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I've decided that because I just did all kinds of maintenence and updated all of my backups- and because I'm going to be away from my workstation for a couple of days- I'm going to go ahead and upgrade my 100k image 700GB library.


I haven't been active on the forum for a while so any advice about potential challenges I might encounter would be appreciated.  I don't use Faces or Places or any of that iPhoto stuff.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2.2GHz quad i7/8GB RAM/1GB VRAM
  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Good to "see" you again.

    DLScreative titles this thread:

    Going to bite the bullet and upgrade from 2.3.4


    In your other thread you said

    Still running 3.2.4 BTW

    Was that a typo?

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    the upgrade to 3.3 and later was for some posters here problematic, if they neglected to make sure that the library had no glitches. In that cases the upgrade of the library failed. So I'd strongly recommend to run all Aperture Library First Aid Tools, before you open the library in Aperture 3.4.3 to upgrade it to 3.4.3.

    Also keep a backup of your aperture 3.2.x library and a copy of Aperture 3.2.x to be able to revert.


    Just in case you run into this problem: Aperture 3.4: May quit unexpectedly on launch after updating

    The above problem can occur, when you upgrade from certain Aperture versions, that have the wrong plugin-manager framework installed. Then you have to revert to an earlier Aperture version and upgrade from there.


    The latest Aperture version requires MacOS X 10.7.5 or later. Is your profile signature current?


    Good luck for the upgrade!


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    Thanks, Kirby. No it's not a typo:  I've been of an "if it works don't fix it" mindset for longer than usual.


    Thanks for all the info, Léonie.  I've decided to do more housekeeping before I upgrade. I'm also going to break up my monster library. I'm long overdue to get the stuff that I'm just storing into its own library.  I want to make sure that all of my important stuff is referenced- most of it is- and create a separate library for it. That way, I'll have a smaller, cleaner library to update, and I'll be able to get to my images from Lightroom or Bridge if Aperture breaks.


    Thanks again,



    PS: when I relocate my masters with Aperture, I put four folders in the project folder: unrated, rated, highRated and topRated.  That way I've at least got my ratings if I visit the images with another application.