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    I'm sorry, but where you keep your eyes? You dont see that most of people understand that some had a strange Exchange accs and apple try to solve that by last minor update. BUT our problem dont have any similar to this. Ok. U want me to turn off my icloud acc and Exchange acc? You are blind? I dont have any exchange acc and i tryed to off my icloud acc. And that dont work. What do you take me for, an idiot? How you explain, that on 6.1 i didnt have any problem (keep on mind that i dont have any exchande acc) and after 6.1.1 fix (fix, lol) i get? All my life i think that FIX is something that making smthing working right way if that going wrong, isnt it? Anyway, dont tell me about im idiot anymore and i cant make my phone working right way. I can tell you that THIS battery drain dont have any connection with strange loop Exchange activity.

    4 deggie: i cant believe that nobody go to apple and they dont have any device with that problem. Usually, phone is hot near cpu. So, will you tell me bout  'trying to write software that is quite complex and integrates with other software and networks that are outside of your control these things can happen' any time? oh, lol. Don't make an elephant from a fly. Find, what use cpu is so simple. Or if that strange cloud activity - find what make extra traffic realy easy task. Anyway, i think u can understan what i mean

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    I downloaded the update this morning, 02/16/13, 6.1.1 and with it I lost my App Store icon. I am also unable to delete any icons now. When I press on them they begin shaking but I do not have an X to press for deletion. I tried pressing on both corners to no avail. Battery life is horrible - I am down to nothing after 5hrs of barely using my phone. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

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    Apple is a con after dear Steve Jobs! The people now in apple are rinsing as much ****-ups as they can for us to spend more money of refurb handsets for £139 as it was our (Customers) fault who have updated our handsets (they said customer risk to take updates) ***!!!!!!

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    Who on earth does this "deggie" clown think he is? My iPhone 4S battery was working perfectly with decent battery life until the moment I applied 6.1.1. After that, having made no changes WHATSOEVER to my phone system, apps or personal use, the battery barely lasts me 7 hours. There is CLEARLY a problem for some people and it is entirely unacceptable that 1) apple releases these updates without properly testing them 2) allow idi@t apple apologists like deggie to blame everyone and their phones rather than pointing the finger firmly at (cr)apple.


    I am so angry about this. Get it sorted apple.

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    Hello! Try to turn OFF the Wi-Fi and delete some unnecessary programms (games).

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    Are these guys here crazzzy (prostoGenius)

    Turn wifi off etc..... I think ALL of us who updated have done almost everything to resolve the battery issue, but is a bug which drains your battery right to the bone, even the symbol indicator does not power up.....


    Taken my handset twice to the so called Genies! - They didn't even want to google the words iOS 6.1.1 and see what it brings up!!!!!!


    ONLY happens to phones are out of warrenty and apple wanting £139 to give you a refurb handset 

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    My IP4S for last week or so, running 6.1, would seem to lose battery faster than usual. So yesterday, I got the "pop-up"

    about update for 6.1.1 and noticed it was related to battery life. So updated.  I had recently checked battery (since I was on call for work I couldn't be without phone) and it said around 70%. Not long after, I had music playing and music just stopped. So when I checked it I saw the battery sign + charger on screen. I plugged it in, and after a few minutes when it came back on, battery showed 55%! I unplugged it and it was fine for next few hours.


    I am new to forum (as an actual user). I have been reading posts, and the ones I've seen are ppl with no problems BEFORE 6.1.1 update. I was having problems before. Anyone have any ideas??? I am fixing to get IP5 and give 4S to my son (currently using 3GS), but wanted to make sure this is a software problem not a hardware problem before wasting only current upgrade.  Thanks!

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    I completely forgot about the "Reset All Settings" option. THAT WORKED FOR ME! All Exchange/iCloud/Email/Calendar accounts now acting correctly and my battery usage is back to Pre 6.1.1 form.



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    i have this problem .

    I hate ios 6.1.1

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    Nice to hear that) But yesterday i tryed to completly reinstall ios in my phone. It looks like plug in my phone to my mac and restore with pressed cmd button. Itunes downloaded near 930 mb and reinstall full ios. So, u can see result below. But i want add that i really didn't use my phone almost and i thing this solution dont work too(((


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    Prosto"genius"...... Did you actually read my post???

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    Incidentally, I have done the RESET. Absolutely no change to battery drain.

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    UPDATE: Im lil bit disappointing in iOS 6.1.1, making my phone overheating quite often but I think I found the culprit was iCloud and Location Services that making overheating now I turned all iCloud items off and location services and seem stopped the overheating but now not bad at all but still and now im at 93% within 2 hours and 32 minutes standby and 56 min usage. Bit disappointing but I'm kept thinking to downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1 anytime soon within 2 weeks or 3, since my phone overheating and uncomfortable to touch. ***** Apple!

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    I've noticed that my battery seems to draining quicker under iOS 6.1.1 as well.  Not impressed with the update

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    Here's the problem that I found:


    Basically, regardless of the Exchange issue Apple was trying to fix in this update, the iPhone continuously refreshes ALL the calendars every 4 seconds even in standby. If you aren't connected to Wifi, you're battery will drain more quickly (than when connected to Wifi, although it will drain with Wifi as well) and the device will heat up due to 3G radio usage.


    I analyzed network traffic to and from the device using mirrored ports on one of my Cisco switches.


    Try turning off calendars and seeing if that temporarily resolves the issue until Apple gets it together.


    I turned off my calendars (I use iCloud, so I turned off the iCloud calendar) and my battery stabilized, the temperature stabilized, and the Usage and Standby times are accurately reflected in the settings.


    Hope this helps,


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