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Hi everyone,


I got this old iMac G4 (sunflower) from a friend a few months ago. It runs under Panther, and I would love to install a new OSX version and delete everything that's on it as the iMac is very slow.


I've managed to get a Tiger installation disk. Unfortunalety, as soon as I put the CD in, it wasn't recognized by the machine ( no reaction at all ), and the CD was ejected after a few seconds. So I got this external DVD reader and tried again : it works, the CD is recognized and I can open it.


I double clicked on OSX Installation, the machine asked for a password in order to reboot, and reboots. But then the computer starts again, and I'm back on my desktop. Tried it again a few times, but it does the same thing everytime.


Even tried to hold the C key while the computer was starting, no reaction at all.


Has anyone seen this problem before ? How could I manage to install Tiger from the cd ?


Thank you for reading

iMac, Mac OS X (10.3.x), iMac G4 ( PPC )