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    That's exactly what I did, but I don't have the NVIDIA drivers installed, and I can't install them manually because it says they're incompatible. You said earlier that you installed them manually, I just want to know how.

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    I managed to work Windows 8 on my Macbook pro 13" 2010 model. The installation procedure was no sweat, and everything was smooth. What I had to do was boot from the CD that contained Windows 8, and pretty much went on from there. But, I had to do a custom installation for it to work. Can't upgrade either, because I'm using a 32 bit Windows 7. So, pretty much, I can also do a "clean install" of it. For the drivers, I just installed the drivers again from my external hard disk. Note that the drivers that I used was from Bootcamp 4, so it was only for Windows 7, but it managed to work on Windows 8 as well. I'm pretty sure you already solved the problem, but I'm just putting my way of installing it out there.

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    I have everything working on my mid 2010 13" MBP but I still get system crashes. I have tried disabling the network card from the system settings but that didn't fix it and the disabledynamictick command didn't do anything for me either. Has anyone had another system crash issue that they fixed and how did you do it?

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    What kind of system crashes are they? And so far, I've had Windows 8 for the past week now, and it's working excellent. It's just that, the multitouch trackpad sometimes doesn't work after I hibernate or sleep the laptop. But, it usually gets solved by restarting the laptop, and I haven't had any system crashes so far.

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    I also have installed Win 8 64 bit on my MBP 7.1 (13" mid-2010) in EFI mode. It sometimes restart randomly but most of time it works fine. The problem is I can't install any NVidia drivers. It always suddenly restart when the installer is "Installing driver" and the progress bar is about 20%.


    What I've tried:

    - Disable PnP Monitor from Device Manager

    - Enter bcdedit disabledynamictick

    - Install latest drivers downloaded from Bootcamp 4.0.4

    - Install NVidia drivers downloaded from NVidia site. I've tried several version: 320.49, 285.62, 266.58


    But the result is still same

    Any suggestion?

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    I installed Windows 8 64-bit on top of 32-bit Windows 7, so that means I had to do a clean install. The install was pretty quick, and it was successful. I just had to delete the windows.old file. Then, I installed bootcamp once again on my bootcamp partition via my external hard disk, and mostof the drivers were installed correctly. Windows 8 prompted me that there were compatibility issues, but it still worked fine. I'm also able to play PC games fine as well. And I didn't install Windows 8 in EFI mode in my MBP, and I pretty much treated the installation as a normal PC laptop/desktop. I hope that helped you, though. But, if the problem still persists, I'll do my best to find a solution.

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    Hi BonjourEm!


    Thank you for your clarification.


    Yeah, I was also trying to install in BIOS-mode (non-EFI), but my MBP only boot to plain black screen.

    No "Press any key to boot from CD..." text and my keyboard is not responding (capslock key can't be turned on for instance).

    I've made a thread on MacRumors and currently hoping someone can help me.


    Thank you for your time!

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    Hey, no problem! :) But, did you format the bootcamp partition into MS-DOS(FAT) during the bootcamp installation? If you did, there should be the black screen that will tell you to boot into the CD. But, yeah. I hope you get to use Windows 8 properly soon. :)

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    The crash that I am experiencing is that my computer will freeze instantly wherever I am. Nothing will move, nothing will pull up. Task Manager does nothing and the mouse won't even move. The only thing that bring me back out of it is to do a hard reset by holding down the power button on my MBP and rebooting. I fixed the issue temporarily a while ago by disabling all network cards, drivers and peripherals but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a computer nowadays where everything runs through the internet.

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    Hi BonjourEm!

    I use Boot Camp Assistant to create the partition. When I check it on Disk Utility, it was formatted as MS-DOS (FAT) format.

    I read on the forum that the black screen might be caused by hardware error.

    Well I guess I'll stick to OSX for now and borrow my roommate's PC to play game ( ._.)


    Thank you for your help anyway. I really appreciate it.

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    No problem!   I really do hope it works soon, though. xD But, as much as possible, upgrapding should do you fine, since it'll be future proof and all that.

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    works like magic, even in Windwos 8.1 (beta)



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    When does it usually freeze? And how much space do you have in your bootcamp partition? Maybe, you haven't installed the bootcamp software yet, and it's main drivers.

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    I already tell this in my last post:


    "So to fix the crash use this:


    2. Type: bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

    3. Restart ;-)"


    And BTW, i fix my problem with controling brightness when update my NVidia drivers ;-)

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    Oh, nice. But, he said that it's still not working for him, and after he did all of those things, it was still crashing. :/