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Everything I read said that I could hook up a display port monitor to a Thunderbolt port on the mac mini.  I purchased two display port monitors (Dell U2913WM) that can be daisy chained, and hooked them up.  All I get is mirroring.  Does anyone know how to turn off mirroring with this setup?  I did not get the "uncheck mirroring" option in preferences until I hooked up the second via the HDMI port instead of a daisy chain.  The problem with that is, I cannot take advantage of the full resolution through the HDMI.  It seems I have wasted my money on two monitors.


Looking for advice on:


1) How to daisy chain these two Dell monitors to the mac mini and turn off mirroring and use an extended desktop, or


2) How to take advantage of the full resolution through HDMI port?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), New Mac mini Intel graphics card
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