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I'm transferring an 82GB iTunes library from a 2005 iMac to a 2008 Intel duo core iMac.  I discovered the button on the bottom right in Homeshare!  Will the audio quality be equal to the originals if I use the WiFi on a first-generation Time Capsule?  Is this going to take me days and days?  Would it go faster if I hook the two up together somehow?


At the moment both are still OS 10.5-something and I'm still using iTunes 10.6-something.  I am then going to upgrade the 2008 iMac to Snow Leopard and I guess Mountain Lion so that I can get iTunes 10.7 because currently my new iPhone 5 can't sync with iTunes and all the stuff I will want to hear is on the older iMac.


I really appreciate anyone who can help me out!  Thanks!

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