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    No change, still downloading apps to fully un-install them.  Told you interenet was slow here when it rained....

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    CNN sez tomorrow will just be "cloudy", but the traditional chill of those parts.


    Holler if you need help...

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    Still have rain so far.  I've managed to reinstall and completely uninstall Drive Genius.  Researched how to do complete uninstall of Data Rescue 3 and CCleaner so once they finish reinstalling I'll do them.  Last, I've downloaded the Norton complete un-installer, just waiting on iAntivirus to finish downloading.  Should be done in an hour or two then I'll check back in on it at the barracks.  So, hypothetically lets say these procedures and deletions of unnecessary programs doesn't fix it.  Anyone have any idea based on the symptoms after that?

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    John Galt,  you mentioned Drive genius can cause drive corruption.  Is that irreversible as in things need replaced or does a full deletion solve the problem?  Sorry, I'm going into worste-case mode now and am trying to figure out what I need to be doing next in case the deletions don't work.

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    Boot up in ML's Recovery Partition (hold down Command-R prior to the startup chime), go past the languages screen, choose bottom option to go to Disk Utility. Run Repair Disk on both the storage device and the Macintosh HD startup volume beneath it. Redo if errors pop up. If you can't get it to run without errors, then yeah, corruption is there and unfixable. Else you're in the clear.


    Do a Repair Disk Permissions on the startup volume while you're there. That also fixes many weird glitches. Need only do this once, even if you get screensful of messages.

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    Oooooo, a new sounding recommendation.  I'll give it a shot as soon as some of my downloads are done and I finish deleting garbage from the hard drive.

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    Well, not a total waste of time.  It did repair one thing.  Other than that, now no issues found and the problem still persists.  For all who recommended deleting all the fix-it apps (Norton, CCleaner, Drive Genius, Data Repair, etc) they're all gone and the problem still persists.  No diagnostic scans are picking up a single problem but it is very much an issue.

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    Oh, and as far as other suggestions, it's been cleaned out with a can of air, elevated for air-flow and is even on top of one of those laptop (I know that's a dirty word but old habits die hard) cooling stands.  I'm open to outside the box suggestions.

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    Well, you could some corrupting file or another still lurking somewhere.


    Follow Courcoul's suggesttion to boot up in recovery mode (or, if Command + R does not work, use Command + Option + R = internet recovery). Use Disk Utility to repair and then it's your choice:


    if you're still experiencing problems, an erase and install would be beneficial - you'd have to make sure you have everything backed up prior to doing this. So, you can use Disk Utility while in recovery mode, and reformat/erase your drive. You will then automatically download and install the OS from Apple's servers. That would give you a clean new install - radical, but sometimes needed.


    Edit: wait a minute - are you saying the persistent problem is heat related or are we still talking about software corruption?

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    Are installing iAntivirus?

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    Mac OS X

    Mike --


    Mike --


    1.When you say your Mac is "crashing," does is actually completely shut down? 

    2. Do you ever see a big grey screen come down with instructions in 5 languages to restart your Mac?

    3. When you get an App crash, are you asked if you want to send a report to Apple?

    4. Click once on your Hard Drive icon in the upper right corner of your screen.while holding down the Command and the letter " i " key.  In the resulting window, check out these numbers:  HD Capacity, Used, & Available.

    What are those numbers?

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    MikeMiller06 wrote:  (in response to Courcoul  ...hypothetically lets say these procedures and deletions of unnecessary programs doesn't fix it.  Anyone have any idea based on the symptoms after that?


    Hello Mike, and thank you for your service.


    Other than blowing canned air into your Mac, (respectful difference of opinion, Courcoul,) I agree with all of the suggestions you have received here.


    With all the trouble you are having, I especially recommend another hard drive for backing up and moving your important data files.  Get a drive that is Mac-compatible and do a one-pass secure erase before using it for anythingNEVER use or install any software that comes with the drive.  OS X Disk Utility and Finder are all my Macs need until they tell me otherwise.


    You asked for more ideas, so here's my 2¢.


    (1) It seems you have thoroughly explored Apple's suggestions:


    (Apple has changed the built-in camera's name on newer Macs from "iSight" to "FaceTime" and then to "FaceTime HD."  Regardless of the name of your Mac's built-in camera, the same info and troubleshooting applies.)


    If Apple's suggestions did not help you, use your Mac's Disk Utility to repair permissions and then download and apply the latest Combo Update for your Mac OS, currently


    Repair permissions again immediately following the system restart that completes the Combo update.  Applying the Combo version of updates in this way can sometimes correct software problems.


    If your location prevents access to an Apple Authorized Service Technician (AASP), support might be accessible to you via


    (2) After Apple's suggestions, I always check for potential conflicts from third-party software additions.  By properly uninstalling all third-party add-on software, you will eliminate most components of the third-party add-on software.  However, based on my experience, uninstallers may not remove everything related to their apps.  At that point, the only way I know to eliminate all possible conflicts from remaining parts is to zero the startup disk, reinstall only Apple software, and test to see if the problem remains even without add-ons.


    (3) If the trouble remains after you have eliminated any possible third-party software conflicts, I would suspect an intermittent hardware issue.


