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Is there anything besides ram that can help inprove cpu usage???

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Dual 1.8, 2.5gb RAM, PowerMac 7,3
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    Install system on SSD?


    -- kaz-k

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    would it have to be Internal? and can I install an Internal hard drive like a 2TB? would that help? or does it have to be an SSD?

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    A SSD on the internal bus with OS and applications would decrease boot time and application launch over a standard rotational drive.

    It would also provide fast VM memory, though, typically due to capacity vs price issues, people tend to have "just enough" SSD.... often too small for the VM demands of OS X (especially Leopard). Then, OS X will run out of VM faster and rely more on memory.


    Pro apps will starve for VM as well.


    Launch is real fast, though.


    A SSD will not increase computational speed. No drive will.

    What a drive will do is provide capacity for virtual memory (VM).


    A SSD on an external device like a FW drive would not produce good results and likely actually increase boot time and be a waste of the potential data rate of the SSD due to FW bus limitations.


    Use of a PCI card and eSATA would provide for data throughput but slow boot due to PCI bus negotiations.


    A fast 2 TB drive like a WD Black or Hitachi 7K would provide virtually the same read write speeds PLUS allow for large VM usage thus freeing RAM.


    On a 1.5 Gbps bus, a SSD is lost. A fast 2 TB drive with 32 or 64 MB cache is a real pick me up.


    If this is all for use with Photoshop or with Final Cut, a second, large drive for VM is essential for performance.


    BTW, what need drives your question?

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    Thank you japamac, Im not to concerned with the boot up speed as much as i am with functionality and reliability. I am running PRO TOOLS RTAS PLUGINS some presets on AMPLITUBE 2 have a ton of FX that make cpu lag and stutter to the point it peaks. I have a stock hard drive that is a 80gig and am using up about half and other half is free. so I have one empty slot for a internal hard drive. and would love to know exactly what I should add to make my DAW work at its best /smoothest. Im not real tech savy with the ins and outs but im a technition on my DAW...Its my computer that lags, and unfortionatly cant afford a new MAC PRO+upgrades at this time. just maybe need one kick *** drive internal or external to help me eliminate some of this stuttering/lagging im experiancing.

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    I tend to use alot of plugins...But ive learned to record them over to seperate tracks once the tracks are final to free up cpu and so my work flow doesnt freeze up as much. it asks me to delete tracks or plugins alot while im working and i sometimes just cant do that. so maybe two new internals. with lots of space TB, GIGABITES, SSD and conventional HD. just need something afforable and reliable.

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    Doing everything on the very small, antique 80GB drive is not helping you at all.


    You should have the OS, applications and application specific plugins on one drive and do all your recording and data saving on a second drive.


    If a second drive is say a 2 TB Western Digital Black or Hitachi 7K, you could partition it in half, using the first partition for active tracks and VM and saving the finalized tracks to the second partition.


    As for the boot drive (the current 80 GB), new drive models are much faster than that drive could ever hope to be.

    Replacing it with a (min) 500 GB WD Black would breath new life into the machine. Installing a 128 GB or, better, 240 GB SSD for OS and apps would give the machine some real snap.


    File manipulation would improve due to free space on the drives and should relieve stuttering, but, finally, the current bandwidth and limited multithread capability of the processor will remain.

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    Wow thats exactly what I need. Sounds like a plan...Ok correct me if im off. The 2TB western digital is the best choice for storage of files and sessions etc.. over the Hitachi7K? but if im looking to save a few bucks wich in this case is only a differance of around $20 $30 bucks... I should go with the WD2TB....and a 500 GB min for the boot drive. if i cannot spring for a 240 GB SSD. and Im good to go?  Thanl you so  much for the info and detail in explaining what i needed for this dinosaur G5 of mine.

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    Out of curiosity, What SSD drive would you recomend that will fit my powerPC g5... I may just need to get this done right and do a SSD for boot drive...Im gonna research brands and pricing to check my options, but plrase feel free to educate me on this SSD option. thanks agaim japamac, youve been great help to me and truly appreciate your knowledge you have shared with me. Thank you

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    All SSD drives will work in your G5. Since speed is limited by SATA-I get the cheapest drive you can find at the size you need.

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    What about this SSD...??


    OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD3-2VTX240G 3.5" 240GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

    $119 at New Egg...

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    Nice price on a good sized OCZ.

    The Vertex 2 has been reported as successfully used in G5s many times.

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    Go for it.

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