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    Same problem here, early 2011 mbp 15 with AMD6750M

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    After having my motherboard replaced in November (early 2011 2.2ghz and antiglare hires) I suddenly remembered that before the logic board failed I was using the integrated Intel 3000 gpu so I decided to make a small test with Unigine Heaven and I noticed that I no longer have problems with the ATI video card but it seems now that the graphic glitches moved to the Intel 3000 gpu. I have been using furmark in bootcamp and unigine heaven for Snow Leopard to stress the ATI card and yesterday i decided to test also the Intel 3000 gpu with unigine (because you cannot benchmark that in Boot Camp) and the test is full of small graphic glitches on the Intel one (like blinking/flashing squares of various colors). I know that before my first logic board failed I switched to the integrated graphics for a while before it failed. I have also noticed some small glitches with the animated gif files on various sites. I am almost at the end of my applecare and I am very dissapointed with Apple for not doing anything even for a so called "small number of users" that are in the same boat I am.

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    I am the newest victim of this problem, early 2011 2.2 i7 6750M 1Gb, it is 5 days from turning 3 years old. Only way to use it is with gfxCardStatus forcing the OS to use the integrated intel card. Just thinking about how much would the logic board cost here in Brazil gives me the chills. And the worst part, how long will it be until it happens again?

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    J'habite en France / I live in France

    J'ai un macbook pro début 2011 15" acheté en mai 2011/ I've a MBP early 2011 bought in may 2011

    depuis peu des erreurs d'affichage sont apparues malgré un usage normal / Since few, issues (see the pics) appear although a normal use.

    Je suis allé au genius bar pour un diagnostic / I came at the genius bar for a diagnostic

    D'après eux il faut changer la carte mère pour 500€ / For them we have to change the logic board... for 500€!

    Pour moi c'est clairement un problème de carte graphique/ For me it is a graphic card issue

    ce n'est pas un problème isolé / it is not a isolated issue

    c'est un problème matériel dû à une carte graphique mal refroidie / this issue is about a graphic card bad cooled

    nous avons à faire reconnaître ce problème auprès de Apple,et que celui ci soit traité comme celui des series de 2008! / we have to make recognize by Apple this serious issue like this one of 2008 series.

    Ensemble, unissons nous pour nous faire entendre et revendiquer nos droits de clients / We have to be together, to be heard and to defend our customer's rights

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    Ha have the same problem on early 2011 mbp 15 with AMD6750M

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    Hello again from Germany,

    today i must stop working and close my design studio.

    So i am in big troubles, my clients need the sketches!

    From now i lose time and money.


    When apple and his "genius" thinks that a lifespan of a "Pro" Laptop sould be 2-3 years only, i think apple lost any kind of logic and a lot of pro-users too. I mean if i know the machines lifespan is 2-3 years only, i never would pay more than 600 € !


    So we all was still living in the illusion that the word "PRO" means Professional and that a expansive price (2800-3300€) in addition makes a solid machine that can run much longer than a normal lifespan.

    I thought this machine will run till i die.. or minimum 5-10 years.. what a joke!


    And i want to remember that the Macbook Pro 3,1 (2008) got the same bad quality!

    Apple has to return and exchange all MBP 8,2!


    The machine can only run standard progs, if i want to work with adobe progs (or logic) the machine crashes/dies. No chance


    Good luck again, cu later


    P.S.: Bootcamp Win 7 - don't try it! My does not boot anymore and crashs after windows screen.

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    Same problem

    MacBook Pro 15 2GHz early 2011

    Severe screen distortion after a few minutes, cleared on reboot.

    2 yrs 8 mths of use

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    hello from germany.

    i had the same problem. my MB pro early 2011 (i7 2.0, AMD Radeon HD 6490M) left just a grey screen. it happend right away without any develloping issues (maybe the fan ran someway louder before).

    checking my MBP at an apple business partner resulted a damaged GPU. logic board change needed. 700€ in the end.

    SORRY! in my opinion THIS GPU PROBLEM is a SERIAL ISSUE and apple has to setup an EXCHANGE PROGRAMM and refunding anybody who already exchanged his logic board before.


    a premium brand with premium products NEEDS premium EXCHANGE service.

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    I have same problem with Macbook Pro 15´ 2011 early. I´m using external monitor for 2,5 years ago and three days ago my laptop stop works and I cannot start MacOS. I see only graphic error on screen. It must be same problem. The service center offer me exchange logic board for 790 USD. I call to Apple suppport for check exchange program but for this model they haven´t got any exchange program now. Please to apple to start exchange program for this GPU problem.




    Czech Republic

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    Price of the logic board in Brazil: USD$ 1085,00. Sad that apple doesn´t acknowledge the issue. Well they got minus one fan.

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    Hmm I don't know where the rest of the thread went. The thread says it's branched to a new discussion but when I click on the link it says I'm unauthorized.


    Update, NVM i found it.

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    Same thing happened to me had to back door into the thread using an old post that I am collecting in a folder.

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    Same thing has happened to me. 2011 15 inch MBP with the same AMD 6750m GPU! Cant believe this hasnt been acknowledged yet

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    Same problem here, too... Early 2011 15 inch.


    This is obviously a serious product failure and Apple should be fixing these free of charge.

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