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  • Cscience1 Level 3 (705 points)

    Were all normal users here.


    As i said before all suggestions we have tried are already here that don't work.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,395 points)

    Why did the iphone5 problems get attention but not these? Seems like there are lots of us with this issue...(meaning 4S iPhones)
    Huh?  What iPhone 5 only issues?  6.1.1 was for the 4S ONLY, and 6.1.2 is not at all 5 specific.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,395 points)

    As i said before all suggestions we have tried are already here that don't work.

    No, not ALL suggestions. If you read Apple's support article, they clearly state that if the recommendations don't work, you need to take the phone to them.


    All the 12 year olds who what a quick, effortless magic fix, or for Apple "fess up" and issue a fix, can start holding their breaths now. Otherwise, deal with the problem in a constructive way.

  • Cscience1 Level 3 (705 points)

    I know.


    Im trying to find one more answer that could work. If a restore doesn't work. Even if tried multiple times as modular said the phone needs to be taken in.

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    HA.... Please say that to people in APPLE STORE in Zürich!? Can you?


    I was there, I was asking for new phone and I got this answer: BETTER WAIT beacuse this is not hardware failure, it's a well known bug issue and we waiting iOS fix just like you. Genius was good enough to explain to me that same thing can happen with a brend new phone in one, two months AGAIN and I will need to change it again, and again, and again....


    I'm using Apple for about 10 years now... And for sure my computer is and it will be always Apple but when you ask me about iPhone, I'm really not sure any more. It's fantastic phone, amazing thing but when happens something like this without any solution you just need to ask your self what is next thing to do!?


    I'm not mad on company, or something... I'm just mad on IGNORING this problem by Apple!

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    You just want your phone to be replaced without paying and if that was the case with any brand out of warranty, we all would move on to that brand. I asked you before and again " where are those greener pastures". I don't expect constructive answer, but you got the picture. Time and time again - that is a hardware failure, otherwise Apple would not replace phones under warranty. We do not think about it but if that could be fixed with software, Apple spends money for nothing to replace hardware...  How ignorant do you think they are? And yes it can happen on new phone or on old phone, hence the warranty. Go to the other thread and find yourself a post about small shop in California. Guys charge 40 bucks to re solder wifi adapter and fixed.

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    Fromsouth... Money simply is not the problem! I would pay but I'm not sure why!? And again this question... WHAT IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN!?


    I solved my problem with ordering new iPhone 5 and I hope it will work without problems. And just to be sure, I have ordered a APPLE CARE package.
    Maybe my english is BAD but bouth of you didn't understand what I want to say... Simply: this problem is here for about 6-7 months (maybe longer, I'm not sure) but no one have any solution except change it for new one!? And no one have give a answer why this happens MOSTLY to iPhone 4S users!?


    As I sad somewhere here... I use iMac, MacBook, iPad...and that is jsut GREAT! With them I didn't have any problem for years. And globaly with Apple too, until now!

  • fromsouth Level 5 (4,080 points)



    "Same thing here... updated to 6.1.2 and my WiFi still won't work! It's still pretty much GREY and without any function.
    Thank you Apple for ignorance, thank you for IGNORING so BIG problem that users of iPhone 4S have!
    Thank you for opening my eyes, now it's time to say goodbye and go somewhere else where they apriciate users and costumers and give them solutions for BUG they have made."



    I am sorry, so it was not you saying goodbye and going somewhere?

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    I think the biggest complaint people are having is the fact that Apple is not acknowledging this problem and offering no help to the many customers who have been affected.  The fact of the matter is that the WIFI worked perfect before users applied updates created by Apple.  Whether the phone is under warranty or not should be a non issue.  Suppose you have a vehicle that you take to the dealership for a recall repair or any type of service...and when the dealership hands you the keys back and all of a sudden features on your car no longer work that worked great before having the dealership work on the car, would you not be upset?  Sure it could just be random bad luck that those features no longer work, but the logical person would presume that it was something caused by the dealership, and you would expect the dealership to correct the problem whether you still have a warranty or not.  And in the case of wifi chips in iphones, providing one doesn't drop their phone in water, wifi chips are very durable and should be one of the last components in the device one would expect to stop working.  Heck, i have laptops over 10 years old and the wifi still works excellent, also, all of my other wifi compatible devices have never had problems with the wifi.  This has been the first device out of the dozens i have owned over the years where the wifi just stopped working...and it was directly the result of an update from Apple.


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    Some people say to drain the iphone battery then charge it again.

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    Draining the battery and recharging it only works temporarily...atleast for myself

  • Cscience1 Level 3 (705 points)

    iPhone 4S

    Version 6.0.1


    try following:


    Turn off bluetooth

    Settings--> General --> Cellular

    Turn off Celluar Data

    General-->Reset-->Reset Network Settings



    Got this from another discussion.



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    iPhone 4S

    My phone was working great with no issues prior to updating to iOS 6.0! After the update it went downhill from there; wifi wouldn't connect and then it just greyed out completely and the Bluetooth stop connecting; the icon just spins and spins.

    I too have tried all the solutions posted here and on the web with regards to possible fixes for the wifi greyed out problem. But with no success! My last attempt, I  upgraded to iOS 6.1.2 thinking that would help the situation but no luck. I really need this fixed!

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    Thanks for your efforts trying to help. I think this wifi problem goes hand-in-hand with bluetooth----the bluetooth search keeps on spinning endlessly, so, there is no way to actually turn off the bluetooth.


    Here's my advice:

    Since Apple continues ignore us, there is no point to remain loyal, instead of paying CHF209 to get a replacement iPhone 4S (I am fine to pay that amount if the replacement is iPhone 5), I could easily obtain a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note II. Also, my whole family is gradually getting rid of iPhones.


    There is no way to waste our beautiful life getting stuck with Apple! Go luck to the rest of Apple fans.

  • fromsouth Level 5 (4,080 points)

    This is tech support forum, who are you trying to blackmail? There are no fans here, just people buying discounted phones from phone companies at one quarter price and surprised that if phone goes bad past warranty, they suppose to pay to replace it.