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    Thanks RJV, it looks like only 6 diagnostics have been sent since I updated so I assume that is not the cause...


    This is more than just poor battery performance. It renders the phone virtually useless. We are going to a basketball game this afternoon then to a Super Bowl party later. I know my phone battery will not make it that long which is unacceptable. This ***** but what is really bad is when it affects my business and my ability to work. Back to the grind tomorrow with a phone that is a severe handicap! Apple! Do not leave us hanging on this like you did with the "time and date issue" for 5 months! This must be fixed now!

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    I can report that switching to "flight mode" and back, and then from automatic network carrier, to manual (selecting my normal carrier), and back again - solved it for me... My phone was useless, as well - but is now still on 100% half an hour from last full charge...

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    What is going with this 6.1 update, I'm updated both my wife IPad 4 and iPhone 5 to 6.1 two day ago and she have nothing but troubles. After updated to 6.1 iPhone battery was at 85% so she left for the night, when she woke up it was at 1% so she plugged into the charger and left it for an hour and came back the battery still at 1% and charging Icon never lit up. On the iPad it charged up to 100% ans my kid surf the web over an hour and the battery still stay at 100%. Did apple tested this firmware before release to the public? Seem to me a lot of people affected with this firmware and hope Apple roll out a fix soon. I shouldn't have switch her Samsung S3 to an IPhone 5, now she really **** off with this problem.

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    As I drove around town this morning I noticed that I was not getting an LTE signal anywhere. I traveled about 20 miles round trip (passing numerous tower areas) I normally would get LTE service all throughout this area (before iOS 6.1). My phone was stuck on 3G the whole time. (Yes, I checked to be sure LTE mode is on. I even switched it on and off to try and force it to connect. I also switched to airplane mode and back to try and force a re-connect but still it's stuck on 3G). Since I continue to get the spinning wheel whenever I'm using the phone app, I assume this may be related to the battery drain problem if the phone is constantly searching for the network, (LTE in this case). I'm no expert, just relaying some observations in hopes they lead to a solution. I have tried every suggestion in this thread with no luck so far... (I am on Verizon in Central Illinois).

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    I restores my I5 from Itunes. I had a problem when I updated iOS 6.1 from the air. I restored the phone as a new phone like I had to do when iOS6 came out and its stayed at 100% for over an hour in standby mode with 3G and Wifi on. It was dropping a percentage every few minutes in the standby mode earlier.


    Please dont forget to backup before restoring. Good luck!!

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    Fixed my battery flat in 3 hours issue. I noticed WiFi hub light flashing constantly and nothing else on in house except phone. Makes sense, we all know how wireless can drain battery. Turned of various notification until light stopped flashing. Last one seemed to be calendar alerts. Can't be sure and haven't gone back to re enable stuff yet. Just have phone and text alerts enabled. Battery lasts forever now. Good luck!

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    For what it is worth, I spoke with Apple today on another issue, and they are aware of the rapid battery drain issue.

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    A picture is worth a 1000 words.

    Here is and example of a 5 hour battery drain. I must note that I made no calls, no web access, nor did I use any apps during this 5 hour period. All I did was send/receive 6 text messages, nothing more.


    Note the time from full charge to my near dead battery 5 hours later....


    Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 5.50.44 PM.png

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    My iPhone 5 16gb was draining just like everyone else's. then I remembered when the original iPad, that I'm typing this out on, had a battery issue after an iOS upgrade. What fixed it, as ell as my iPhone, is let the device drain all the way down and shut off, then plug it in and recharge to 100%. Now rinse and repeat.

    My phone has been on all day and has barely used any battery. Compared to needing to recharge by the afternoon.


    Go Ravens!

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    I had similar issue after updated via OTA. But the problem was solved with recover mode over the iTunes. Before recover your iphone5, backup it first.

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    It's awful! I upgraded to iOS 6.1 my 4s and now it dies after 2 hours of use!!! I cannot work, I'm just trying to save the life time til the end of the day!!! Apple, fix it! You was making this update for several months, but iOS became worse! I woke up at 6.30 AM and it was 100%. Now it's 9.08 AM and 12% of battery left. :((((((((((( an iPad 2 dies for only 1 night. ***?!

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    Due to the excessive battery drain and the need to recharge 3-4 times a day, I worry about long term damage this may be causing to the battery capacity. The same concern applies to the unusual heat coming from the phone due to this unknown phenomenon... I am already out of 90 day warranty so I hope Apple will stand behind this issue and any long term damage caused to my 2 iPhone 5's since this is an obvious result of the 6.1 upgrade. If I could go back to 6.0.2, I would! The time and date LTE issue was minor compared to this!

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    I am having much better battery life after installing iOS 6.1


    Previously it gave me 6 hours usage, 15 hours standby with 5.0.1


    Now, after installing 6.1, it gives me 8 hours usage and 1day 5 hours of standby.


    Thats very good standby time if not great and only 2% battery drain overnight.


    Wi-fi on all the time


    Device: iPhone 4S, 16GB, iOS 6.1, 13 months old

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    Here is a screenshot for my previous reply:

    Photo 2013-02-04 03.40.05 PM.png

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    Thats great for an iPhone's battery. I am having very good battery life as well after installing 6.1 on my 13th month old iPhone 4S.

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