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My 8 year old son is obsessed with all Apple products, history, Steve Jobs, etc.  I had an old Mac SE that I had promised him, but it got donated it at some point in the last 25 years...(unknown to me)....does anyone have one they are looking to get rid of?  Or any really old Mac Product he can play with?  You would make a little boy's dreams come true!! 


Thanks so much, in advance!

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    An old Mac, really?

    Wouldn't it make more sense to get him an iPad?

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    Your best option for success is to peruse Craigslist.


    Classic Macs are becoming collector's items. Working examples of the type can be prohibitively expensive. An original Macintosh is worth thousands.


    Buy him the Isaacson biography. The writer's style is annoying but the biography is historically accurate and very detailed.


    Better yet get him an iPad and the iBook version.