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    I had this very known problem. It comes from mother board and the graphic card. I went today to an Apple store and they change it in 3 hours for free. Because that's a quality problem. It should be announced soon... 

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    loloscott78 wrote:




    I had this very known problem. It comes from mother board and the graphic card. I went today to an Apple store and they change it in 3 hours for free. Because that's a quality problem. It should be announced soon... 


    Thanks for the update.

    that's a quality problem. It should be announced soon.』

    -> said from the Apple genius?

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    in which store you get this service?

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    I hope that is true, because I can't afford to spend anymore on my computer. I expected it to last several years or I wouldn't have put out that much money for it. I have been using my old Quicksilver Power Mac G4 but it's so slow and won't do as much as it used to and I was spoiled by the speed of the MBP. I hope they can fix the Macbook Pro because I love it and even though I own so many macs that are still working, they are too slow for the internet. 

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    I don't think Apple will issue a recall. I mean it's been 3 years since the computer's release, are they still making the logic boards?

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    I'm sure they are still making the logic boards as the Apple Care will not yet have run out on many of them. Apple have done repairs free of charge on a number of faulty designs in the past, for example, the Macbooks top cover. It is only fair that they do the same with the discrete GPU in the 2011 Macbook Pros.  Come on Apple don't make me lose faith completely!!!

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    I had this very known problem. It comes from mother board and the graphic card. I went today to an Apple store and they change it in 3 hours for free. Because that's a quality problem. It should be announced soon...


    Hi, were you told by someone at the Apple store that it's a quality control problem and Apple will be making an announcement soon? If, so, which Apple store location was it and who was the person who said it?  Or was this conjecture on your part?


    Thank you.

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    The ones used by Applecare are just refurbished logic boards not new ones. So they take old ones from other broken computers of the same model and "fix" them.

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    i called apple, because i changed logic board two times, i had yosemite dp3 and they said me to restore to maverick, then i have to contact them to take at geniusbar to check hw

    i fixed

    with yosemite dp3 was as fan doenst work well (i resetted smc, pram etc)

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    What is apple doing?I am having the same problems with my Mac book pro early 2011. I have run all diagnosis from a certified apple reseller and they validated that the problem came from the GPU ( they had not yet heard that macbook pro were falling like flies ), they offered me a 600euros repair which left me completely astounded. It lead me to contact the apple care which couldn't diagnose anything nor give me any constructive advice on how to fix my problem. After more that an hour on the phone with a very polite technician I was forwarded politely to a very polite higher technician who talked to the apple reseller person I was with and asked about the results of all diagnostics previously made, the technician on the phone seemed very concerned about my problem since the apple reseller person concluded that not any damage had been done to the computer and that the official diagnostic couldn't even diagnose a GPU card malfunction which obviously was there. After a long deliberation and extra waiting the apple technician couldn't offer any help due to the fact that my warranty had long expired and that the customer relations representative was not enclined to give me any sort of financial help or discount... She apologized profusely and gave me the adress of headquarters and advised me to send a courrier asking for a commercial gesture from apple to repair my computer. Unwilling to leave it at that, I insisted to talk to the customer relations representative who refused any exchange and was forwarded to a very blunt woman, who was reading me my rights before I had been able to explain my issue and advised me to seek legal advice just to realize how hopeless my case was. SHe refused to hear a single word I said, the mask of politeness had been removed. She told me that nothing would change even if I contacted headquartes ( I therefore wondered why I had been advised to do this in the first place, a way to get rid of my complaint maybe? ) and when I told her about all these forums and all these people having the same problem, her answer was belittling, " it's not because a people have posted a few comments that the problem must be real, if the apple engineers havn't detected the problem, this is because there must be no problem at all, stop trusting forum, get your hardware examined and only if the engineers find a default will you be reimbursed as an isolated hardware malfunction victim ". I told her that was going to cost me more than it already had and that I didn't understand why an apple reseller expertise wasn't already enough ( I do not know how much of this she processed since she was obviously not listening ). In the end she barked this at me : " Apple is not a charity organization, and our products are not lifetime warrantied "
    This was the conclusion... I had a glimpse of the kind of person from customer relations you never talk to, who hides behind the politness of a smoke screen of technicians who have no decisional responsabilities to make. Those people are not even to be meddled with, they serve as barriers, they'll help you if you are juridically in your right ( and they know the law extremely well ) but forget about customer satisfaction! ( which I dumbly assumed 2 years ago, was included in this exhorbitant price )
    Only if we yell all together will they listen!


    I have since then sent a letter to the siege with links to forums and petitions trying to make ourselves heard by apple.

    I havn't yet received any answer.


    Share your thought, consumers like us are who made apple become the great company it has become. They should listen and help, not ignore our call.



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    What does a 'siege' mean in this context?

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    oops, it's a french term, it means headquarters... The adress they gave me was in CORK in IRELAND

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    Actually it's a latin term (from sedere, meaning 'to sit')


    Now it means to blockade a city by military force.


    I have never come across the 'headquarters' meaning before. But now I know what you intended, thanks.

  • simjak888 Level 1 Level 1

    Oh and I forgot to mention one thing!


    During my call, I inquired about any call-backs regarding the same model of AMD graphic cards in other Apple products. And guess what! There has been a massive call back on the models of IMAC using the same GPU!
    So basically :

    Faulty AMD Radeon 6750 in an IMac = Call back
    Faulty AMD RAdeon 6750 in a MAcbook pro = Let it die

    Can someone tell me why all new models of MAc have now switched to NVIDIA GPU cards? Could it be that Mac realized how falty AMD was to their Machine? I wonder.

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    They delete all your letter because yo put the link...thats incredible. same to me..what we can do...what happen apple?

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