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I can't stand the new iTunes format, how do i revert to the previous more understandable version I was using?  I can't figure out how to synch any of my audiobooks for example. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to select what I wanted synced on to my phone, I'm done with this version.  I don't want to re-learn how to use software I had already mastered.

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    I can't stand the new iunes 11 either. On my computer it can't find and of the music files or can I, but it worked fine for years untill this 11 upgrade. I'm terrified to plug into my classic.

    I read one solution, he said to select a track with an exclamation mark an use Ctrl-l to get info. Well ctrl-l does nothing.

    I'm waiting for a reply to your question also.

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    Agreed. I've been loving itunes for almost a decade, and made the mistake of updating last week. Granted, it's been a year or two since my last update, but that's mainly because I loved it exactly the way it was and saw no reason to change it. The things I liked most are now either gone or buried somewhere I can't find, which is equally ridiculous. I absolutely hate it, and if it didn't mean giving up putting new music on my ipod, I would turn my back on itunes completely. I cannot express in uncensored vocabulary how angry I am about... pretty much everything in this new version and there being seemingly nothing I can do about it.

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    I have a post explaining how I downgraded, and I noticed that there are now several Sites that people have posted links to to downgrade as well, You can find my discussion here:




    I have posted links to other topics on the forum and I don't redirect to any website other than Apple or this Forum Community.

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    This looks promising. I was able to download the older version, and find my "previous itunes libraries" folder for piece of mind, but I can't find "iTunesLibrary.itl." I even pasted it into the Windows search, and there were no matches. Hm. 


    I'm still on Vista, if that matters.

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    The last I knew, I think it should be in the same place in Vista, Win-7 and 8, the iTunes folder for me was


    C:/Users/**user name**/My Music/iTunes


    Dont know why it didnt find it in search... Just a little while ago I added the directions on fixing the "iTunes Library.itl" to restore the files...Is whould be thatlast post on the thread... I will Copy-N-Past all the important info to here (including the original Directions for redownloading the .exe files for iTunes 10.7).


    FIRST: Is the dirrections to downgrade from 11 to 10.7
    SECOND: Is the dirrections to changing the .itl files
    (Please read and understand my warning before attempting to make any changes to your computer, some have sugested to make a backup of the iTunes Library files... I did not, but I probably should have. I do NOT dtake responsability to anything that YOU do to YOUR computer) Thanks, -Spencer1181




    How I successfully ended up going back to 10.7 (following is the process I used to do it, as well as the references I used) 


    WARNING: By attempting to follow the procedures that I used... you acknowledge that if there are any purchases lost during the downgrade you take sole responsibility... I took the risk because I have my music on CD's, I regularly backup my apps to CD... and if I lose anything I will replace it myself (even if I have to repurchase it)


    -It took a while, but it worked out...


    1. I downloaded the iTunes 10.7 installer (iTunes 64bit:

         [ iTunes 10.7 32bit: ( ]


    2. I uninstalled iTunes 11 and restarted my computer.


    3. I installed iTunes 10.7 (when installed I was unable to run because the "iTunes Library.itl" file in my computer was from the iTunes 11 program)   I did a file search for "iTunes Library.itl" and opened the file location (my file was located in: C:/Users/Spencer/Music/iTunes)

    -[Note: Community thread that gave me the info I needed to resolve the "iTunes Library.itl" error:]


    4. I "right clicked" on the folder Named "Previous iTunes Libraries" and opened in new window.


    5. I located the most current file (prior to the 11 upgrade) and drag and dropped it into the location of the "current" .itl file renamed it to "iTunes Library.itl" and replaced the one that iTunes 11 created. (if you DO NOT delete/replace the .itl file that 11 created with a 10.7 version, iTunes will not open. If done RIGHT,you can now open iTunes and you'll immediately see your playlists where they belong)


    -If done right, it should be sucessfully rolled back to before the upgrade.







    iTunes 10.7 64bit: (

    iTunes 10.7 32bit: (



    and a thread on this community about the "iTunes Library.itl" error (













    First I want to reiterate my WARNING:


    By attempting to follow the procedures that I used... you acknowledge that if there are any purchases lost during the downgrade you take sole responsibility... I took the risk because I have my music on CD's, I regularly backup my apps to CD... and if I lose anything I will replace it myself (even if I have to repurchase it)



    When your trying to restore your previous Library w/Playlists, You will Need to:


    1."Delete" the "iTunes Library.itl" In your Library Folder.
    --->(Located: C:/Users/**user name**/My Music/iTunes)

    2. Go to the "Previous iTunes Libraries" folder
    --->(Located: in the iTunes folder mentioned above)


    3. In your instance you will "Right-click" the File named "itunes Library 2012-10-18.itl" and Select "COPY"


    ***Leaving everything else alone...***



    4. Go back to the iTunes Folder

    --->(where you deleted the "iTunes Library.itl" file)


    5. In the iTunes folder, "Right -Click" in on an empty spot and select "Paste"


    6. Now there should now be a new file in the iTunes folder named "itunes Library 2012-10-18.itl"


    7. All you need to do now is to rename that file (That you just "Pasted")
    ------>From: "iTunes Library 2012-10-18.itl"


    ------>To:      "iTunes Library.itl"


    (Basically just deleting the Date)

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    Success! Mostly. For some reason, none of my playlists are there. Did I do something wrong? 

