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    Check your CPU usage using SysStatsLite.  If it is up around 20% all the time, when you are not doing anything you have a problem. If it is around 3% to 5%, with occasional spikes higher, that is more normal.


    Since you have seen some error messages concerning calendars, try turning off all your calendars under settings->general->mail,contacts,calendars.  See if that affects your CPU usage.  If it does, then by trial, see which calendar causes you problems.  Then try deleting that account and recreate it. Or, if you don't find a calendar at fault, see if you can isolate another app causing problems using a similar approach.  Good luck with your debugging.

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    I've checked the app,20+% Active.Is that normal?

  • Theweirdguy Level 1 (0 points)

    With no running apps at all

  • billkesh Level 1 (0 points)

    Like I said, no, not normal.  Thats what you need to debug.  Try turning off your calendars to see if that affects it.  If it does, read my earlier messages.

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    Nope,turned off everything under 'calendars' and the CPU is the same

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    My IPhone 5 experience the same battery drain issue after upgraded to IOS 6.1. I have tried to delete all the mail acc & disable the calender notification but the problem persist. The battery just drain from 95% to 0% in 1 hour even the phone is in standby mode!!!


    Anyone from APPLE can help to fix the problem fast????

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    I have found the issue for my iPhone 4S with iOS 6.1.1. It is related to calendar syncing. Once you open the calendar, it keeps syncing, uses lot of CPU and drains the battery. It is worse if it is on 3G. You could install a tool like SystemTools to monitor the CPU usage. If it is above 20% all the time without any app running, you have the problem. It should be close to 5%.

    There is a workaround:

    Disable calendar notification.

    Stop the calendar app (double click Home, if you see calendar in bottom long press on it, remove it).

    Turn on Airplane mode. That's the only way to stop the syncing process?

    Turn off Airplane mode.

    AND DO NOT open calendar. If you do it, you have to repeat the above steps again.

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    Sorry to hear that.  Maybe it is different than the problem I had.  But some process is running amuck.  I'm running out of suggestions.  You might check around and see if there is a paid app that can give you the usage for each process that is running, which might point you in the right direction.  Or go dig through the diagnostic logs.


    Have you already gone in to the Apple store?  If you are close to one, it could be worth a trip.


    Good luck!

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    Left my iphone 5 on in Airplane mode last night - still managed to chew through 50% battery in 7 hours (no apps open)


    At the Apple Store later - fingers crossed they can sort it out. Got a feeling that whatever has happened with iOS 6.1, it has screwed my battery. I've run a couple of system apps over my phone and can't really see anything strange. Though granted, I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for.

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    guyz i found the solution...may it work for you also..


    updated wirelessly 6.1.1. but got same problem...


    so i used DFU and reinstall from Itunes... Still Same Problem Continues for 1 day... After 1 day i have restore iphone as new and then after sometime restore backup so problem is solved....


    turn off calendar entries...Delete icloud and relogin... now sysstaslite shows upto 3% cpu use under standby mode.


    Full charge


    Usage : 1 hour 27 minutes

    Standby : 2 hours 9 minutes


    after heavy usage of 1 hour and 27 minutes i lost 8% of Battery.


    Phone : 4s

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    If the problem is calendar-related, my first thought would be that it is related to the Exchange bug in the Microsoft Knowledge-Base link I posted earlier.  If you don't think you have an Exchange account, perhaps one of your calendars is using it in the background without you knowing it.


    In my case, turning off all calendars would definitely work, however, I do need to have a working calendar - at least the ability to view the calendar on my phone.  I tried turning airplane mode on/off, but it only worked as a temporary measure, not a permanent fix.  The only way I was able to stop the looping was to delete the Exchange account and recreate it.  I think I did a hard reset in-between, as well, but don't know if that was related.  I'm also not 100% sure that turning airplane mode on & off wouldn't work for other people.  Maybe your phone & setup is different enough from mine that it works for you.


    I also turned off the calendar entries in all accounts (including icloud) except for my Exchange account, since that is the only calendar I want to use.  Maybe there is some strange interaction with icloud, not sure.  I didn't spend much time debugging that angle.


    Anyway, now I am able to have my Exchange calendar enabled, and view it without having the looping/battery drain problem.  As long as I don't create/accept/decline/modify a calendar entry on my phone, which will start the looping again (until Apple releases the fix for the problem).


    I'm about done with this issue until I see that Apple has a new release.  Good luck, folks!

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    I went to Genius Bar--he said diagnostic looked OK.  I think my problem maybe that the battery is just not very good to begin with.  Couple that with a battery draining 6.1, I'm not in good shape.  The good thing for me is 90% I'm near a charger, so I am usually with power.  It's disappointing because the times I won't be- I'm going to be in trouble.  Genius thought my usage numbers were normal and suggested a battery pack or battery case.  Maybe he's right.  It's kind of pathetic though that a phone seems to only have about 2 hours of actual use.  Those numbers in the OS are pretty much BS. 


    Annoyed, but moving on with my life. 

  • billkesh Level 1 (0 points)

    Berlebtvs, what phone do you have?  With my iPhone 5, I can get 2 days of battery life with light usage, ie mostly standby and light surfing and calls.  That was what I saw before iOS 6.1, and also what I see now after I fixed my Exchange calendar problem. When I was having the Exchange problem, the battery was dying in 4 to 6 hours, and the phone was hot to the touch.


    Of course, if your usage pattern is more intense you will burn through the battery quicker, but it should have been the same before iOS 6.1.  Did you see any difference with 6.1 concerning battery life?  Did it get worse?  If you we're previously getting 2 days on standby, and now it is 2 hours, then the geniuses need to explain that to you.  If you we're getting the same before and afteR 6.1, then there is nothing to explain.

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    I seemed to have fixed this issue. I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1 and my battery was dead after a few hours each time I charged it after upgrading to 6.1 this weekend.


    Here is what I did to fix it:


    Back up your phone - always do this!!!


    1. Go to "Settings" then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
    2. Delete all items under "accounts" - including iCloud (Gmail, Exchange, etc.)
    3. Turn off your phone
    4. Chill for 1 minute.
    5. Turn it back on
    6. Go to "Settings" then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" again
    7. Add in all of your accounts - iCloud, Gmail, etc.
    8. Check this out: Here is what's weird, at this point in the process, my battery was still getting drained. One way to check this is to go to "Settings", then "General" then "Usage" and look at your "Time since last full charge" times - if they are the same, you're burning battery and that seems to be the issue - your phone is in "usage" mode all of the time!
    9. So if that is the case, as it was with mine:
    10. Turn off your phone (again)
    11. Chill for 1 minute.
    12. Turn it back on


    When I rebooted a second time after adding my accounts back on to my phone, all was well. I confirmed by checking my "Time since last full charge" again - indeed - usage is now showing less time than standby. My phone is also running much cooler now. Hopefully this helps you. Thanks for posting this question.

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    Oh, I'm getting sick of this battery problem. I thought I had it sorted out by not turning on any calendars. Today my phone battery is draining like before and I do not have any calendars turned on. Just Exchange email. Nothing else. The battery drain goes away if I completely delete all mail accounts and do not add any.  This issue essentially makes the phone useless for me besides for making pgone calls.  And why does my iPad mini not suffer from this problem? It is also on iOS 6.1 and has multiple mail accounts and Exchange calendar turned on and everything is push. Works perfect with EXCELLENT battery life. Only need to charge every 3 or 4 days with regular usage.


    I really want to go back to Android for my phone. This is my first iPhone experience and I don't see why folks think so highly of the phone with issues like this.  Should I wait it out or go back to Android so I can use email and calendars? I'm on the fence now.

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