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    question for everyone: how much free space do you have on the iOS devices with the problem?

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    I just changed from English to British English and it worked in my I guess switch back and forth when needed

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    I just had success using Rockallite's steps (THANK YOU Rockallite)! It took two tries, but it worked the second time. BTW, the first time, I tried a hard power off, no success, and the second time just a regular power down, with success. Don't know if it matters...


    The key steps are:


    1. Log out of App Store (via Settings app)

    2. Turn off Wi-Fi, and turn on Airplane Mode (VERY important!)

    3. Power off the iPhone (iPad, iPod touch, etc.)

    4. Power on the device, turn off Airplane Mode, turn on Wi-Fi and tap App Store, boom! The blank Update page comes back.


    My note: be sure to turn Apps back on under settings...

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    I went to settings General International and changed language (one I understand) the went back and changed it to English. Re-opened Apps Store and updates worked great.  Hope it works for you.

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    I'm using iPhone 5 and the blank update screen problem started happening since yesterday. I've tried restartgin my phone, signing out and signining back to App store, turning off/on Wifi but nothing works.


    I was able to search for an application and install it.


    Interestingly, yesterday my update count was showing 8 and right now it's showing 9.


    Any idea what's going on?

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    phew! resolved.

    as per pdxchristiannaand Scott523

    1. Log out of App Store (via Settings app)

    2. Turn off Wi-Fi, and turn on Airplane Mode (VERY important!)

    3. Power off the iPhone (iPad, iPod touch, etc.)

    4. Power on the device, turn off Airplane Mode DON'T turn on the Wi-Fi, have your data pack enabled, and go to App Store.

    Then tapping update all would make you enter your password to install.. and done

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    Taking no further action, the problem on my iPhone 5 resolved by itself.  I'm convinced that everything anyone is doing produces only coincidental results.  Save yourselves the trouble and just check back later.


    Meanwhile, my iPad mini, which shows all apps needing updates, is having problems completing the updates.  I'm getting "Unable to connect to the App Store", or "Unable to download application - Cancel or Retry".  Retry works most times.  Thinking it might be a weak wifi connection, I brought the iPad to the router, but the problem continues.  I am getting all updates, just slowly, with multiple tries.  Even more evidence that this is an Apple server/program problem.

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    After giving up completely cause no fix suggested in this thread worked for me, it appears that the Update Page issue has resolved itself.  How this was done - who knows?


    I agree with some on this thread that the best course of action might be to relax and forget about the problem until it rights itself.


    I also agree that Apple could step in here with an accounting of this issue and save a lot of people very frustrating hours trying to fix this.


    Good luck to all!

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    Happened to me Yesterday but it only lasted 24hrs.. Must be Apple server issue not your idevices

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    I would agree with the statement this is a server issue. All applications appeared without issues once I ended the background app store a second ago, note I tried the same thing an hour ago and it failed. Tried all the fixes before which were listed and it did not resolve the situation.

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    Agreed.  Server issue.  Everything is magically working again now.

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    Yes working fine here. Nothing needed from me. Lesson learned but it is good that people come and talk about it.

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    I didn't do anything and now everything is working fine, I can see all apps in Update.

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    To all those who are wondering how it resolved or doing some language change did the trick,I would like to say its not it.

    I had emailed apple about the problem in detail,got correspondence from them,

    and told them to visit this link to see many users are facing the same problem and they replied back that they have notified the problem to apple and hence its now resolved.

    No I don't want any appraisal but its just a simple request that next time if you encounter such issues kindly mail and notify them about the problem and don't wait for some miracle to happen.