery of my iPhone 5.0. However, i noticed an interesting pattern. It looks like small triangle appears on the left of my battery indicator. That icon usually appears when there is location service engaged. I noticed that this occured even if I do not have application with location service enabled running. It took me me couple of clicks on home button to go away. I would assume that when the service location is kind of active it will drain battery. So when I leave the phone with the triangle on it drains the battery, if I managed to get rid off triangle the battery seems to be OK. I have no clue why this location service keeps engaging even if I no longer use application. I yet need to test, what would happen if I completely turn off location service. Anyway, please look into it, and let me know if you encounter the same thing.


    Thank you.

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    Krister, I think this is common b/c of "Find my Iphone". That program is constantly running in the background, kind of like lojack for your computer, to see where your phone is. So if you turn off location services, you turn off that program. That would be a double edged sword b/c although its good to save battery, there is only so much that you can do before it becomes unbearable. I find this app to be an important one and should be on all the time b/c it's not like you'll remember to turn it on everytime you leave your house or whatnot. However, I have essentially disabled most of my iphone's features and at this point, it's beginning to feel less like a smartphone b/c I am scared to use it as not to excessively waste battery life. This has become ridiculous and frustrating b/c I have a data plan and would like to use it but fear that my battery will die in the process. Heck, the same even happens over wi-fi. This is an abysmal conundrum and I hope it gets fixed b/c I am on my second iphone within the span of 2 wks. 

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    Your point is well taken regarding "Find My iPhone". However, I have not noticed such an extensive "location" behaviour at 6.0.1. Maybe I wasn't paying that much attention. So what you are saying that regardless if I have application "Find my iPhone" running or not, it's keeping locating it? What is the frequency of such checking. If this is the case, could that be there an option how often you want to check it? I am still flabbergasted that there are people that might not encounter the problem with battery drain in their iPhone updated to 6.0.2. Maybe there are other applications that are offending "location" future causing the battery drain. It's truly mystery to me.

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    Same thing had happened with ios 6.0.1. That program runs in the background b/c it is on under "locations". If you turn it off, then it will stop working. You see the goal of that program is to always keep tabs on your phone and provide you with an up-to-date location. You can see the app try to run if locations is turned on, but wi-fi and 4g are off. it's always searching for your location. Eventually though it gives up turns off and then turns on. However, when both sets of internet are off, the locations usually turns on when I start to use my phone from stand-by. But I find turning it off foolish b/c losing your phone is a worse endeavor. You are correct to speculate about other apps, but I would deem "find my iphone" to be the main culprit. Maybe apple maps as well.

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    I've been scouring the 'Net for the past 3 days for a fix for this but apparently no one has discovered that yet (and Apple apparently very quiet about it as if nothing is wrong). I work in the hospital and I am oncall for emergencies this weekend so this is the utmost importance for me. I can DEFINITELY say that I'm one of those that are suffering from severe battery drain after the 6.0.2 update! Just as an example: Yesterday, I unplugged my iPhone 5 with the power at a full 100%, having nothing else running on my multitask other than email... this was at 7:45am. I purposely did NOT even touch or look at the phone until after lunch. By the time 1:05pm ticked, I checked the phone and it was completely DEAD! No juice, as confirmed the minute I put the Lightning cable back on. That's over 5hrs of doing absolutely nothing with the phone! Three hours ago, I unplugged the phone at 93%, making sure nothing was on the multitask bar and went off to watch Sunday Night Football. I came back to check on my phone at 9:25pm (approx 2hrs after I unplugged it from charging)... BAM! It was at 65%!! From 93% without any interaction at all...


    Apple: For those of us who use our iPhone 5's for work and/or have business-issued iPhone 5's (especially in emergency healthcare), this is critical. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!! Thank you.

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    Losing 1% every minute. My iphone 4 can do better than this!

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    It's a real shame that we have to find our own fix and Apple has not said a word about it. I'm very disappoint it. We pay good money for Quality but it seems that apple had sacrificed quality and focused on just quantity. Please Fix this issue the 6.0.2 is a total miss. My battery problems seems to have ceased but now I'm having wifi disconnection issues. It's just ridiculous. 

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    I am sorry if I sound foolish, but is there a way to revert back to the previous version of ios-- kind of like windows restore?

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    Do some of you have noticed some battery drain in plane mode also ?

    Because I do. It is not since 6.0.2 though, it cames with my iPhone 5 and only in some situation with some apps in background (after restoring as a new phone, there is no issue anymore). I have never seen this issue on my 4S.

    After weeks of huge testing trying to find the faultly app, killing them one after another, checking plane mode for hours to see, etc, it looks that there is not one app that is faulty. But, it tends to be related to system apps. On some day killing the "Phone" app makes the deal (plane mode becomes battery friendly) but unfortunately it is not always true. Contact app, Notes, Appstore, Message, etc there is something wrong around these but I can't figure out why and when one or more of these apps are still consuming battery after plane mode is on.

    Has anybody else experienced this situation ?

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    Just to be complete: when I say it drains battery in plane mode, it is around 2-3% lost per hour, 20% during my 7h sleep usually. With nothing in background, drain is 0% for 7h.

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    Yes - It's mentioned here about three times in this thread alone.  A couple of pages back for a how to.  One by me and another user.

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    Hi 125AT


    I downloaded the .ipws for iOS 6.0 and 6.0.1, tried to install in DFU mode and Apple seem to have blocked the online authorisation of the upgrade and I could load the upgrade in iTunes. A messages kept coming up saying 'contacting apple for online authorisation' or something similar and then the whole process stopped and an error message popped up.

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    I saw an earlier thread and someone mentioned Spotlight uses a lot of processor power constantly indexing content. The same thread mentioned that System Location Services uses a lot of processor as it's constantly providing location based information and mainly that's for location based ad delivery which for most part isn't needed.


    I've found that turning Privacy > Location Services > System Services (All Off) plus General > Spotlight Search > (All Off) has helped.

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    Sounds like Apple have stopped signing 6.01.  A real shame.

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    Had my phone about a month, a few days ago I suddenly couldn't connect to my home network! Plugged it in and updated to iOS 6.0.2. Great wi-fi working. 2 days later and for the first time I get a warning my battery is down to 20% with no unusual usage. That was yesterday, today couldn't connect to home network again. After messing about with router settings, rebooting iphone and finally restoring router settings I'm connected. Come on Apple sort it out and don't blame the router because my girlfriends Galaxy Sii is working just fine with wi-fi.