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  • moogleii Level 1 (10 points)

    My friend's been having issues with her 5 for the same reasons. It's been exceptionally cold in the NYC area recently, but the issue also arised once around 45 F during a Fall hike (60% battery -> instant shutdown). It was notable because my 5 side by side to hers was just fine. It never happened to her again, but now that winter's come around, she doesn't live in the safest area, and it's done it multiple times on her way home during the night. She's not very comfortable with tech, so she asked me to go with her to her Genius appointment. I was pretty confident that they would help her out since I've always had good experiences, especially if I had AppleCare (which she has).


    Nope. The guy pretty much denied ever having heard of this problem. And I could understand if he gave a legitimate reason that maybe the ambient temperature was below its operating range, but instead he tried to pull the wool over our eyes with techno babble with some of the craziest explanations as to why it would shut down, along the lines of "She had too many apps open, and her screen brightness was too high, and that can drain your battery from 60% to 0 instantly." "Even though if we warm it up, and it powers right back at 60% battery?" "Yes." "So, doesn't that mean the power wasn't consumed at all? Because it's still there upon restart, and it's usable so long as the temperature is maintained." "Well, when you use too many apps, and the screen brightness is high..." repeat ad naseum. It might have been less insulting if I didn't have a computer engineering background, but I kept that tidbit to myself. Needless to say, I didn't want to outright say "You're full of ****" but after trying to have him clarify multiple times how apps and screen brightness could cause a 60% instant power drain (as he explained it), he wouldn't budge past his rationale and demanded $80 in order to do anything.


    Tl;dr: The 5 series and beyond have varying battery vendors and some don't perform as well as others in the cold. Luck of the draw I guess.

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    Same problem here... my phone is about 1 year old. When it was new, it seemed to work fine in the cold temps. but now it's completely useless. I am a ski coach and I need my phone during the day. It lasts about 1  hour with minimal use, even when I keep it stashed inside a warm pocket. Today, I had 75% charge, left it on the seat of my car for 1 hour (it got cold - today is approx. 25 degrees F), got back and checked my email and it turned itself off immediately. I drove around for the next couple hours and it warmed up... I checked it and was able to turn it on with a 25% charge.


    Last year, I was running IOS 6. This year, I'm running IOS 7. I wonder if that's the difference.


    Even if I pay $80 to replace the battery, I have no faith the battery will last more than a few months.

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    APple states that the batterys do not work as well in the cold weather and even shortens the use. Read this link. 32 is supposively to cold.

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    Guys, besides all performance problems cold weather can create with any battery, the truth is that is the latest IOS that seems to have screwed up (maybe it was done on purpose?) as some noticed.

    My doughter has an iPhone 4 while mine is an iPhone 5. We both used them last year when the outside temp was up to around minus 20 C; we took short videos and pics while skiing. This year after the IOS upgrade, both phones are shuttin down at minus 3 C, though I have to say the iPhone 5 is the first that dies.

    Quite disappointed. Now I carry my old Blackberry in case of emergency...

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    I run outdoors in Chicago and I have to keep my iPhone 5 covered and in an interior pocket.  And even then it often shuts down in exactly the same way everyone has described.  Is there anything else that can be done?

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    I'm in Vail and this just happened to me.  But I wasn't even skiing.  I charged my phone inside and placed it on a windowsill.  When I woke up, the phone was dead and it wouldn't start up.  Now I can't get the phone to reboot even though it has been indoors at room temperature for the last 24 hours. Help!

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    Same issue here. Used it last year in the cold (below 32) and it was fine, this year, it just died until i warmed it up. Either the ios update or the battery doesn't last that long (purchased in Oct 2013). Very frustrating and unreliable now. 

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    I had the same issue... I decided to change my battery but I didn't want to pay the $80 for an Apple repair. Instead, I bought a battery from ifixit for $30 and did it myself. It was fairly simple, but you should be comfortable taking stuff apart and have the right screwdrivers.


    I tested it last Saturday on a cold day (15 deg. F). I am a ski coach and was out all day taking pictures and texting. It lasted all day, through the night and into the next morning before it died. My old battery, which was only 1 year old, was giving me 2-3 hours max under similar conditions.


    The bottom line is that the iphone 5 batteries suck after a year and need to be replaced.


    Here's the link to iphone 5 batteries:


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    Just FYI it's not the OS, as I never updated my 5 to the new one, and won't until they force me to.  Mine was ok up on the mountain all winter last year, but not now.  I assume from what people are saying that it's the battery.  One year = ridiculous.

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    Agree that it's the battery. I took my phone to the store, they ran a diagnostic on it, and said the battery failed their tests. Unfortunately, I was out of the standard warranty, but fortunately, had Apple Care so they swapped it out for "free". Should be heading to the cold in a couple of weeks but it already seems to hold a charge longer in sunny So Cal temps.

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    Does this mean that when your phone starts shutting down in the cold, that one of the solutions is to replace the battery? Does that fix the problem? Even temporarily?

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    Had the phone inspected at the Apple Store. They replaced the battery (for $80) and told me I had to wipe the phone and start over (not with a backup) -- apparently Apple is commonly having software/battery issues for people who have upgraded from an old iPhone to a new one.

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    For what it is worth... I experienced the cold shutdown problem with a brand-new iPhone 5 last season.  However it was MUCH worse this ski season and my battery started showing signs it was worn out including rapid discharging even in warm conditions, sudden drops from 100% to 50% in one hour, and erratic battery life readings.  Since my phone was out of warranty, I replaced it with a battery from iFixit.  Total repair took 5 minutes and requied removing only 4 screws.  The battery in this kit is original Apple factory battery, same markings as the original.  This improved my cold and warm battery life dramatically.  I now get more than a full day of use in warm conditions.  Still get shutdown in conditions colder than 32 degrees farenheit/0 celsius.


    So yes, if you have a sick/worn out battery, the cold shutdown problem will be much worse.  And in my experience, replacing your battery will improve, but not entirely resolve, the cold shutdown issue.  Using an external battery case such as the mophie increases the mass of the phone, which slows the cooling effects, and keeps your battery at 100% for the entire day.  So... I use a battery case on very cold days to help.  I also quit all the unnecessary applications, especially mapping/GPS apps which suck a lot of power.  With the combo of battery case, keeping phone in warm inner pocket, and limiting time I have it out in freezing conditions, I've been able to ski for a full day in very cold conditions without having problems.



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    I have been doing a project on iphones overheating/cooling.  According to apple, the iphone will work at it's normal speed from 32 degrees F to 95 degrees F.  We are working on finding a solution to this, so I will let you know what we come up with.

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    Hey, guys I'm new to the apple community, but I have a question and I was wonderring if any of the people on this forum had considerd it. Would it be possible to put a handwarming pocket in the back of my phone case to keep my phone warm? I have not been in sub zero temperatures with my phone yet, and have also never personaly used those chemical hand warming pockets, so Im not sure if this is a viable solution. I really want acces to my phone all the time for gps info and to conrol my gopro.