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    Perfect. That worked for me. THANK YOU.

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    What if you want both though - sync with Outlook and iCloud?

  • Freezing Level 1 (0 points)

    I turned off the Notes syncing to iCloud and re-opened iTunes. However, in the Info tab it still states that my notes are being synced over the air and I don't see the option to sync Notes with Outlook.


    Any suggestions?

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    Was reading through this thread and found it helpful with the screen shot to get my iPad mini to sync with Outlook 2013 on Windows 8. Theres a little "tabbed" section to flip between emails, calendars, tasks and notes etc.

    Once you have opted to have your iPhone or iPad sync with outlook in iTunes and it goes through the 5 steps in iTunes. You should be able to see all your notes in Outlook under that tab. Finally got notes to transfer onto my pc in some way thats not email this is great!

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    try it again. 


    Turn notes in icloud on your iphone back on and then off.


    You can see it change on your computer under the info tab. 


    I saw it change and then back again the first time I did it and so I repeated the above step and this time it stuck.

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    Thank you!  I knew someone would be able to make this easy.  Just was able to sync Notes and it helped me work through resolving conflicts.  Thanks again!

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    wpernstrom thanks!


    Your solution worked perfectly for me. Saved me a bunch of time. :-)

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    To sync Outlook Notes on iPad or iPhone, first turn off Notes in iCloud (Settings - iCloud) and turn off Notes in all accounts  where available (Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars). Now connect your iPad/iPhone to your PC and in iTunes under the Info tab in the Other section you now have the option to sync with Outlook. QED

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    So it's either iCloud or Outlook but not both. Pity.

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    I haven't tried using both, try switching iCloud notes back on and you can switch between the two in Settings but only one will be active.

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    There are several known ways most of which are not compatible with each other to transfer notes from iPhone to Outlook and the other way round (sync).


    Solution A. Via iTunes. For this to work, you must ensure that you are not syncing iPhone notes with iCloud. To disable iCloud notes sync, on the iPhone go to Settings > iCloud  and toggle the Notes switch to OFF. Then open iTunes, connect the iPhone and from the Info tab of your iPhone settings select "Sync Notes to Outlook". Then click the "Sync" button. This solution has worked for me in the past.itunes-sync-notes.png


    Solution B. Transfer the notes in the method described here: How to copy iPhone notes to Outlook (and the other way round) This is the only way to transfer notes to Outlook 2003 as neither iTunes nor the iCloud control panel are compatible with this version of Outlook (correct me if I'm wrong).



    Solution C. Use the iCloud Control Center on your computer. For this to work, you must install the iCloud Control Panel and have iPhone notes syncing to iCloud. You can then configure the iCloud Control Panel to sync iPhone notes with Outlook on your PC.

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    I can't believe how dense I am.  For the life of me I can't find the Info tap in iTunes.  Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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    Want to export iPhone contacts to Outlook in case contacts are lost accidently? This tutorial will guide you how to sync iPhone 5/4S/4 contacts with Outlook easily and quickly.

    How to sync iphone note to outlook ?

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    thanks so much for posting. this issue was driving me crazy - notes appearing and disappearing from iTunes "Info" based on my erroneous changing of settings.

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    I was having the same problem. This worked for me.