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Hi there,


I'm a designer and used iWeb to create a portfolio for myself while I was job searching earlier in the year. I hosted it through MobileMe, and coincidentally and luckily managed to get a new job about a week before those hosting services were discontinued, so I never rehosted the site on my own domain. I happened to Google myself a couple of months ago and was horrified to find that my resume page from that site shows up in the search results, with my home address, phone number, etc in the results summary since they were at the top of the resume page on my site. Clicking the obviously says that it doesn't exist. I tried using Google's cache removal tool which supposedly would clear it since the site doesn't exist anymore, but that was about six weeks ago. I just checked, and it's still there - moved up, even, to the third search result! I am going to continue to try to handle this with Google, but is there anything I can do on the iWeb end? I deleted that page from my computer but I'm pretty sure that's irrelevant since the site technically doesn't exist anymore.


Any help would be greatly appreciated - I can't stand having my private information out there like that!

Thanks, Mardie

iMac 3.2GHz, Mac OS X (10.7.2)