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We have multiple iPads on post-paid 5GB data plans in our business account with Verizon. They're a mixture of 3rd and 4th generation iPads as well as a few mini's. Almost all of them at some point have shown the following message: "Cellular Data Plan Usage - There is no data remaining on your current plan. Would you like to add more data now? If you don't add now, you can do it later in settings." The user will call or email me and I'll check their line and they always have plenty of data left for the cycle. I've called Verizon and they just tell me to power cycle the iPads which does clear the message but it will come back at some point. Since this is Verizon's only response when I've called about it, is there any way to get this cleared up for good that they possibly don't know of? Thanks.

iPad, The iPads are all running iOS 6.0-6
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    Don't know of a solution. But you could inform Apple of the problem. Apple won't respond, however.


    Send feedback to Apple.



     Cheers, Tom

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    Seeing the same problem within the past 48 hrs - 3 iPad users south of Georgia's mid section.  Errors are:


    "Could not activate cellular data network. You are not subscribed to a cellular data service"

    "Cellular Data Plan Usage…There is no data remaining on your current plan. Would you like to add more data now?"


    Network resets have had 100% success rate...


    All are on iOS 6.1 at minimum.  All are on 4th gen iPads.

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    This is a known problem, Verizon has been aware of it since at least November of last year. They are blaming it on Apple's software. Any fix is temporary, subscriber reset, network reset, total reset, new sim card will all fix the problem for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks but it will come back.


    Apple denies any knowledge of the problem, I just sent them a description and screen shots which are being forwarded to an Apple engineer through their tech support. Verizon had originally been replacing these iPads but stopped according to a April 5th tech memo.


    According to Verizon and the words in quotes are theirs, "some" iPads have a problem where they revert to thinking they are on a prepaid instead of a regular data plan. The problem is "under review" with Apple and Verizon is waiting on Apple to come up with a solution. No time frame given, only option is the shut down and restart work around.

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    I suppose this "bug" might cause unknowing users to take the message at face value and purchase more data not knowing they still have data remaining.  I'm not surprised Verizon is in no hurry to get this fixed.

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    Because it thinks you are on a prepaid plan and you are not it will not let you buy more data.

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    For the record, I'm on an AT&T prepaid plan and this has happened to me. It gives me the message that I'm out of data and do I want to purchase more. I touch no and it shuts off my cellular data. This when I have 2.5 GB left on a 3 GB month.

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    This keeps happening to me as well.  Using ipad mini.  Verizon plan.  When I click to check I have tons of room left on my plan, barely used 10%.  sure enough 10 min later...the warning comes back.


    Very annoying.

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    I've been having this problem since getting the Verizon iPad Mini last fall. Don't remember ever having the problem with the AT&T iPhones that I had before. It happens about once a month and this time it happened one day before the monthly renewal date for the data service, perhaps a problem with resetting data for the next month. I typically only use 20-25% of my monthly data allotment as I use wifi for most access, so I wasn't anywhere near using up my data.

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    I had the same problem.  The reason for this problem is that Verizon's system gets confused and makes the SIM card think it is a prepaid plan instead of a subscriber of some sort.  I was lucky to get a  hold of a worthy Verizon Rep, and have the following solution to present to all...




    1)  Settings --> General --> Reset --> Subscriber Services

    2)  Tap on Reprovision Account

    3)  This will cause the device to momentarily lose signal with Verizon. (Wait 1 minute)

    4)  Power cycle the device.


    You are now reprovisioned as a data plan subscriber, and not a "pre-paid" account.


    Happy Browsing!


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    Have tried it several times, it is a temporary work around just like powering the iPad off and back on. It fixes it for that occasion but it will happen again soon. This is not a permanent fix, one does not exist and from the rumors I am hearing one may never exist.

