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I bought a macBook Pro Retina just under a month ago, and have been experiencing some issues with the fan speeds.


I can be just browsing the web or checking emails or playing music through iTunes, and the fans will spin up to full speed for a minute or so, and then return to normal.


I have reset the SMC, the PRAM and repaired the Disk and Disk Permissions, with no luck, I've also tried a full format and reinstall with no luck either.


I have seen that others have been experiencing similar issues, and wanted to get some advice on where I can go from here.

Attached below is a Screen Grab of my temps and fan speeds. The fans were at normal speed for a few minutes, then went up to a high speed, back down and then back up again, and kept repeating.


Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 20.14.17.png


Thanks in advance,



  • sdpitbull Level 3 (965 points)

    Your screen grab is not visible. Please reattach.

  • jamezmbp Level 1 (0 points)

    Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 20.14.17 copy.jpg

    Re-uploaded the screen grab, let me know if this works



  • OGELTHORPE Level 8 (45,183 points)

    If the SMC did not correct the issue, run an Apple Hardware Test.  It may be that a temperature sensor is misbehaving.




  • jamezmbp Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple Hardware Test passed twice on the long test with no ploblems,


    Any more ideas?


    Thanks once more.



  • OGELTHORPE Level 8 (45,183 points)

    For the temperatures displayed, the fans should not be turning that fast.  You should take to an Apple store genius bar and have them examine it.  You have done all you can.



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    I just thought I'd add an update to this thread, I took the Mac into the Apple Store today as I had some screws missing from the bottom case, and wanted to get the fan issue sorted, they performed a cooling system test on the machine and pronounced it fully functioning, they also said that while the screws are on order, they would contact an engineer higher up in the company to see if they had heard any previous cases similar to the one I have, I'm going back up next week to get the screws put in and to see what they have to say about the fan issue.


    Has anyone else had a similar experience to me, as I would like to get it sorted before I go back to school as I need it for work.


    Thanks in advance,





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    I've been having the same issue and am eagerly awaiting to hear what happens when you return to apple.


    My temperatures are fine, usually mid to high 30 degrees celsius, but on occasion the fans will ramp up to 5000+ and then slowly scale back down to <2000. This takes about 1 minute from start to finish.




  • Oyinko2 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue with my Macbook Pro Retina that I bought 2 days ago.


    My configuration is i7 2.3ghz / 8GO Ram / 256GO SSD.


    With no reason, the fan will speed up for a minute and back to normal. Let me know if you find anything.

  • Craig 2013 Level 1 (0 points)

    I also have this issue. I had this problem on my first retina macbook pro which I got at the end of Jan and then got a replacement and it also happened on that one. 


    Even when browsing the internet doing nothing intensive the fans go right up to pretty much 6000 rpm for about a minute and then back down to normal.


    If anyone knows any more about this let me know as it is quite annoying.

  • ExtraLazy Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also having random fan spikes, just purchased the new updated 2.4Ghz 15' macbook pro retina. I did a hardware test, everything was fine. I did the NVRAM reset. I'm still getting the same issues. This is my 3rd macbook pro retina, i'm getting sick of the defects.


    Are you guys using a torrent client when the fan spikes?

  • SanDiegoSam Level 1 (0 points)

    I too purchased a new macbook pro retina today - 2.7 gig i7.  This is my 5th macbook having returned the other 4 due to Safari rendering issues.  Today, an engineer called to say that the Safari issue is now a known issue and they are working to resolve it.


    This is the first macbook pro retina I have had where the fan just turned on for a minute.  None of the other 4 had this issue.  I suppose I will buy and return everyday until Apple sends me to HP or Dell.  I am disappointed in Apples Quality Control.  Moreover, after 30+ hours of time spent at the genius bar or on the phone, Tim Cook ought to cook me dinner. 


    Contacting Apple Care is a waste of time.  There is nothing they can do to resolve these issues over the phone.  Clearly, there is another batch of new Apple computers with performance issues.  Based on my experiences, they have no clue or knowledge of these issues.

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    I have the same problem. My laptop has been in for warranty three times. Each time they tried to resolve it by wiping it and reinstalling the operating system. In all cases this did not resolve the problem and they sent the laptop out to have the logic board replaced. So after rebuilding the laptop two times I can report that the problem is back. Tomorrow it will go back to Apple for the 4th time. My symptoms Fan runs non stop. High kernal activity with no aplications running. Lag in keyboard and mouse. I would really like to help you all Regards, K

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    I bought two days ago the new retina 15 macbook, and have fan issues too.


    Here is the post>


    Hope this is a software or controller problem rather than a hardware issue.



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    Hi all,


    I got a call from apple yesterday to say that the screws for my machine were in, and that they had got a response from engineering about the fans, they said that the fan speeds were normal and there was nothing to worry about.


    I don't think that this is the case, as I have never owned any other computer that has done this under normal operation.


    It also worries me that while some of you have got their machines replaced, others have been told there is nothing to worry about.


    When you pay upwards of £1800 you dont expect to be finding these problems, and if you do, a replacement should be provided without question.


    If anyone else has a different outcome after taking their machine in to the apple store, let us all know on this thread.





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