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  • monkeynaut Level 1 Level 1

    I failed to mention that the Apple store genius did offer me the option of purchasing a replacement for US$199, but I declined, stating in no uncertain terms how unimpressed I was by Apple's product and backing of said product. Not that the poor genius could do anything about it or even really cared, she just works in the trenches. But I felt better, at least. However, here's good news, for me at least: I just called my cellular provider and--only because an amazingly awesome person (who I will never meet but would like to buy a staggering number of beers) works customer service for them--they already have shipped me a replacement iPhone. I have hopes that this one will last at least until my upgrade date. My awesome customer service rep was able to reverse my bad decision of cancelling my cell phone insurance policy two days before I realized it covered hardware failures (I thought it only covered damage). How fantastic is that?!? I hope said rep enjoys some truly positive karma soon. I'm certainly sending some: I left a glowing review on his supervisor's voicemail. I guess I should do the same for that poor Apple store genius who had to give me the bad news. She was great, but limited by the cold-hearted ******** who dictate corporate policy. Maybe I'll attempt that positive karma right now.

  • PTo8492716 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Monkeynaut,


    I have had the same problem.  Greyed out Wi-fi for about a month now.  Went to sprint.  They sold me an insurance policy.  Now, a few days before my insurance kicks in, my phone battery died.  When i plugged it in, recharged it and guess what! I have Wi-Fi.  Now I had tried everything, resetting everything possible, freezer, heat into the hole, I was even told it was a hardware issue.  But, obviously it is not because things that are broken dont just start working again.


    Let your battery die, worth a try.

  • monkeynaut Level 1 Level 1

    Hey PTo8492716,


    The heating and cooling options are connected to the hardware issue. Read through the thread above and you'll notice that heating and cooling fixes the problem (at least temporarily) due to the solder expanding or contracting (the solder would be related to hardware, of course). I did attempt both the heating and the cooling solutions, but I had no luck with them. Others clearly have. Most of the time the solution is temporary, as you would expect from expanding and contracting metal. Put the iPhone in the sun (or freezer) for a while and you'll probably have equally good (but temporary) results. In any case, a hardware (or quality control) failure.

  • fadi00 Level 1 Level 1

    guyz anybody has an idea about apple's next update ?


    i guess it is our only hope ...

  • surfer rosa Level 1 Level 1

    My advice exactly (as explained in previous posts, no hair dryer, just drained the battery). My Wi-Fi has been working for 2 weeks now.


    I also don't believe it's a hardware problem rather than a reset of some kind in the iOS that is gained with different (physical) methods.

  • Kp2020 Level 1 Level 1

    I am so excited bc the hair dryer trick worked! But this after Apple made me reset repeatedly and lost info & apps, etc!!!!!!! I'm beyond upset actually!!!!!

  • badal_baidar Level 1 Level 1

    I dont know how but my iphone wifi is working normally from about 10 days. What i did was didnt switch off my phone for 3 days and i kept it full charge and put it in cupboard for about 20 hours per day for 3 days and its started working normally. I think its a temperature issue of iPhone 

  • WH73V3R Level 1 Level 1

    My Wifi has been acting up for months, searching and failing to connect to the network.  At the time I thought that it was just the next works and not my phone (I never realized there was a problem at home most days)  but as of Thrusday my phone has completely grayed out the wifi... I work in a store that deals with cell phones so I did go ask the guys what was up with that.  We have reset the network settings as stated, done a hard boot and finally I did a full restore, when the first 2 options did not work (if that didn't work they figure my wifi is shot)...  My wifi seemed to come back for a bit at that point but it just kept trying to connect to my network but couldn't seem to, when I was out of town this past weekend it was apparently still "working" tried to use it at the hotel and as soon as my phone heated up a little from use the wifi no longer worked and has been grayed out since.  I contacted the apple support through online chat and now a senior case manager is suppose to be contacting me tomorrow..  I will let everyone know how that goes, because at this point I am going to be complaining about the phone as well as issues that I have had with my iPad 2 since the updates, which not surprisingly seemed to escalate this weekend as well with my screen now starting to flicker.  I personally hate when **** like this happens as I take care of my belongings and both my phone and iPad are as when first purchased.

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    I do not believe it, the wireless network started working after I warmed up the phone I turned on and off a few times and it still works thank you very much for the odd advice

  • Bill Lay Level 1 Level 1

    Anyone got a solution to this frustating problem? I am an owner of iPhone 3G right up to iPhone 5 and iPad all the way to iPad mini; supporting Apple in each iteration when a new goodie comes my way.


    There was an issue with my friend iPhone 4S and i had recommended that she upgrade her iOS to the latest to resolve the glitch - a big mistake. And phew.. I am in serious trouble now. The wifi is grey-out and the battery drains in a couple of hours after a full charge. I have to offer her my iPhone 5 till a resolution comes along.


    Fortunately, Note 2 in backing me up but I am really **** at what's happening here. My devotion to the Apple and my trust in her seems to be utterly betrayed... Its sunshine Apple... Wake up!!!

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    So Apple was useless, I took my phone to a guy I use to work with that has started a repair company for smartphones and such and it was the chip itself where he figured out a way to fix it...  This I would say is a defect in the phone why would the chip come loose if it wasn't...  now with this fix we don't know how long it is going to last, if it's just temp or perm.

  • XImpalerX Level 1 Level 1

    Hello All,


    I had a co-worker with this same issue today after he updated to 6.1.3 on a 4S. Tried the various solution on here (except the freezer/dryer methods) and what ultimately fixed the problem was installing a flashlight app, running it, letting it drain the battery till the phone shut off, waited 15 minutes and plugged the phone back in.


    WiFi is now working again.

  • Beighbuls Level 1 Level 1

    It doesn't =(

  • NelsonFG Level 1 Level 1

    hello, i have a problem with my iphone 4S, when i go use the wifi in my device is very slow, different when i use mobile internet, the pages how youtube and other pages not loading, the solucion for my is not use the wifi, now i am with the mobile internet, now i don't use my wifi, thank, i waiting you can help.

  • XImpalerX Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, this was a false alarm. While he was able to turn WiFi on and see the WiFi network, it would not connect. After restarting phone icon went back to grayed out.


    This obviously isnt a hardware issue in this case, because the WiFi was working fine until he updated to 6.1.3.


    Apple can put all their efforts into ensuring 6.1.3 is jailbreak proof on A5 devices, but they break WiFi.


    Good job Apple lol.

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