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Hi all,


I have been trying to connect to an office printer but have been unable to. This is in an all Windows environment with minimal interest from IT to help me. The printer is a Canon iR-ADV C5035 with UniFlow Secure Print activated. The printer is being shared via a print server with the address xx.xx.xx.xx/printserver (on windows you could connect to \\hostname\printserver or \\xx.xx.xx.xx\printserver).


On my Mac I'm running 10.8.2 and have installed the UFR2 V2.43 driver.


When adding the printer I do the following:

  1. In Print and Scan System Preferences, click the plus sign
  2. Select IP and provide the IP address of the printserver. Protocol is Line Printer Daemon - LPD. I then select the Canon iR-ADV C5030/5035 UFR II (UK) driver.
  3. On the Setting up <Printer Name> sheet that appears I leave the options untouched.


With the printer added I try to print. I get a message stating "The printed output may be incorrect because the printer information has not been acquired. Start Printer Utility to get this printer information" (more on that later). The queue appears and I get the following message:


Canon UFR II Printer Driver

Cannot communicate with the printer, or the printer is not supported. If the printer is supported, check the printer connection and add it again, then start Printer Utility to get the printer information.


When trying to get the Printer Information via the Printer Utility I get the same error as above, a long wait follows while printer information is gathered. I then get the following message:


May not have been able to get the printer information.

If the contents in the [Printer Information] dialog differs from the actual printer configuration, check that the printer is functioning correctly, then try again to get the printer information.


Finally Printer Information appears, stating the communication method (Unidirectional), duplex unit (available) and User inboxes (available).


So, anyone have any ideas? It should be noted that the Secure Print is using domain authentication for Windows users and then people punch in a pin code once at the printer to pick up their printed documents. Department ID is not in use as per one of our IT guys.


Many thanks for any help you are able to give.

  • Eric Root Level 8 (44,815 points)

    This is an Apple article showing supported printers and has some troubleshooting information. Hopefully, you can find an answer there:



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    The UFR2 driver does not like being used via a Windows share. Since uniFLOW is being used then the C5035 should have been sold with Postscript kit. Then you could have used the PS driver or Canon PPD which don't have the same limitations when connecting via a Windows share.


    But if the C5035 only has UFR2 print kit then you will have to get your unhelpful IT department to enable the LPD print service on the Windows server providing the uniFLOW input queue. What actually works better is using the uniFLOW LPD print service rather than Windows. You may have to get the Canon support involved with your IT to help with this. With the LPD service running your printer queue on the Mac using LPD for the protocol then has a better chance of working.


    If you are the only Mac on site then you could print directly to the C5035. All you need to know is the IP address of the Canon and use this IP address when you create the print queue, instead of the IP address of the Windows server. Your print jobs will still be registered in uniFLOW, if the company is tracking usage.

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    Great, thanks for the detailed answer.


    Using the PS driver it seems I can communicate with the printer but am ultimately unable to print. I get a message stating "Printer is not responding. Check the printer power and connection, and then try sending printing job again." In the print queue it states that "Filter failed" and the queue is paused.


    At the moment I can not obtain the IP address for one of the printers specifically, bypassing the print server. There are three printers being served by the server and for now, IT will not provide me with the addresses of the printers themselves. I will keep pushing for it and report back.


    Thanks for the help.

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    So your test confirms that the optional Postscript kit is not installed in the C5035.


    If your IT won't let you print direct to the machine then ask them to purchase the Postscript kit. It's quite expensive so letting you print direct to the C5035 is a much cheaper alternative. You can also tell them that they can still monitor your usage using CPCA data from the copier.

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    Ok, I have finally managed to get the IP addresses of the printers. Set up with the UFR driver I managed to print to them. The process is not as straightforward as for my Win colleagues. I have to enter the secure printing ID every time by selecting Special Features in the printing dialogue. I guess this has to do with the fact that I am not using a domain login so without manually entering the ID the print job is being sent with the Mac OS X user account credentials.


    But it works, in a roundabout way, which is enough for me for now.


    Thanks for the help PAHU. Much appreciated.

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    To save you the trouble of having to access the Special Features every time you print you could save your ID / password as a Preset.


    Select to print a document and open the Special Features menu.


    Enter your ID / password and OK the setting.


