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I see this has been a bit of a problem, but figured I'd add to the discussion anyway. My podcast has eight episodes and downloads immediately with no problem for subscribers. However, when searched for in the iTunes Store, only the first two episodes show up. It's been a few weeks, so I figured they should start appearing.


Feed: feed://


iTunes Link:


Thank you for any help.



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    I'm afraid I can't give you an encouraging answer here. The feed appears to be fine, and as you say can be subscribed to manually in iTunes (and from the button on the Store page). The Store simply hasn't updated since after episode 2 and I can see no reason whatever for this.


    This sort of thing isn't entirely unknown - the Store has been known to get stuck in individual cases sometimes, and usually in the end it sorts itself out, though it's completely frustrating.


    I have seen cases where inexplicably a podcaster's server doesn't react well to requests from the Store, though it's OK in the iTunes application, though usually this happens from the start rather than part way through the podcast's history. If the people running your server are focussed and have proper logs they might be able to find a request for your feed from the Store and see whether an error has cropped up, but it's a pretty long shot.


    You could try emailing iTunes Support at podcasts 'at', but don't be surprised if you get back a form answer telling you how to add episodes (which you already know perfectly well).

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    Hi Roger,

    Thank you for your response. It is strange - all the information I can find is that sometimes it's takes a while for the episodes to show up on the iTunes Store. However, it has been a few weeks and still nothing. We are just getting started and working all the bugs out, so hopefully this will get sorted out soon.


    I have emailed iTunes support, but it was just a generic response about adding episodes. I will try the podcast address you sent.


    Thanks again!



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    It usually takes 1-2 days for new episodes to appear: occasionally a little longer. What you are experiencing is not normal and shouldn't be happening, but we have seen delays of several weeks before: obviously there is some sort of glitch with the Store software. In other cases it's sorted itself out eventually; I hope you can get some help from them.

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    Okay, a few things.


    I think the problem might have been a Wordpress security plugin I installed. After the first two episodes of the podcast, iTunes was no longer updating them in the store. However, as I mentioned, the episodes continue to show up instantly if you are a subscriber.


    Now iTunes has removed our feed from the store, stating that due to a 403 error, they cannot read it. Again, since receiving this message, a new episode was put up and downloaded fine if you were a subscriber. I understand that a 403 is a 'forbidden access' error and I have my hosting company looking into it. However, they continue to tell me they are finding nothing wrong.


    I tried re-submitting the feed to iTunes but keep getting this message: "We had difficulty reading this feed. Bad http result code: 403." Has iTunes just blocked my feed for good? I emailed podcasts at, but they were not so helpful.


    I'm not sure where to go from here? Change my feed and start over with a new one?


    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Your feed works OK when subscribing, so I don't know what the problem is. You should submit it starting with http:// not feed://, so



    even though feed://does work when subscribing. Otherwise I can't offer any solutions: as they have been unable to read the feed and have removed it you are going to have to submit it again from scratch. You will need to change the title slightly or you will be told it has already been submitted (this is a bug in the submissions process).


    I've seen cases where the Store wouldn't read a feed but the iTunes application would: I don't know how this happens but I susepct that some servers don't respond properly to requests specifically from the Store. You could try going through Feedburner - the Store shouldn't have any problem reading the feed from that.

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    Just wanted to say thank you for your help. Everything seems to be working fine now, although, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Here's what I did:


    -The Bullet Proof Security plugin seemed to interfere with itunes. I removed BPS from Wordpress, but some files remained in my backend. We thought we got rid of everything, but found some .htaccess files from BPS. Deleted those.


    -I was having trouble re-submitting to iTunes. So, through Feedburner, I just created a new feed based on my main category (a category that every podcast goes through), re-submitted, and all episodes appeared instantly.


    Thank you again for your help.



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    if anyone can help me please


    i download dan patrick show...and a few others each day from the store. all free podcast.


    none of these have updated in the store since may 7th.. i have tried all of least 7 and none are updated since the 7th.


    need help..thanks


    <Email Edited By Host>

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    It's a really bad idea to post your email address - it's an invitation to spam - and I've asked the Hosts to remove it. No-one is going to email you.


    When you have a question please start your own thread rather than tacking onto an existing thread which in this case is about something else anyway.


    As these podcasts are made by people other than yourself there isn't anything you can do about it. Try subscribing; if the episodes appear there the Store is being slow to update - this happens sometimes. If they don't appear when subscribing then that means no new episodes have been posted.

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    Roger i dont think after several years over 20 podcast just stop updating on their own..this has to be an apple or itune issue and i do subscribe to several and those also  have not updated

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 Level 9 (72,425 points)

    Would you like to post the iTunes Store page for one of the podcasts you are having problems with? Otherwise it's not really possible to comment.

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    Keep in mind i am not very tech savy but maybe with some instruction i can do is how i get them each day


    I go to itunes store and type in the search box  1. at a time  dan patrick show          scott van pelt         thundering herd


    tony kornheiser


    when they show up i hit the icon for the show and then download for the i say i have over 10 to 20 and none are current as they all stopped may 7th


    for the record not all are espn shows some are other ones so its not just espn

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    this link was started and others are having same issue


  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 Level 9 (72,425 points)

    I checked the first two you listed. In each case the Store is showing episodes up to 7 May, but subscribing on Mac showed episodes up to yesterday.


    The Store often takes 1-2 days to catch up with new episodes; at the moment it's being slightly sticky about it, which is irritating but not all that unusual.


    If you subscribe on a Mac or PC you will see all the episodes; if you do so on an iOS device you are reading the Store page, not the feed, and so you won't see the most recent episodes until the Store updates.


    There isn't anything you can do about this; I suppose the originators could complain to the iTunes Store staff though I don't know whether that's at all likely to produce any result.

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    I disagree where it says the store takes 1 or 2 days as it has never taken more than half a day for any of them in the past 2-3 years so it is unusual from the history it has shown.


    i am not sure what you mean by mac or pc..i use an ipad and ipod and do have some subscriptions to them and again they are all may 7th.


    can you explain IOS device? etc...thanks

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