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How to import multiple vcard contacts into iphone4

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
  • Munas Level 4 Level 4 (1,260 points)

    it is better to export all the contacts to one vcard file and then import all of them in one go.

    I think the easiest way to import one or multiple vcard files is to e-mail these files to your e-mail address, get this e-mail on your iPhone, click on attachment and click import/add or whatever appears when you open an attached vcard file(s)

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    Great answer Munas.  I'm doing the same thing but my vcard file is too big to email (2000+ entries!).


    I've put the .vcf file on the iPad (dropbox) but there's no app associated with that extension (.vcf) which is a bit of a bummer.  Is that a simple app which will import a large .vcf?


    OR (at the PC end with crappy Outlook 2003) can I share the contacts with iTunes which will, in turn share them with the iPad !?

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    I've been importing ~5000 contacts with no problems via email...


    What you can do is to use your computer:


    - if you use iCloud, then import these contacts to iCloud Contacts

    Log in to iCloud.

    Click Contacts

    Drag the .vcf file into the window under All Contacts. The page will highlight with a blue rectangle when you drag the .vcf onto it. (It may tale a while since you have many contacts). Alternatively, you may click on "gear" icon at the bottom of a "Contacts book" and select Import vCard file from there.

    On your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud and make sure Contacts is listed as ON.

    Note: it might be that the contact pictures if you have ones will be lost.


    - if you wish to have your contacts on Google:

    Login to your google account that you want to hold your contacts

    Click on More

    Chose Import

    On your iPhone configure/add CardDav account (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account ... > Other > Add CardDAV account

    If I remember correctly the server is and the rest are your credentials and Description - call it whatever you think it is the best.

    Note 1: If you have enabled double security you may need to check how to add contacts using it - it might be that you need to add credentials that generates security generator (I do not use it so I could not tell a lot about it)

    Note 2: If you get could not connect using SSL or similar error message - just click OK


    Be aware, that to sync contacts to your phone from the Internet (no matter from iCloud or Google) may take several hours, therefore do not panic - better do it before you go to sleep and in the morning your iPhone should have all the contacts.

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    Thanks Munas; I'm a windows user helping a non-tech guy. He doesn't have a google account(shock!).  I guess

    1. creating an icloud account (under XP SP -shock again- is easy and

    2. on iPAD there  is also a settings Settings > iCloud ?



    EDIT.  **** icloud cannot be installed on XP*****

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    yes Settings > iCloud and chose Create account if you do not have one. If you already have one - just login to on your computer and import contacts from vcf file.


    EDIT: there is a workaround, however you do not need to install iCloud on your Windows computer to import contacts to iCloud. Simply use your browser to visit

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    **** it. I found the easy way to do it. iTunes. It synced my Outook 2003 contacts -all 2000-odd of them- in about 30secs. Very impressive.

  • Munas Level 4 Level 4 (1,260 points)

    Yes this one of possibilities, however it lacks flexibility. In order you to have your contacts in sync you have to have access to your computer and sync it.

    However, when contacts are synced with iCloud you do not need to access your computer, all syncronization is done via WiFi or mobile data without you even thinking about it.

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    Yer, I tried updating the icloud with Outlook 2003 contacts and we got some errors; never really looked into why.

    The chap I did it for is going away for a couple of weeks and so has a basic contacts list to work from.


    If it bothers him we'll see about using icloud for real-time sync later. thanks.

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    I had a Nokia C6-01 and had to import the contacts to my Iphone 4S. This is how I did it

    1. Open Nokia Suite and Click on Contacts

    2. Select all contacts. Click on File -> Import Contacts .Specify the folder that you are creating . For ex: C:\vcards.

    Now you have multiple .vcf files in this folder.

    To combine the multiple .vcf into a single .vcf


    a . Open command line interface (click Start -> Run, or windows button + r and type cmd to launch it).

    b. Navigate to the folder where multiple vCard files are by entering cd "C:\vcards", if the folder is there.

    c. Enter the command copy /a *.vcf combinedfile.vcf in the command prompt.


    3. Now add this file as an attachment and mail it to your email address. Open the email on your iphone and click on the attachment.

    4. It will prompt you to add the contacts. Now you have all the contacts on your Iphone.

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    this way is working perfectly with me!


    thank you.. love you!

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    There is another simple way to import vcf contacts into Iphone



    This software is only for windows I think.....however it worked for me...

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    love you mithila.holla you solved my problem. u r greatttttttttt

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    Thanks a lot Mithila.Holla. For months, i can't transfer/import contacts to my iphone. error keeps coming out. You're a big help.

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    Thank you for the hint Mithila.Holla.


    I first created vcf file from,


    1. click setting button which is on left down side of the link -> 'Select All'

    2. click again setting button -> Export vCard


    This would create an vcf file on your PC.


    After this, I followed Mithila.Holla's approach by email.


    (On Gmail app, i couldn't download the .vcf file n import my contacts, so i did via Email that was configured using 'Mail' setup)


    With these steps, I Could 'create new contacts' with the help of the .vcf file which was on my email acccount successfully.




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