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    I wouldn't worry about it airshod. Obviously they bought apple care and want everyone who didn't to suffer. This is what the ACCC - Australian Consumer and Competition commission says:

    This means a consumer may be entitled to a remedy under their statutory rights after any manufacturer’s voluntary or extended warranty has expired. For example, it is reasonable to expect that an expensive television should not develop a serious fault after 13 months of normal use. In this case, the consumer could argue the item was not of merchantable quality and ask for it to be repaired, even if the manufacturer’s voluntary warranty had expired.


    So whle this only helps Aussies it does give you a sense that what you are requesting is reasonable in my opinion.

  • sammo69 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks I will give that a go

  • Ldvega Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been having problems with the wifi also we actually sent it away and when it came back it worked for about a day.  I've just the hair dryer and so far so good.  I have wifi again!  Not sure what it is about heating it up but it has worked for far from me!  Thanks!

  • biancanicole Level 1 (0 points)

    IT WORKED! Thank you so so so much! I can't believe it... and to think I was going to drive all the way to the apple store just to hear them say I'd need to purchase a new one. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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    This worked for me too. Oddly enough. My iphone 4s would connect to a WIFI and then stop and when I checked on it, it would not find a WIFI spot. I restarted the phone, reset the network setting and nothing worked. Then it greyed out my wifi after one restart. I read Bowman134's tip and it worked. I'll update in a few days to see if it resolved my issue. This all started when I updated to 6.1.3 and my warranty has expired.


    Thanks for the tip!

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    So let me get this right. This is Apples very own community support and apple are more than happy to let people say **** Apple won't help us or give us a resolve so heat up your phone and it might work.


    Apple this is not good enough. I updated the 4S to IOS 6 and the wifi greyed out. I then updated with the hope that the wifi bug was fixed. Hey presto it came back on.


    So I thought nothing about completing the new update a couple of days ago and wifi is now greyed out again. This is not a coincidence this is the update effecting the phone thus it is your issue.


    Please advise what is needed to fix this issue. You have my email address.

    Take responsability.


    Many Thanks


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    Finally took my phone to at@t. no help there. They said to take it to apple. Made an appointment and after 15 minutes they came out with a new phone for me.

  • airshod ventez Level 1 (0 points)

    was it within the warranty period?

  • apple550 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes. It was still under warranty. Bought it from at@t but apple checked their system for the warranty.

  • airshod ventez Level 1 (0 points)

    In that case I am glad they replaced it without question. My point was that my Phone failed 20odd days outside warranty, but it was essentially a manufacturing fault (my one was, at least).


    It seems that the wifi module is probably a BGA (Ball Grid Array) component. This is where the module has a matrix of balls underneath it, which are soldered onto the main assembly. If BGA devices are poorly soldered (lead free solder has a lot to answer for!) then they can initially work, but then come "unstuck"  from the main assembly (one ball is all it takes). The only way to fix it is to heat the device up in order to re-flow the solder on the balls (and hope that the device doesn't fail during the process).


    A few isolated incidents are probably, unfortunately, acceptable in the grand scheme of things, but the seemingly high rate of failures should really be recognised by Apple.

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    Hi I just want to know if it is possible to replace my phone here in the philippines when i actually bought it in US?  i mean was the warranty also applicable here? I have also the same problem with regards to the grey out thing. a reply would be of great help.

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    hi isaacpaul I went to a Power Mac Service center and they said that I must bring it to globe or smart the problem is I bought it in Wellcom. I think there are no technicians here in the philippines for all of the stocks are coming from US. Actually I'm frustrated right now. my phone is just 6 months old for its 1 year warranty.

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    I went back to the apple store in carindale  Brisbane and they replaced my iphone4s with a brand new iphone, he told me is was a softwear problem and has happend a lot. No my phone had no warranty Congatulations Apple for the out standing service you have given me.

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    I noticed wifi problem "grey out" on my 4S a few months ago but I thought it was due to OS updated.  Yesterday 03/26/2013 I brought my 4S into Apple Store at South Coast Plaza (CA) and the technician said wifi antenna was the problem "HARDWARE ISSUE" and not software issue.  He said he ran diagnostic test and he determined it.


    The Apple's technician said I have the option which was to pay $199 for the replacement of the new 4S because my Warranty expired for 42 days.  I was preparing to make an appointment next week for the replacement 4S ($199). 


    SOLUTION:  I restored through iTunes by using my desktop....setup your phone after reset as NEW PHONE.  The phone works so does its wifi.  No more "grey out" issue where you have no option to turn it ON or OFF (I restored before but was not setup as NEW PHONE couple days ago....that was the only different thing).



    GOOD LUCK to other ****** off Apple's clients.  Apple replaced a few products within a year in my family (iPhone 4S, iPad 3). 

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    It works for about 1 hr but now connect to WIFI......I need to call Apple Store now, $199 for a new replacement phone (still **** because we are paying premium for iPhone ($699) and it crapped out after 1 year & 42 days.


    After Steve Jobs passed away so does Apple Products (quality).  I just wish Apple give a rat "" about its product's QUALITY (3G lasted over 4 years).



    p.s Michael the technician at Apple Store in South Coast Plaza was right when he said my wifi antenna is the PROBLEM.



    Michael Lending

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