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I have a MBP 15' Retina purchased in October 2012 and last night noticed a number of small white dots on the screen which appeared to be dead pixels, booked into the genius bar this morning and was told that the dead pixels were actually dust scratches where a small piece of dust had got caught between the screen and keyboard when it was closed and had damaged the screen. You can feel tiny bumps if you run your finger nail over the areas so this may be the case but while it may be the reason you'd expect that a $3500 machine wouldn't have a design fault that allows tiny dust particles to damage the screen.


The Genius said that this was a known issue and that while it had been escalated with other customers' machines, the issue is cosmetic and not covered under warranty. 


Has anyone else had this issue and what were the /are the steps to getting the screen replaced under warranty given that this apprears to be a known isssue and shouldn't happen to a $3500 computer.



MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I have the exact same issue. There is one "dust scratch" that is small enough only to be visible when against a black background, but I just noticed another that is quite large and distracting all the time. It looks to encompass about 5-10 pixels (total guess). I will take it in to the Genius Bar on Saturday, but I'm not getting my hopes up that they can do anything to help a cosmetic issue...

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    Though I do not have a retina MBP, I do use a chamois cloth (well washed to eliminate the oils) when I close the MBP.



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    Really? You wash your screen every single time you close it? You shouldn't have to take so many steps just to use your mac for normal things. I've literally never ever had this problem with any other computer or even heard of anyone having it..


    @OP: I talked to a guy at genius who said they could replace it. But I almost can't be bothered the risk of getting  an LG screen with image retention on my hands...

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    Superpronier, greetings:  Perhaps I did not phrase my response clearly.  I do not wash the display every time I close the MBP, I insert the chamois cloth as a barrier between the display and the key board.  A new chamois cloth has oils in it and that was washed prior to using it as the barrier or insulator.



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    This has been happening to me as well...


    I have 3 small (but visible) "craters" in the screen of my rMBP.  I thought I was the only one who felt these screens are more delicate than the non-retina screens.  I think it has to do with the removal of the front pane of glass to make it thinner.  It was probably the Gorilla glass that they removed.


    I don't know if Apple is going to do anything about it because 1. they're not great on acknowledging "known issues" without class action lawsuits and 2. this is considered "accidental damage".

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    Why not just take it into the Apple Store and ask? I had two small dust scratches and they replaced the entire display, no questions asked. My computer was about six months old (far beyond the 14-day return window) and it was still completely free for me.


    I'm not sure Apple ever had gorilla glass on their laptop displays – seems unlikely to me, at least.

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    Exact same issue.. 5 white specs, exactly the same size near the screen centre. Genius bar said dead pixels and screen replacement. Then a day later the after the tecs looked at it said it was caused by dirt trapped between the screen and the keyboard caused the damage..  I say: impossible to have identical sized dots, caused by trapped dirt with no scratching.. defective at manufacture for sure.

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    I went to see a Genius about the white spots on my rMBP - dust scratches - and the guy told me it would cost $450 jsut to replace the screen. Of course the only problem I have is not covered under warranty.

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    I would suggest that this issue is defective engineering and that you are using the computer normally and you expect that it would hold up to normal use.  Anything less is faulty engineering or production.  Ask to talk to the store manager and explain your issue to them. They gave me a free one time replacement and warned me to be carefull!.. I already was more than careful with my screen, now I am being abnormally careful!! Any spec of anything that is below the keyboard will cause damage to the upper half of the screen when closed (which it seems is where all the spots appear)   Good luck!

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    Sarah9854 wrote:


    I went to see a Genius about the white spots on my rMBP - dust scratches - and the guy told me it would cost $450 jsut to replace the screen. Of course the only problem I have is not covered under warranty.


    Be careful about getting a replacement for the display on a Retina MacBook Pro or you might get a yellow-tinted one:


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    WHERE DO YOU LIVE? I had the same problem with just one scratch, and they will not help me.

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    I have the Macbook Pro Retina 15" and have experienced the same "dust damage " to my screen. Originally told i must have closed it with grit on the trackpad ! I take good care of all of my equipment as at £2000+ i cannot afford not to!