    Any intermittent problem can be very difficult to diagnose, but an Apple Authorized Service Technician (AASP) has all the special tools, test equipment, and technical data necessary to find the problem as quickly as humanly possible.  Because intermittent problems are not reliably repeatable, they can be difficult to find, so make a backup and expect to leave your Mac with the AASP.


    (4) If sending your Mac away is not an option,  you may want to buy or borrow a Mac-compatible external webcam to test whether the problem is specific to your Mac's in-built cam.  Whenever your Mac recognizes more than one connected webcam, the FaceTime > Video menu command will reveal a new choice allowing you to choose between the cameras.

    (5) Without all the specialty repair items available to AASPs, troubleshooting this issue further on your own may take a lot of time.  However, if you want to continue to try to fix this yourself, I offer my best suggestions below.

    (5a) Unless you already have one, make a current backup.


    (5b)  You can reinstall all your Mac OS and all other Apple software after a "secure erase" of your startup disk.


    If your problem is software,  securely erasing your hard disk and properly reinstalling your software may help.  If you need help with this, here is how I would do what I am recommending.


    • Boot your Mac via Mountain Lion Recovery and use its Disk Utility to securely erase (zero) your startup disk(This can take hours for large disks, so plan some time.)  Writing zeros once is sufficient.


    Reinstall Mac OS X Mountain Lion.


    • After the Mountain Lion install is complete, use your Mac's  > Software Update... menu command to see if an OS X software is needed.  If it is, quit Software Update...  Then download and apply the latest Mountain Lion Combo Update,  currently   When the system restarts completion of the Combo Update, use your Mac's (not Mountain Lion Recovery's) Disk Utility to repair permissions one more time.


    Now use your Mac's  > Software Update... menu command to check for an install any other necessary Apple software updates.


    Use your Mac's (not Mountain Lion Recovery's) Disk Utility to repair permissions again if you installed any additional Apple Updates.


    Do not reinstall any third party items at this time.  Third party items can be either hardware (mouse, keyboard, A/V interface, etc.,) or software (including Microsoft Office or Exchange, Skype, and plug-ins such as Perian, Flip4Mac, etc.)


    • Test whether your camera works consistently with the suggestions.  If the intermittent problem still exists now, or if it returns in any of the further steps I suggest below, yours is almost certainly a hardware problem that requires AASP service.


    • If your camera now works properly with the HT2090 Troubleshooting tests, you can add necessary third-party hardware. Add only one item at a time. Test each addition thoroughly and check whether your camera still works before adding the next item. Thorough testing between additions will help you determine if one or more of your third party items is causing a conflict with your camera.  If so, this failure will be repeatable rather than intermittent.


    • If  your camera is still working properly, you can now reinstall additional, necessary software applications.  Again, add only one item at a time.


    Reinstall additional software from the original disks or download filesDo NOT copy the software from any of your backups because the backup copy may contain the damaged item that is causing your trouble.


    Start with the Apple apps that are not a part of OS X (such as iLife.)   These Apple apps should not cause any problem, but it is wise to verify that your camera works with each one after you reinstall those Apple apps but before you begin adding any other necessary third-party software apps (if any.)


    • Check every addition to be sure they are not installing "login items" that may be launching software when you restart your Mac. You can add the startup item back if desired AFTER you are certain that an item is NOT part of your problem.


    • Do not copy your data files back until you have tested all the individual additions of apps and third-party items.


    (5c) If nothing suggested here resolves your problem, your Apple-Authorized Service Provider will offer the only solution I can imagine being successful.   There are no user serviceable hardware parts of your camera.






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    Mac OSX 10.8.2



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    A lot of good info there.  My wife is mailing me a new external hard drive.  As soon as I get it and can backup my important files, pictures, etc, I'll give the reinstall a shot and see if that fixes it.

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    Hey, Jim, that's quite a writeup. But folks, let's not lose focus of the mission: help Mike get his Mac going with no more vexing problems and not forget the operational restrictions:

    • He's in the arse end of the planet, in a hostile environment with lotsa people wanting him in a bag. The Mac should be the least of his worries.
    • Direct support is months and miles away. He's already had to deal with Apple's less than stellar service. We need to try and make do with what he's got at hand.
    • Connectivity is an issue, especially with bandwidth. The "nuke all, start afresh" option should be the last resort, given that making him download a 4.5GB installer file with no interruptions or corruption sounds like cruel and inhumane punishment to me.
    • He's a former PC guy trying to shake off bad habits. Undoubtedly he's learned a ton on his Mac with this thread already, but let's try to avoid having him do a triple mortal jump with 5 degrees of difficulty if possible...


    OK, Mike, with that off the chest, have you read and tried this for the heating problem: 


    As fot the incoming hard drive, is the love of your life Mac-proficient? Cause if there's a Mac back home, we could coach her on how to get said 4.5GB ML installer in the thing and save you from that punishment.


    P.S. Jim, about the "blowing compressed air in the Mac" deal you disagree, have you ever tried it? And watched the miniature dust storm that blows out? Surely all that deposit can't be good. Yeah, sure, taking the bottom pan off and blowing it clean directly is more thorough, but a lot riskier.

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    Mac OS X

    I asked EZ Jim to come over here, because he's an expert on iSight. And yes,  EZ was aware of all the things on your list.  I think Mike appreciates all the help he's getting here.  Not sure why you've made most of the remarks above.