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  • scottmbolt Level 1 Level 1

    This thread is enourmous. Add me in as someone with an iPhone 4 who's experinced horrible battery life after the 6.1 update. If I didn't have a car charger I would be F--Ked.

  • woertel Level 1 Level 1

    I am experiencing the same thing too

  • Rune Alleslev Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, it's big, but it just shows how big the issue is. I hope somebody at Apple is watching and they are working on this.


    Two days after I deleted my two exchange accounts for a couple of hours and added them again I still have no issues with battery life. I am at different sites, connection changing all time between LTE/3G with very weak signal. That was my iPhone5... (besides that last week I went through every possible fix with no success. My carrier did extensive battery test and they said the hardware was just fine.


    As for my iPad2, after network settings reset last sunday it has worked like a charm. Battery at 75% five days after last charge. EXCEPT, suddenly it won't connect to exchange (both corporate and gmail). No solution has fixed this. Funny enough my iPhone5 has not had this issue...


    IT and software is weird... Glad I'm not on the engineer team having to solve this issue at Apple - if it even exists...

  • Thom_D Level 4 Level 4

    I must be one of the luck ones.  My iPhone 4S (32 GB) has actually gotten better battery life after I upgraded to iOS 6.1 from 6.0.1.  6.0.1 started out bad, but once I drained the battery completly and recharged it overnight, turned off iAds and a couple of other location specific things I never used my battery life got much better.  And now with 6.1 it is very good.  I can go the whole day with normal usage, phone calls, web surfing, IMDB look ups, texting, Facebook checking, twitter checking, music listening, etc. and have 50 -  60% left at midnight when I go to bed and plug my phone in again.


    The biggest drain I have found is any of the map programs, GPS is a battery killer on any device I think.  So when I get where I am going I go into the multitasking drawer and shut the map app down to make sure it isn't trying to connect to the GPS network in the background.

  • Da_Brouwer Level 1 Level 1

    If you are using your phone with corporate email and Exchange, you may want to look into that as a problem.  It's been publically acknowledged by Microsoft as an issue with iOS 6.1.  No fix or recommendation from Apple.


  • billkesh Level 1 Level 1

    Another update.  Two days after I did "restore as new" and "restore from backup", my phone is still OK.  Not showing "melt down" syndrome at this point.


    To recap, I had the battery drain problem immediately after updating to ios 6.1.  It seemed to be Exchange related, in particular the Calendar push notifications were going crazy, constantly sending out notifications over and over.  The Tech at the Apple Store deleted my Exchange account, and created a new one to replace it.  This seemed to fix the problem, for almost a day.  Then the problem started up again.


    So I took the next step and did "restore as new" and "restore from backup" in Itunes (with my phone docked to my PC).  I made sure the phone was connected to a power supply while doing it (in this case, the USB connection to the PC provided the power).  One suspicion I have is that a contributing factor might be that my phone was not connected to a power source when it did the original ios 6.1 update (although the phone had a full charge at the start of the update, and didn't appear to completely drain during the update).


    In the middle of the "restore as new", I did see a message saying something like "installing update from your cellular vendor", which is in my case Verizon.  I'm a newbie, so I don't know if this commonly happens each time you "restore as new", or if it indicates that a new update from Verizon was just recently released.  One issue I noticed when I was having the battery drain problem was that the phone seemed to be stuck in 3G, even in places where I never had problems getting a strong 4G LTE signal.  Now, after the restore fix, I have no problems getting 4G LTE in those same places.


    I suspect there may be several problems, some of them intertwined.  I suggest that those who still have problems talk to Apple directly about it.  If you live near an Apple Store, go in.  If I don't return to this thread, you can assume that my problem was solved.  Good luck to those who are still having problems.

  • capitalr Level 1 Level 1

    Yup, i was going to post this once I got home this weekend.


    Noticed this issue as soon as I upgraded once 6.1 was released.


    Battery drains so quickly & even with a few apps open, my 4s heats up badly to a point where it could be considered dangerous..

    Apple NEED to fix this ASAP. This is not safe/good enough

  • LuisFAlves Level 1 Level 1

    Hello People.


    I've been having the same problems, namely the fast iPhone 5 battery drain after installing iOS 6.1.


    I was having the same symptoms as all of you. After installing iOS 6.1 with 3G or Wifi on standby, my phone lasted about 12 hours, whereas before the update to 6.1 it was lasting me approximately 1 day and a half. While using it for about 2 hours a day between phone calls, mail checks, some game playing and app use, it started draining even further to a point to where the battery life was as at an average of 20% from its previous 100% after just 6 hours of use. I was having a day and a half of battery life in the previous iOS and was happy for it comparing to how things turned out to be...


    So, i went to an Apple Store here in Portugal and they did me a diagnostic test to my iPhone 5. The phone passed in all tests except in the iOS version. It failed in Apple's own software test. Amazing...

    Then, they recommended to me do a total restore to factory settings, which i did.


    The phone got better...but it think that is in part due to my decision to test its battery life without any additional apps or resources installed. I've only imported my contacts from iCloud, and everything else is just factory settings. I've made a few phone calls, answered some sms's and used bluetooth on my car for about 10 minutes, but didnt use Wifi or 3G and turned off locations and push. After almost a day the phone is at 32%, but this is not surprising since i've barely pushed it and didnt use any apps with all internet access turned off. And it got to a point where in standby, i've noticed it starting heating a little bit in the middle of the day...


    Another relevant point is that when i went to bed, the phone was at 88% after three hours on standby, then i've set the phone to flight mode and it only drained 1% in 8 hours. This was good, but after i turned flight mode off the draining started again...


