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Setting up the wiki in a local lab server, I would prefer to have the title of the page, namely the HTML tag, to read Lab Server, rather than OS X Server.  Obviously when the wiki is called, it's dynamically generated.  How does one go about changing the data held in that file?  I understand it must be in the xml file somewhere, but there is no documentation what is being called.  Thanks!

iMac, OS X Server
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    The answer is in Dr. Phil's solution:




    The XML field is general.os_x_server.  It appears that plutil will automatically convert the binary for you (although I went through the conversion as Dr. Phil suggested) Make sure you have permissions for both the folder and the file.


    the default.strings file is found in:

    /Applications/Server.app/Contents/ServerRoot/usr/share/collabd/coreclient/locale s/en.lproj/default.strings