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    Experiencing the same problems with my Iphone 5. Back in IOS 6.1.2, I heard about the problems some users had with MS Exchange but luckily it didn't really affect me much and the lockscreen bypass issue also wasn't a big deal for me since I rarely leave my phone in the open, but everything changd when I updated to IOS 6.1.3.


    Suddenly I find myself using up all my battery in less than 4 hours. When I checked my usage, both usage and standby time were the same -to my shock and dismay, I tried resetting it but it didn't work. Then I figured it must be the Exchange bug so I tried removing my Exchange account and so far its been working to help maintain the battery -but now I can't access emails on my Iphone, which was the very reason why I bought one in the first place to help with my work.


    The Iphone 5 was my induction to the Apple ecosystem and I was really looking forward to it. Sadly, Apple support is very hard to come by in my country (Philippines) and so I'm stuck praying that the engineers from Apple figure out a way to fix this issue or they come out with something new altogether.

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    I don't appreciate you calling me a troll. Second, you useless fixes don't you may fool some of these people but not me. Your wasting people's time with your ideas as a temp fix. That makes me upset. This is an Apple problem. Let apple fix it. If that's at all possible?


    But no reason for you to name call. I'm just pointing out facts. If I feel like giving my opinion on a company I stood behind for many years ill do so. And if no one likes it...tuff! I think these people with problems should be upset. Ipad mini, 10 hours of usage, I don't get even close to ten hours. No 3d games, no mail set up, iCloud off, location off, Bluetooth off, apps all closed in back round. A couple text messages and some Internet, 6 hours its dead! Wifi turned off when not using it, drains just sitting on my coffee table.


    Don't waste your time with these wannabe Apple or go in the store if you have one in your area. Thank you for giving up feeding trolls because your ideas or silly steps you've posted DO NOT WORK!

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    Your lucky! My ipad 2 is running great on 6.0.1...battery last 17 hours! My iPod touch 4g had good battery life, updated to 6.1.2 and my battery last a day with same usage. This bugs me! I could of stayed with 6.0.1 but I wanted to see if it was the update, my money is on the firmware. People are seeing Apple getting worse, not better. A lot of people are upset. So what's wrong with letting them vent? I would rather read that! Not some do it yourself fix!


    Some people have the bug...if you want to call it that? Other people have no battery problems....something we did different when updating? I don't know? And I'm not gonna pretend I know. You say you have no problems? What or how did you do your update? Must be some special way when updating? I'm being serious. Anyone without this issue/bug, what steps did you take? Help us out? Not being a jerk. Just would like some help.

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    Very big issues with my battery now!!!! Ohh f...k! Ios 6.1.3! Don't update now!

    It's extremely damaging for your battery!

    Now in 6 hours my battery is going offff!!!


    Hey Apple, instead of thinking about Jailbreak and Jailbreak,

    could you please fix this problem noooow!

    I have to work!!! Quickly please!!!

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    Dear Lawrence,


    Do not be angry. I and more people appreciate your help in that matter. Some people dont, but it is not your fault.

    For me, the mentioned solution was successful.

    But! I also agree with those, who says need to be fixed by Apple. It's a high quality high-priced product, everybody do mistakes cuz people works there too (not robots), but QUALITY is a normal requirement from Customers in this segment.

    Or if the quality is not in line with the requirements (like this problem which affects thousands of Customers), than they should have to launch already a BCP (Business Continuity Planning), which ensures to restore the quality services like use the product without issues. They did not launch it yet or no results so far. I think it is a huge mistake, what should not let happen by a brand like Apple.


    Last but not least thanks again for your tireless help for us.

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    Since upgrading battery *****.....I found that when I access doesn't stop accessing server.  I opened quick launch on bottom and deleted calendar there and it stopped accessing.  Battery almost seems normal.  I have an iphone 5 and an iPad which I synch in the cloud.  That is where issue is.  Apple get this right.



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    Same here. If I don't call with my iPhone 5 it might last 5 to 7 hours. If I do place and receive calls It's down into the 20%'s within 2 to 3 hours.


    Every morning I take my phone of the charger, get into my car (with bluetooth) and drive for about 50 minutes. Normally the battery would still be 100% or maybe 99%. Now it's down to 78-83%. It's rediculous.


    I am so ****** off that every 2 to 3 releases of iOS battery depletion issues come up. Having to charge more often means depleation of the total battery life. If this doesn't change soon, then this is the last iPhone I will ever by. I never hear of Android having these issues.

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    Same issue here on an iPhone 4S with the new update. I did a test last night. I charged my phone to 100% at about 2am, (leaving it how I normally have for the past year in a half, as far as notifications) woke up at 9am and the battery was at 55%.


    I think it's happening when the phone is not active, because I began using it at 55% (was on FB, watched a YouTube video, and listened to Spotify) for about an hour and the battery was at 44%.


    However this issue needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • daphreev Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPad 2 w/ the new update is working fine however!

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    Try turning off "Mobile data" when u don't need it and it should be sufficient since internet connection would be cut off.



  • DarrylR Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    I do my updates OTA. And I don't have apps, pictures, music or sync because I am not going to pay good money for my devices to have something runin it. That is not my fault, So I stay away from that crap so that is way I am not having a problem the only software apps that are on my devices is iCloud and if I am not using some of them I turn them off.


    It is sad to pay good money for something to have a software app cause you problems. See these programmer when they write these apps they are not going to tell you if they are battery eaters. But that is why some people but Apple products is for the apps and other things there are apps for just about everythings now.


    So that is why Apple control the apps that runs on it software and people trying to break out of jail. So yes the iOS is a wonderful program easy to use, so I guess Apple is doing there job of policing on there end we have to do the same on are end.

  • Gregory Csuvarszky Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    One solution is worked on an iPhone 4S and a 5:


    1. Closing every running app with multitask.

    2. Reseting network settings: Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings

    3. Make a Force Restart (holding home + stand by buttons)

    4. Wait until the device fully boot in.


    Results (4S):

                   - Wifi on, 3G on

                   - Email syncing within 30 minutes

                   - Two games, facebook, music running backround


    from 1pm to 3pm with no pushing the phone, battery decreased by 3%: 50% to 47%.


    And I'm also suggesting if you want to update software, You should update ONLY via iTunes, after you closed every running app and turn off network connections.


    Hope works.

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    Hope we get a 6.1.4 update ti solve this problem.!

  • daphreev Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The point everyone is making is that we should not have to do all of this. We should be able to update via Wifi and not iTunes, we should not have to re-configure our devices to different settings. Clearly, this is an issue, and I am sure Apple is working on making an update.

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    Exactly daphreev apple devices are premium devices so we should be able to use them as we like and not need to wonder which apps are draining battery or no. The apps that drain battery should not even be on App Store in the first place. Just looks like the 6.1.4 was not properly tested. Apple should at least acknowledge it to begin with.

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