    Today i went back to the store with the phone totally restored, asked for another test and guess what? iOS still failed to pass Apple's own test.


    It's clearly an iOS 6.1 problem.


    And other thing, previously i've only used two Gmail accounts. I don't have an Exchange account, so by my experience, i can count the Exchange option out of this problem. I also had my email preferences set so i could access to it manually and not through push.


    What i can say is that after restore it is indeed a little bit better. But i'm going to do another test tomorrow by restoring everything i had previously via iTunes. I'll tell you if the restore really did had an impact.


    Apple's got to fix this quickly. It's my first iPhone and tough i like it, i am starting to get seriously disappointed because i need to be able to carry the phone with me to work throughout a whole day, without the worry of having to charge it two times in 24 hours...


    Fix this Apple!

  • ZAPELECTRIFIED Level 1 Level 1

    No details on iOS 6.1.1 beta for a "Battery Bug Fix". Lets all cross our fingers, the Exchange Account and Restore is a nice Temporary Fix but I still seem to have some battery drainage. It's still noticeable. Apple needs to stop lagging.

  • Topher86 Level 1 Level 1

    I have been having battery issues on and off as well. usually turning the phone off and on again helps... but only temporarily. I do have a big issue with data drain. ever since iOS 6.1 i have seen my data use increase tenfold, when i have actually been trying to reduce it. i have a feeling it could be an email, and i am hoping this 'exchange' fix might help...


    But what i would like to know, is if anyone here is having issues with data drain as well as battery life? has anyone checked their usage? i managed to rack up 111mb of usage just with ten minutes of facebook...

  • khanh970 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you APPLE for screwing up again after the failed fiasco in 6.0 with Exchange Calendar. Now with iOS 6.1 on my IP5 you managed to make it possibly the worse battery drain I have ever experienced. I am talking about 100% - powering down in less than 2.5 hours. I have 2 Exchange Accounts and not only have you caused the server to log an inordinate amount of transactions which in turn caused issues with the server you have also managed to cause my phone to overheat due to the infinate-loop whirling around in the IP5's little brain.


    Thank you for NOT TESTING for your Enterprise clients. First one was shame on APPLE the next 6.1 was shame on ME. How did you manage to go from good beta to bad beta in one revision?


    I just removed my exchange accounts and LOW AND BEHOLD the battery issue disappears!!!!!!! I have mainted at 100% for over 15 minutes now while typing this post out.


    Under normal working circumstances I would have been at 86% in that amount of time which is dismal at best and just ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS at worst.


    I know this because i watched and timed the battery drain and it was like watching my gas needle in my sports car moving towards the Empty side as I am in excess of 100mph(on a race track of course)


    Since were quick to release 6.1.1 I assume it was to address what exactly? I see no mention of Exchange Server issues, battery drain issues, or anything related to the constant loop issues for calendar? Why not?


    Be honest with your consumers and they will remain your customers for the most part. Continue on this lie and Android or WP will be in my sights along with everyone and anyone that I come across will know the problems and I will suggest another OS. The iPhone isn't the prized cow that it used to be so make us feel special and provide a fix soon. I cannot continue to check my iPAD for Emails because my iPhone is incapable of doing so for more than a few hours before powering down. I refuse to use the battery pack that i have for it to temp fix this issue. Luckily for me I two iPhones and one is not upgraded to 6.1 and it is working okay. Not great but good enough.



  • capitalr Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed, I dont have an exchange account and therefore this is NOT causing the phone to overheat nor the battery to drain.


    It's really ridiculous how i have to charge my

    iPhone twice a day & hope theres a charging point somewhere when I'm out and about. Also i have to stop using my iPhone sometimes after only a minutes use as the phone heats up to a DANGEROUS (yes it's that bad) level.


    Apple need to sort this out ASAP  

  • RJV Bertin Level 3 Level 3

    3rd party recognition for ios 6.1 issues/


    Note that if the battery drain is due to other issues, an update may not claim to address the drain directly...

  • EdgaBimbam Level 1 Level 1

    same problem here with iphone5, battery drainage is huge :/ also having this issue on 6.1

  • billkesh Level 1 Level 1



    I knew I should have waited a little longer before posting that things are OK after "restore as new".  Things are NOT OK.  I started getting the same problem again with multiple notifications for the same meeting.  I accept the meeting invite, and then I immediately get another for the same meeting.


    I check my CPU usage (from SysStatsLite) and it is back up to 20% again, even though I'm not doing anything, any I have killed off any background apps in the tray (a few days ago, I didn't even know about the tray; this bug has been very educational!).


    Coincidentally, my wife & I have noticed that the internet at our house has been sluggish, even though we had upgraded to 30 Mbs.  So I was sitting at my PC late at night running speedtest.  It was reporting 30 Mbs download speed, but only 1.5 Mbs upload.  I was thinking it should be more than that.  I look over at my wireless modem, and it the blue light is blinking like crazy.  Hey, I wasn't expecting much wireless activity.  Then it hit me, oh yeah, the iphone. 


    So I go into the phone settings and turn off the calendar in my Exchange account.  Immediately the CPU usage dropped down to about 3% (from 20%).  I run speedtest again on my PC, and the upload speed popped up to 5 Mbs.  So this problem was not only draining my phone battery, but also screwing up my internet connection, too.  Probably explains some issues we were seeing with the Roku box, too.


    I think I will just leave the Exchange calendar off on my phone until I see news of a real fix.  Has anyone tried this 6.1.1 version I saw mentioned?  I guess I will need to track down how to install that next.

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