    Before you press the Print button, click on the Presets menu and select "Save as preset". Enter a name that means something and select "This printer only". OK the setting.


    Now you have a preset for this particular ID / password. Next time you print, select this preset and your saved setting will be used.


    If you have a different ID / password that you need to use you can create a different preset.

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    Wow, answering on NY day! Happy New Year.


    I had created a preset (for other reasons than above, to stick to BW printing only among other things) but I am not able to save the ID/pass in the preset. When I select Special Features no further options are given:



    I then get the following window for every print I do:



    I'm having to put in the document name along with the authentication.
    On the printer side of things I also have to do things a little bit differently. Rather than go straight to the uniFlow Secure Print dialogue I have to enter the print queue on the printer once logged in, select the job and select print via SecuredPrint. To pass the job through I have to enter the pin number again.
    Honestly, not a big issue really since it encourages me to print less :-)


    (Sorry about the dropbox links, seems I am unable to upload images directly to the forum)

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    Happy New Year to you. Nothing like a holiday to spend time on the forums.


    Thanks for the screen grabs. I can see that you are using Secured Print rather than Department ID. You cannot save the settings in this Authentication window as a preset. So the Presets action is not valid.


    There is possibly another way you could save the Secured Print info. But I would have to get back to you next week with the actions, plus I would like to test in the office to be sure it does work.


    To be continued...

  • tobbi Level 1 (0 points)

    Great, thanks for the help. I myself don't know the different options with regards to these secure printing/job accounting options. But all of this will also be helpful for the other Mac users within the organization. While I am the only Mac users in my location I believe there are several in the headquarters of the company. The tech writers are the ones suffering the most as they have to use dedicated Windows machine just for printing.

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    Hi All,,


    I know this is very old at this stage but was there any solution to this problem?

    I am installing Canon printer on Macs with Secure Print, every time users have to put Document Name to print...


    Many Thanks,

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    The OP was having an issue with a software product called uniFLOW, that can restrict usage and control the release of print jobs using HID proximity cards. If you are referring to the Secured Print function of the Canon print driver then this is a different issue. And with regards to the user having to enter the Document Name every time they print using Secured Printer, this is the specification of the UFR2 and PS driver for this function. The only thing that you can save in the utility for the respective driver is the User Name and the PIN.

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    Hi Pahu,

    Your posts have been very help with fixing a Canon IR c5035 at my church.  We recently upgrade to an iMac from a pc and started using a pc based program called ChurchSoft. I finally got the printer printing from both computers but the Churchsoft program must use a Microsoft Remote Desktop. It stopped printing when the printer name was longer than 8 characters. Fixed that but now I cannot control the duplex functions on the Mac within the Remote Desktop windows environment. it will print but everything is duplexed.  Can you help?

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    Drrx199 wrote:


    Fixed that but now I cannot control the duplex functions on the Mac within the Remote Desktop windows environment. it will print but everything is duplexed.  Can you help?

    The default setting in the Mac and Windows driver is duplex. I would assume that when you connect to the PC running Churchsoft vis Remote Desktop and select to print, then the print job is generated on the Windows computer - not the Mac - so you would have to change the printer driver setting on the PC.


    It is possible to set 1 sided as the default on Windows. If you can open Control Panel and then open the Devices and Printers pane (or similar name if not using Windows 8) and then highlight the Canon, you can right-click on the printer and select Printer Properties from the pop-up. The select the Advanced tab and click on Printing Defaults. You can then click on the Finishing tab, change the Print Style to 1-sided Printing and then click OK. Then click OK again to close the Advanced pane. Now try printing from the Churchsoft application to see if you get single sided printing.

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    As long as we're resurrecting old posts...


    I have a tangential question (in that it has to do with duplexing, not network issues... all though I do have one of those). I've seen it posted elsewhere, and mentioned here, that duplexing is "on" by default in UFR II settings. However, when I try to print to my imageCLASS MF4350d, the default seems to be simplex. Is there a way to change this default setting? It's a real hassle to have to turn duplexing on every single time.


    Second question, and this one really is a network question: I'm sharing this printer from my Mac Mini over a wireless network (using a Linksys/Cisco router). Even though I have all the software installed on my MacBook Pro, I cannot print duplex, no matter what I do with Print settings. Any thoughts?


    Thanks in advance if this catches anyone's attention after lo these many months.

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