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    I can't seem to run the uninstaller! It crashes and only using cmd+alt+esc overcome this problem.

    Do you have anyother suggestion to uninstall this AVG software?


    Thank you,


  • MadMacs0 Level 5 Level 5 (4,605 points)

    DanielaCorreia wrote:


    I can't seem to run the uninstaller! It crashes and only using cmd+alt+esc overcome this problem.

    It might be necessary to re-install AVG and try the uninstaller again.


    If that doesn't do it, then you might want to take this to the AVG Forum, where I see that others have posted on this subject.

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    Finder - Apps - Show package contents

    select uninstall at bottom of list

    takes about 15 seconds

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    I've found the solution, only can they do click on "show package content on icon app" and later in "content", later they click on uninstall

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    Thank you for posting this. Using ANY browser on Snow Leopard, it has occasionally started to reject ANY websites which didn't start with "https".  My only option has been to restore from Time Machine back to a point where it worked, which was inconvenient at best. I've just had the same symptoms again (https only), but after uninstalling AVG Linkscanner and restarting, it's all working again! Might be too early to prove a connection to be honest, but just thought I'd record it here.


    Many thanks.

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    Thank you, Robert.  I was concerned after upgrading to Yosemite that uninstalling might not work.  To my surprise, it worked exactly as you described (without the need to reinstall).


    Kind regards,

    Jason Havens

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    Thanks Robert! You sir, are a legend!


    I've had that AVG app on my laptop for years... and I really can't believe it is now gone.  



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    RobertTweedie, you are a hero and a godsend. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been trying to get rid of this for the vast majority of my evening (thank God for my Chromecast so I could watch hours of Netflix while I fought with my computer). I found uninstall link after uninstall link that wouldn't run. I'm so glad you shared this one. 10 points to you! I made this support account just so I could thank you!

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    Many Many thanks for this solution. I had AVG for Mac installed some time ago and then had problems with my MacBook locking and had it removed "professionally" which solve the problem. In the last few days I install Avast Antivirus software (FREE) but I could not access the web when its Web Shield was active. I contacted Avast technical support at  and after several contacts back and forth they found that the AVG LinkScanner appeared to be still active. I did a Google and found this site and this solution which worked fine. However, as someone else reported, I also had to re-install the LinkScanner program before I could un-install what was lurking on my computer (the install and un-install programs come combined in the link provided by RobertTweedie). I can now access the web with Avast Web Shield active.

    It is a pity that AVG causes so many problems on the Mac, as I had been using it for years on a PC without any problems and was extremely happy with it, but now I would not recommend that any one install it on their Mac.

    Once again many thanks for the help.



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