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I am aware there is this thread on basically the same problem How can I regain Preview as my default PDF browser in Safari?.

However my circumstances are a bit different.


One of my content vendors uses FileOpen to lock their PDFs and that is why I even bothered to install adobe (v10.1.4). Thru the install process I was careful not to have adobe become the default viewer by checking all the relevant boxes I saw.


When I go to Finder and doubleclick on a PDF, they are still opened by Preview. Right click->Get Info does show Preview as default viewer.


However in Safari, Adobe has taken over despite in Adobe->Preferences->display pdf in browser is not only unchecked but grayed out. But even though grayed out, right below that checkbox shows Adobe is the browser view and I see no way of changing it.


In Library/Internet Plug-ins there are NO pdf plug ins. In fact I have only a single one (picasa).


I am not aware how to get to Username/Library/Internet Plug-ins as the reference thread talks about.


Whatever the solution, I still need adobe working on my machine otherwise I cannot view the content from that one vendor.


Any suggestions? Thanks.


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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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