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    No good news to add.   Got my mini iPad last December.  Service on Verizon.   2GB of data and only use half of that/month.   Have gotten the "No data left on cellular data plan" message and option to add data every month, always on a date that is within a few days of the monthly billing cycle data.    Has happened every month since getting the iPad.  This month, I have been getting the message frequently vs. only at the billing cycle date.  


    Apple has been great over the last 7 months.   They have done the following:   replaced the SIM card, reset network settings (multiple times), given me a new iPad, restored the new device several months later, and most recently, reprovisioned the account.    Nothing has stopped the messages.   


    I have also contacted Verizon multiple times over the last 7 months.  Both last month and this month, Verizon seems to have info in their system that indicates this is an Apple software issue that they have acknowledged. There is no info on timing for the resolution.   Verizon says they have 1.5 million devices reported as having this problem, which I think is a very low number and likely will not drive a high priority with Apple, if the issue really is an Apple software issue.    Apple reports no knowledge of a software issue. 


    On my own, without suggestion from Apple and Verizon, I have discovered that shutting the device down and restarting will resolve the problem, but as noted above, this is a termporary fix.   Until this past month, the shutdown/restart solved the problem for me until the next monthly billing cycle date.     Now, with the more frequent messages, the shutdown/restart still works but it is not for the full month.    While the shutdown/restart is a hassle, it at least fixes the problem so that I can send and receive messages.   But given the increased frequency of the message, it is becoming really annoying.


    I have asked Verizon to provide me more about their info that says this is an Apple software issue.  Verizon apparently has an internal forum and the moderator has communicated with the forum that this is an Apple software issue.   I have asked the Verizon rep to go back to the moderator and find out where that person got this info.    If the rep can provide me that info, I plan to share it with Apple since all of the Apple tech service reps I have worked with (both on the phone and at the Genius bar) have not seen or heard of this problem and are unaware of what Verizon is saying. 


    If I learn anything new, I will share.   But for now, we all seem to be stuck with a very frustrating problem for which there is no solution in this electronic age when such hassles should not exist. 

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    Apple has admitted this is a known issue, I have an open Applecare ticket from March regarding it. There have been hints that it may be resolved in iOS7 and even though it has been released to developers Apple is refusing to comment on whether or not it is fixed in iOs7. The really frustrating part is even though Apple won't say anything to customers about this being fixed in iOS7 they are all over the trade publications talking about it and you can pay $99 and become a developer and find out yourself.

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    Thanks for your helpful response.   I was unaware of that Apple has hinted at resolving this problem in iOS7.   I guess our only hope is to suffer along until the fall and see what happens when iOS7 is released.   I certainly am not going to become a developer.    I have two questions.  In your view, does it do any good for a few more of us to open Applecare tickets?   I am assuming that the answer is "no" because we are voices in the wilderness.   Second, have you seen any variation in the problem based on your geographical location or on occurrence date vs billing date?   I use the iPad in two different states and I feel like I have a problem more often in one state than another.  And as I reported in my posting, I have recently seen the occurrence date become more frequent than the once/month billing date.   

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    I have not noticed any date correlation, but I haven't looked or kept track to know. I do know I have issues in the same places but I think those may be related to signal stregnth. I seem to get it more frequently in areas with weak signals which I see a lot traveling in rural Kansas and Oklahoma.


    I would encourage everyone with this problem to open an Applecare ticket and also call Apple corporate and ask for someone above normal customer relations. They will tell you they have to cantact an engineer and they will get back to you in two to three days. You will get the stock answer of three solutions which are the same work arounds you have already been using, moving to a prepaid data plan which will cost at least $50 a month more from Verizzon or have Verizon put you on an unlimited data plan which they do not have.


    When you ask about iOS 7 you will get the stock reply Apple doesn't comment on anything until it is officially released. The frustrating part is the no comment from one department when another is out making the rounds and actively talking about the product.


    I also call Apple and Verizon once a month and ask for an update and remind hem how long this problem has been going on. Their new stock answer from both for me is offering to buy the iPad back.

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