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Hi Apple Users


I'm on my 6th 4S handset since summer 2012! Last night (11/2) I updated my phone with iOS 6.1.1 and the battery life is worse than ever before! All apps are fully closed down, Wifi/Bluetooth are turned off! Screen brightness is down to 18%. I've no e-mail accounts set up! Location services are switched off

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1
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    I'm having the same problem.  The battery life on my iPhone 4S was fine with iOS 6.1, but is depleting quickly with 6.1.1.  The iPhone is now constantly warm.  I would normally go get home and have about 65% charge, it is barely 2 hours into the day and the phone is aleady at 65%.

  • Jackprentice2007 Level 1 (0 points)

    It's terrible! Having spoken to Apple customer service this afternoon they sent me out an iOS e-mail which diagnoses your iPhone but this never worked, A 2nd e-mail was sent out but yet again that never worked! I've spent a bomb on travel costs going to/from the Apple store and have been treated like crap on 1 visit to my local store! Today I asked if it would be possible if I exchanged the 4S for a refurbished iPhone 5 and would pay the difference between the 2. This was duly knocked backed by the manager!


    Having been a previous Blackberry customer in the past for years, I moved to iPhone as I felt Blackberry were going downhill with e-mail blackouts here & there. Now with this new Blackberry handset out this looks to be the way forward and I feel Apple are going to suffer if there products/new updates are going to be useless. The anger-some bit is I paid a bomb for the phone. Are apple ever going to give us an update for the battery usage?

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    Battery issues are reported after EVERY iOS update.

    The resolution is always the same, basic troubleshooting as described in the User's Guide.


    Reset, restart, restore (first from backup then as new).

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    May you give more specific information about that "basic troubleshooting", please? A link would be just fine.



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    And, going back to the subject of the topic:


    Yes, I have experienced the same issue with the new iOS version, 6.1.1. My iPhone 4S was doing even better with 6.1 than with 6.0.1. I've gone from 7 hours of usage to 5 hours! Really bad! I have restored my iPhone, with backup, but made a clean up of apps. Let's see how it goes!

  • diesel vdub Level 7 (21,995 points)
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    after ios 6.1.1 on iphone 4s update has problems with battery life, the line 3g freezes for a few minutes before returning, it's terrible unusable

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    I'm fed up with Apple and their nonsense.  6.1.1 made things worse, now my email just hands up, especially Gmail.  I have deleted and re-added the account to no avail.  Even Exchange will just hang minutes trying to send or get messages.  Also causing worse battery life.


    You suck apple.  Stop trying to make the coolest products and just make something that works, like you used to.

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    Same problem here with 2 iPhone 4S.. Had fine battery time in iOS 6.1, but after updatering it to 6.1.1 my battery is out in 3-4 hours. APPLE FIX IT !

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    diesel vdub's terse message may have some merit.

    Work kept me from coming back here till now, but earlier I forced the iphone to clear and shutdown (hold home-power buttons at the same time for 5 seconds).  After turning back on the iphone started to operate normal. 

    You would think just performing a power-off would clear the memory, but apparently the iphone tries to keep some things active - and you need to remember the secret handshake to get it to clear.

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    Still having interrupted & slow cellular data after updating 6.1.1, i think 6.0.1 was the most stable for 4s. How can i revert back to 6.0.1?

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    yes, 3G as well as 2G  freezes on 6.1.1

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    Yeah 35 issue is kinda like getting worst.. I hope developers should dig deeper on that. Battery issue is a daily issue btw, smartphone is getting more sophisticated as it is on its processor, we all all know faster processor need huge amount of power.

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    I have a 4S on O2. Battery life was fine on 6.1 but after updating to 6.1.1 my battery went from 100% to 9% in 6hrs!

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