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I just have my new Ipad4 last January 27, I noticed that while downloading a certain Apps in App Store then scrolling to look for more application my screen would flicker like flashing or something blinking on it. I don't know what happened, why is it like that? Is it somewhat connected with hardware problem or does Ios 6 version still have a bug? I've tried using safari to browse and scroll somethings and google chrome its not like that. It's just when I go to App Store that will be the time my screen would flicker? Hope you could help me regarding it. Thank you so much.



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iPad, iOS 6.1
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    Also I've tried restore and reset but still the same, when I go to App store my screen would flicker especially when I'm downloading some games, what will happened regarding it? Thank you so much.

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    Not normal. Take it to an Apple Store for evaluation.


    Make a Genius Bar Reservation


     Cheers, Tom


    PS There's no need to double post.

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    I already took it to Apple store thanks for your advise @texas... and i was informed that it had a hardware problem and need to replace it. However the sad part is that i need to wait for almost a month (2-3 weeks) before I can have a brand new ipad4. Hoping its okay this time and dont have any defect.

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    I bought an iPad 4 on Feb 9th and I started noticing what you described recently.  My girlfriend uses an iPad 3 and I showed her the flickering on mine and said she's definitely never seen that before.


    I talked to two Apple phone reps both of whom said they'd never heard of this.  I brought it into an Apple store and the Genius acted like she'd never heard of it.  She replaced it with a new one but, get this, THE NEW ONE ALSO DOES IT.


    oh well.  I guess as long as it's just this I can live with it.  I'm hoping it's just a software issue and an update fixes it.

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    why is that they did not explain to you the problem  regarding your ipad? When I brought my Ipad4 to the nearest apple store I asked them what is the problem with my Ipad and they explained that it really have a hardware defect that's why my unit keeps flickering in App store as well as other movie feature even in safari when I'm browsing youtube. I havent receive yet my new replacement Ipad that's why I cannot inform you if I do have the same problem again. Hoping this time it will not be the same problem. Actually I have brought it to 2 Apple store, the first one is like they're not believing me, thinking that I'm making a story and that's the worst part of the support I've ever received. He's not really accomodating and he said that apple will not replace it since it doesnt have any problem at all.But my instinct told me that it do have a problem, so I brought it to another Apple store, and this time I was advised that it do have a defect (Hardware defect), I wanted to go back to the first apple store that told me it doesnt have any problem and give the report that was given to me that my ipad really have a hardware defect. I will not forget that guy he's so ******* me off, because he keeps on insisting that he doesnt have any problem.

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    @armyofd0rkness - have you tried browsing with safari like youtube? check if its keeps flickering, and ask them about an explanation regarding your ipad why it keeps flickering?

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    It was very frustrating to me how everyone kept acting like no one has ever heard of this before.  I kept saying "Google it!"


    As to why no one was able to explain anything to me, um... no one knows anything?  Plus it was like 10 minutes until closing so she probably wanted me gone.


    I just tried surfing YouTube in Safari like you said but I didn't notice anything.  But then I checked the App Store and it still flickered.


    Either this is happening to lots of people and no one is saying anything, or we have very bad luck.

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    I had a "Hardware Issue" with my iPhone 5 - and Apple said it was 'rare' when I spoke to them about it. In the grand scheme of things, even 10,000 iPad's that have a screen-flicker issue is a small number compared to the vast demographics, and population of the iPads.


    It is frustrating, but one reason that keeps me happy as an Apple customer is their support, warranty, and that they stand behind their product. Can you go to your local "Samsung" store, and replace your phone that was damaged by water, or the screen broke?


    Regarding this issue, how high is your brightness set? Try turning that down a bit until Apple can get a replacement iPad 4 in your hands...

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    @ armyofd0rkness I already got my replaced ipad4 and you're right. Its still the same, however when i checked my safari or google chrome to browse for youtube, its not flickering anymore. Only in App store that is happening again to me, when you try downloading so many apps like 3 to 5 apps in your purchase item, try to scroll it and boom still the same dilemma still flicker and blinking while scrolling even thou the page is already loaded. Maybe its a software issue with Apple Store, I tried using the Ipad 3 of my colleague and do the same thing so that I could check, and guess what happened... same dilemma as in my Ipad4... maybe its their problem in their OS?

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    @ggranger2010     I already got mine (i mean my replaced ipad4) and voila still the same dilemma in terms of App Store, its stills flicker but the thing is when I tried browsing youtube in safari or google chrome its not the same unlike my previous ipad4 before it got replaced. I guess its their problem in their software or something?

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    I have this sameproblem too...In fact, in my went crazy with many more applications opening andclosing on its own. I have an Ipad 4 which I bought on Feb 14th 2013. I am just waiting for an update to happen and see the flickering go off. With the recent update my current version is ios 6.1.2

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    Hi Mah21e, I suggest that you should bring it to the near Apple store so that they could check if it have any hardware problem, I believe that its still on a warranty period.  Because you mention that it went crazy with more applications opening and closing on its own. please let them check so that it wont be a bothered to you.

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    Hi All,

    I bought a new Ipad 4 and found the same issue while downloading apps from itunes. The issue is not present anywhere in the system (As far as i worked & i hope so it should not be present anywhere). called apple customer care and they say they are not aware of this issue. So i pinpointed the link to them.Still they are not believing the issue.


    I got the ipad just a week before.spent a lot of money on buying the device.


    Such a big company should not be avoiding customers like this.

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    Hi All,


    I also have the same issue. I have noticed that it is only specific for App Store while scrolling down, but for other apps it's okay.. Hope this gets fixed by an update.. Just bought mine 2 weeks ago.. I also tried in restoring the device, still it flickers on App Store..

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