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  • ccourson Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem with my iPhone 4S after I upgraded to IOS 6.1; it would burn through a full charge in about 3 hours. I blamed it on my old, well abused, 4S, and replaced it with an iPhone 5 the next day, as I thought, that was the issue. Guess what, the same problem occurred, same as the 4S, as I did a restore from my old phone, a normal way to replace a phone, and therefore, restored the old issues. Never-the-less, while I was a  business trip a couple of days later, as a passenger, I played. First, before I left the office, I reset the phone to a "new" phone, and only installed the standard Apple Apps. Then I began to add back the settings I had been using in the past. What I found out, in my case, it was the iCloud syncing function, in specifically, synching my Safari boodmarks, that was the problem. The minute I disabled that function, it would now sync to iTunes on my computer, not to iCloud, the battery drain stopped, and now everything is great. Hope this helps.

  • Berkiebtvs Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list.  Tried everything.  Restored the phone, deleted Gmail Exchange, LTE Off... WIFI Off---my phone just drains when using it.  (It feels like 1% per minute the phone is actually on, which doesn't seem like that's how it should be.) Hope they fix it--although I'm not confident.

  • RobboMagic Level 1 Level 1

    Went to EE and the store assistant told me to go to Apple.


    Went to Apple and booked my iPhone 5 in for this Thursday to be checked by a ‘Genius’


    Apple store assistant who booked me in for my appointment agreed that 10hrs standby for a full charged iPhone 5 indicated a fault of some kind, probably a dodgy battery.


    We shall see what the ‘Genius’ says on Thursday.

  • Rune Alleslev Level 1 Level 1

    Small update from me:


    After some days of good battery life on my iPhone5 using two Exchange accounts and iCloud with push on my Iphone5, suddenly it started running hot and battery drained like crazy. I did a recharge and turned off for it to cool down. I turned off all push. Still hot and battery draining. Then I killed all apps in the app tray. Now battery went back to normal - no heating and no excessive draining. I even turned on push again.



  • salata3 Level 1 Level 1



    The exchange account I use is a corporate email, I got an email from the IT department that the the OS upgrade has a bug that is forcing the exchange app to continuously loop trying to force something into the server whenever you attempt to make a change in your calendar, like a new appointment. It's putting a lot is stress on the exchange servers. 

    They recommended against the upgrade and in case it happened not to use the calendar.


    This seems to be the root cause of my problem. I removed the exchange account and I'm back to normal usage.


    Note that this could be a Microsoft bug and not an apple one. Just saying.

  • LuisFAlves Level 1 Level 1

    Guys, i've posted here a few days ago about my experiments with my iPhone (5, 16 gb). Let me tell you more about it...


    Funny thing is, i keep seeing everywhere on the Internet that the main cause for this is a bug causing continuous loops with the Exchange accounts.

  may be the case for some users, but in my case i've never had an Exchange account and i'm still having a hard time at being able to use the phone.


    After installing iOS 6.1, i was down to 12 hours of usage with 11 hours on standby and 1 hour of active usage...After restoring to factory as some said to do, resetting all the network settings and resinstalling all my apps, i now go from 100% to 0% with 3h30m of usage and 22h of standby, but c'mon...this still isnt normal. And this is with flight mode active for aprox. 8 hours of that 22 hours of standby...


    While i'm web browsing i see the battery dropping at a 1% rate per 2 minutes...It shouldn't be like this...And i only had Wi-fi on and only had bluetooth active for some minutes. Brightness at 30%, 3G off, Push off, Locations off, and all the remaining processes killed in the background. Also i've stopped iCloud syncing. For every app i've used, ive closed it after using it. I know some of you are having bigger issues, but it still isnt acceptable for the phone to last only a day with 3 hours of usage...


    And then may i remind you again that iOS 6.1 failed in two diagnostic tests i've made in a Apple Assistance Center? The employee told me i was the FIFTH person that day to go there and complain about the battery drain...


    Again i say, it may have something to do with Exchange or 3G, but there are probably more problems deeper into this version.


    Apple must hurry up in fixing this or i'll be asking for a new phone.

  • capitalr Level 1 Level 1

    I've just updated to iOS 6.1.1 for my iPhone4S - lets hope it makes a difference.

    I'll update tomorrow!

  • Theweirdguy Level 1 Level 1

    Did a total of 2 factory restores(both as new phone),once at ios 6.0.2 and the other at 6.1.Battery life isn't improving at all:/ Faulty battery maybe?

  • sabesm Level 1 Level 1

    I am using an Ipohone 4S with iOS 6.1. Since the update i had the issue. Today there was an iOS update for iPhone 4S. i have updated it. Since now it shows improvement. Yesterday with 3G off (only with 2G) in 9 hrs i lost 50% of the battery. but after the new update i lost only 36% in 9 hrs. Will see for couple of days and update the forum with the results. Both iCloud and Exchange(Coporate) are enabled and both are in Push!

  • s2s Level 1 Level 1

    iOS 6.1.1 update for 4S only?


    Where is the fix for my iphone 4?

  • nunofrompaço de arcos Level 1 Level 1

    Luis, I have exactly the same problem as you. I did exactly the same things you did. I have an Exchange account though, but I also deleted it and the problem remains. iPhone 5 32GB. Before the update I would charge it every 2 days! Now it doesn't even last a day. The battery really drains while using 3G and the average is exactly 1% every 2 minutes and the phone gets very hot! While using Wi-fi I think it's a little better and the phone doesn't get warm.


    We need an urgent solution for this, they should make available the 6.0.2 again or deliver a 6.1.1 fast!

  • Vickan78 Level 1 Level 1

    I´ve got the same problem with the battery. The battery dropped 8% in one hour, just by lying beside me. I didn´t use it during that time, I just checked the percentage used during standby, since I noticed that the battery drains very very fast since I got my new phone.


    I had an iphone 4 before, but I bought an iphone 5 two weeks ago. I use iphone 5 the as much/little as I did with my old iphone 4. I charged my old iphone 4 every two days and now my iphone 5 barely last a day!


    Please fix it!

  • capitalr Level 1 Level 1



    yup the update is only for 4s so far... cant really tell if its helped with the battery life etc as not used it much today but will let people know in a day or two

  • sabesm Level 1 Level 1

    Yes the update is for only iPhone 4S only.

  • mandipcreative Level 1 Level 1

    Same Here .... No Change in Iphone4S...


    Updated 6.1.1 wirelessly... then 100% chaged...then Use some 10 mind on facebook application battery goes 96% (4% loss in 10 min) ....Playing Temple Run2 ( 15 Min Battery goes 84%) then whats app download some videos and saw them (battery goes 64%)...




    I go to setting and ERASE ALL DATA..... Restore Backup and now charging to 100%....


    Will let u know soon...


    No improvement Still same battery draining... in 6.1.1


    Please post with Thumbnail of usage data...

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