    Long story short the screen was replaced. Since having the new one i have taken even more care to stop the same thing happening again (wiping the screen and keyboard with a soft cloth before closing) but after just 2 weeks i noticed a small mark on the screen. 5 weeks on i have at least 6 new marks on the screen. What are they made of ?  My previous Macbook Pro had the standard screen and did not have one scratch or mark on it after 3 years of use.

    I am beginning to think that the screens are not fit for purpose. How can it be acceptable that it can be damaged by dust particles or are we just the unlucky few ?

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    Previous macbooks had a larger gap between the screen and keyboard/trackpad/chasis. The rMBP has far smaller margins all around to make the notebook as thin as possible. If you are carrying your laptop in a bag or backpack and anything is applyhing pressure against the lid, is is likely the screen is directly contacting the keyboard and trackpad. I had three screens replaced because of this "dust" scratching issue. Then I bought a ShaggyMac ( and have not experienced any problems since. RadTech, Screen Saverz, and other brands offer similar products. You could even use a small glasses cloth or a sheet of paper in a pinch. You just need something to buffer the tiny gap between the screen and the chasis when the notebook is closed.


    Since buying the ShaggyMac microfiber cloth and using it every time the notebook is closed, the screen has remained flawless. A worth $20 investment. And as a bonus, is is the best screen and glasses cleaning cloth I've ever used. Good luck.

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    This is a load of malarky!!! Do you know how big the dust particle has to be in order to chip the screen.  Remember there is a rubber seal that runs the edge of the screen, and this is 1mm in height. So what we are talking about is something the size of a large grain of sand.


    Ok, lets say you have this, the sand must be very sharp, in order to chip glass.  Secondly, if you press gently on the glass while looking at a light in the reflection of the glass, you will see it distort, right?  So that means, even a 1mm piece of dust is not going to "Chip" it.


    Ok, lets say, that you happen to drop your wifes 0.2 carat diamond on your keyboard and close the screen.  In this case, yes it may chip the glass, but I ask you, don't you think that this kind of protrusion would at least result in a scratch on the aluminium body?   What is not known by these guys is that this glass is crystalline.  If the manufacturing process doesn't go well, it can sometimes cause fault lines in the crystallisation structure.  Not all glass chips are physical.  In fact, heating and mild distortion of the glass could cause chips in weakened areas.


    I AM 100% sure that if anyone threatens legal action they would replace the screen.  Any laboratory low-end microscope will examine the chip and will clearly show the crystal in the glass flaking.  Did someone say CLASS ACTION.


    I have this issue after having the laptop for 3 days, I AM VERY ANGRY that the twerp at genius who thinks he is very intelligent, tries to fast-talk his way out of things.  I am not one to make a scene at the store and dont think this gets us anywhere, but Apple needs to step up and train these nappy-heads about these things.


    I mean, I have had laptops for 20 years, I have had scratches, cracks, smirks, plastic burns on the screens, but NEVER a chip in the glass, only time I have seen a chip is on my windscreen, and doesn't that look different?  This is one for the courts, I am not happy that I have spent so much on a MBP now and have to live with the fear that the screen can spontaneously crack, perhaps even explode in a mushroom cloud (ok, that one was comedy relief).


    I am a very honest person as most of us are here, and the bearded baboons at Genius have no right to call me or any of us liars, granted there are 1% of people who come in any lie, but the other 99% are loyal RETURNING customers, this is why Apple has been successful, not cos of the flarnin (that word is so I dont get sensored,!!) logo!  Laptops are portable devices and don't belong behind museum glass.  If Apple "Stuffed Up" with this design, that is ok, however they should take a few bucks off their soaring share price and help the consumers who help them succeed.  Either redesign the product, do a recall on all your machines, or at least don't be a JE_RK about replacing machines still under warranty and make out that YOUR customers are liars.


    The problem with a monopoly is not the company, its the staff who get a rush out of feeling like they are somehow in a position of power, but go home and realise they are only paid $20/h and get grounded for coming home too late.


    I say, take action, prove your point, and don't take their nonsense.


    (In case you are wondering, this was a rant, mainly at the Genius boys!!! But some good points.... I hope :D)

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