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I've been havintg ALOT of issues as of late with my Macbook Pro. Let me start at the beginnig:


I took my Macbook in to the Apple store around December of last year, I was having an issue with the screen. When it was pushed back a bit too far, it would fizzle and fuzz like a tv out of focus, push it back more and the screen would go out. Harmless, simple problem to fix. Right?  okay so fast forward about a day, I started having wireless issues, I thought nothing of it, and took it in. They looked at it, ran a couple tests on it, said that it was fine and that they couldn' t reproduce the problem, and they also stated that there may in fact be something wrong with the internet in my home. I thought okay maybe. Seeing as my husband and I actually work for the cable company so its next to no problem getting the modem replaced. Well about three modems and a complete rewiring of our house later, and I am still having the intermittent problems. Even once allowing for them to wipe my hard drive and reset the computer. I got it home and was having the same issues, so I'd gone ahead and upgraded to Mountain Lion. Last weekend, I was on the phone yet again with an Apple rep, and they are telling me the same old thing, they keep telling me that it had to be a wireless issue on my part, I'd made a point to let them know that was not the case.


After I got off of the call, something weird happened, my mouse pointer on the screen began to move accross the screen and select things and programs began to open on their own. The screen flipped to the Hub, where the clock, calender, notepad and Movie Ticker are, and opened up the reset and dictionary in Safari while also zooming in on the window, forcing me to hard reset the computer pretty much every 20 minutes or so. When I do this, the Silverlight preferences bar, pops up on the top of a blank screen. I was even at the Apple store when it happened.


All of the people that I have spoken to, have basically treated me like an idiot, and its getting pretty old, I spent almost 4 hours on the phone last night, after my call was escalated, I was on the phone so long that my cell phone died, and then my husbands phone died. I'd had the call escalated ALL the way to a superviser in Customer Relations. After dealing with this issue for three months, I finally lost my patience with it and asked them to replace it, to which the supervisor replied "If it is a software issue, replacing the computer will not fix the problem" Really? Because if I have a different computer I can safely assume that this issue will no longer exist for me, and I can get on with my education.


I am a student recieving veterans benefits to go to school, I have missed ALOT of school because of this issue, what should I do about it? After having my computer for three days, they sent it out to the national repair center for about another week. I informed them that as a student, I don't have a lot of time to fight this thing, I'm already on academic probation because this issue has not been fixed, and I am facing termination from my program as well as having to reimburse the VA for the money they have paid the school. I'm about to start losing money, as well as my education and I don't know what to do at this point. I feel like I have exasperated all of my resources at this time. I cannot afford to replace the computer myself, and this is becoming a ver frustrating situation.


Is there ANYONE else I can speak to about this issue as time is of the essence and I can't wait any longer.


Thanks in advanced.

MacBook Pro
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