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    Did you place a copy of your library (frome before the upgrade) into the iTunes folder, and rename it to "iTunes Library.itl"?


    (This is the thing that I know alot of people overlook. If it is not renamed properly, then iTunes will creat a new "iTunes Library.itl" file, and not use your backup file).

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    I did. Although, for some reason, when I pasted it it created two- naming one "iTunes Library (2).itl". I ignored it, since I had my iTunes Library.itl", and ran it. Everything installed, and when I opened iTunes I got a message that something was from a newer version and couldn't be accessed. I deleted the "iTunes Library.itl", since it's creation date was older than today, and deleted the (2) from the one that was created today, and opened iTunes again. Everything was there, right up to a CD I imported yesterday, just no playlists and a bit of artwork missing. 

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    OH- I'm assuming the missing artwork (58 out of 500+ albums) are the ones that gracenote couldn't find when I imported the CDs in the first place, so I'll have to copy them from elsewhere again. Just a hunch. Worste case on the playlists, I still have them on my ipod, so I can just recreate them manually. 


    All of which is to say: thank you VERY MUCH for your help, and all is about to be right with the world again.

  • spencer1181 Level 1 (25 points)



    Sorry, I left to visit family shortly after responding.

    Anyway, I am assuming that your issue is still to do with your.itl file... now that it has been a couple days I would recommend trying this:
    (If you're still willing to give it one more attempt)



    1. Go back into your "iTunes Folder" and copy your "iTunes Library.itl" file and save it somewhere...
    (This way if you already have a few playlists recreated you don't loose them as well, by just replacing this file if the following directions don't work)


    2. Delete the "iTunes Library.itl" file from the "iTunes Folder.


    ----->Now WITHOUT opening iTunes<----


    3. IN the "iTunes Folder" (where you just deleted the .itl file) You should see a folder called "Previous iTunes Libraries"... Open it !


    4.You should see a list of files also named "iTunes Library" but they have dated also in the names.


    5. Right-Click the most recent file (just before the upgrade to iTunes 11) and copy it

    6. Now go back to the iTunes Folder (where there should be no iTunes Library.itl file because you just deleted it)


    7. Right -Click in that folder and select "Paste" now there would be an "iTunes Library.itl" file with a date in the name...


    8. Rename that file to: "iTunes Library.itl" (by just deleting the date out of the name)

    Now, as long as the file is named right, then iTunes will read the previous file as the current file allowing iTunes to display your playlists... If these directions do not do the trick then I don't have any other suggestions.

    I know I break it down to so many steps, I just want anyone that is having your issue to be able to follow them

    (In short they would be: Delete the "iTunes library.itl" file from the iTunes folder, go to the Previous Libraries folder... copy the most current file by date [from just before your atempt to upgrade to iTunes 11]... Paste that file in the iTunes Folder then Rename it to "iTunes Library.itl" [essentially replacing the default file created by iTunes [No Playlists] with one of the previous backup files [With Playlists])





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    That looks like what I did, but it's been a few days and I don't quite remember. Incidentally, I just finished rebuilding my playlists and adding back the missing artwork last night. It wasn't that bad, you develop a system for doing this sort of thing pretty quick. Thank you again for the time you've taken to spell this all out though, I'm sure I won't be the only one to benefit from it!                   

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    After I installed iTunes 11, I was no longer able to burn playlists or import music. iTunes apparently no longer reads CDs in my computer's CD drive. I ran Dell diagnostics on it and it said "Device is functioning properly" (paraphrasing). When I ran iTunes diagnostics and put a pre-recorded disc in the tray, I got "CD tray is empty." I tried most of the things other threads were recommending, like repairing iTunes, checking the drivers, and finally did a System Restore to pre-iTunes 11 last night. When I clicked on iTunes afterward, it said "iTunes is missing files. Please reinstall."


    I've read most of this thread, and my question is: should I simply follow the advice being given above -- uninstall 11, install 10.7, and then fix the itl -- or does this require some variation of that fix -- or something completely different? Appreciate any feedback.

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    I would say that depends on how much you do or don't like 11 vs. 10.7. If you would prefer 10.7 anyway, I'd say go for it; but if you liked 11 better other than the fact that you can't burn or import, I'm sure there's a fix for it.

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    thanks for your reply, JBear. I so DON'T like iTunes 11, and I successfully reinstalled 10.7 last night using the  posts above from Strawberry Swirl, Spender and Manny. Thanks, everyone!!!  (turns out my CD drive problem wasn't caused by iTunes).

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