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    Absolutly malanaice! I could see if this has been happening because of the phone, but it started the night I updated to 6.1.3! I think that everyone in this thread has experienced the same issue, that after they upgraded ALL **** BROKE LOOSE!

  • DarrylR Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    In-App Purchases generate record revenue percentage in Apple App Store. It is all about supply and demand people want these apps with out knowing the background of the app. People say I want this app and download it.

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    Apple are a con I have 2 iPads 2 iPhone spent a fortune sick to death of the battery drain crap not buying any more apple devices


    FFs apple let us go back to 5.1.1 after all we have paid a fortune for these devices that don't work should be our choice what ios we run on them



    Android next for me and the wife if it is not sorted and soon

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    Thank you your reply and being being polite. It's a shame we don't know what apps are causing problems? It's also a shame that we can't use our idevices the way we want. If I set up an email account, say with gmail? It drains my battery. I have turned off the calendar feature in mail. But still the nightmare remains.


    As most people say here, we should be able to use them as we like! Apps? Apple has way to many useless apps!! I'm half asleep here in buffalo ny, the arm pit of NY. To early to think...need coffee. Apple

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    Guess I will join the club. Battery draining quickly. I am not going to try any of these so called fixes, as I am not certain it will fix problem.


    I have iPhone and iPad....doesn't seem that drainage is as bad on Pad as Phone.....Pad seems normal. I have latest iOS on each device.


    Apple, please fix this problem.

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    Well I will be keeping my ipad and the wife hers as they are good and as you said the problems not as bad on that but both our phones are going this has been going on since ios 6 came out enough is enough apple have had a lot of money from me and I mean a lot both me and the wife had I phone 4 and then we upgraded to 4s each and we both have had several iPads we also have Apple TV and spend a good amount on apps and we don't get our devices through contract upgrades they are all purchased from the apple store and having spent over £3000 in that store in the last few years plus apps I think we should be able to turn back to ios 5.1.1 just to get our devices running right like they used to.


    As I said enough the iPads we will keep but we are now not going to purchase the next iPhone as we had planned weather it be the 5s or the 6 we will be going to one of the androids




    Apple stinks total fail and they don't give a crap about their customers if they did They would let us go back to an earlier software that works till they sort this crap one out that is if they ever can

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    We miss you Steve Jobs

    Where are you ????

    They are ruining yor company

    God bless you

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    Add me also the shame list

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    I agree with letting us go back to a firmware that didn't have this many issues. I also never added that I think the new App Store blows! It's slow n sluggish and images take forever to load! I have also spent lots of money with Apple in just over a year. First started with the iPod nano first gen, $199. In 2005 and kept spending from there. I'm not rich, I like toys.


    Please Apple fix this problem, you can't be that naive! Don't pretend this is only a small problem, because its not. I need a new iPod touch but I just can't buy the new one. I want too! But I know I'll be the unlucky one who gets a bad iPod touch. My 4th gen can't handle much of the new games, plus the new one looks sick! In black!

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    Problem here too. I thought something was wrong with my new iPhone 5. My iPad 4 and iPad mini don't seem to be affected as bad. Please Apple, fix this. I tried to do what has been suggested this in thread. Don't know if it has worked yet on the phone, but it seems to me that it's Apple's job to fix this. Really frustrating.

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    DarryIR what i was trying to say is that when you develop an app for ios you have to submit it to apple and follow their guidelines. One of it says the app should not drain a lot of the battery. I have the guidelines document with me will take a screenshot of it.


    Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 10.18.11 AM.png

    They are a lot of guidelines if anyone interested can send the document. I am a developer my self but have no experience on IOS as of now. It just shows that the update has been released without proper testing. Also many people say only a few of us are facing this issue, that could be because --

    1. Many of the ios users have not updated to 6.1.3 after reading about the issues we are facing.

    2. Many wont update to 6.1.3 as you cant downgrade to lower versions.

    3. No jailbreak possible on 6.1.3. They are many users who jailbreak and still buy the apps and not use the pirated ones.


    So it seems that we are ******* and should wait a week or 2 once an update is released and check on users reviews before updating. There is no harm in acknowledging mistakes as all the developers are humans and will make mistakes sometime or the other. Wish apple could just reply and say that they are working on a fix or something.

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    Do you think Apple checks every app that is submitted? And what about the apps update? Is Apple cutting corners now a days? It seems like it? I hope not. Where is Apple in all this? Last time we heard from Apple was about the maps when in was first introduced, and Tim Cook apologies for the inconvenience. Why not now? Why no news on what the heck is going on at Apple inc. I was gonna buy the 5th gen iPod touch today but I left. I'm thinking no way am I gonna give anymore money to Apple until this whole fiasco is put to bed and things are running normal and not all messed up.

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    This 6.1.3 update is not gonna be downloaded like 6.1.2 people don't want to loose a JB iPhone, or ipad or iPod touch. I don't think we'll see another update for awhile. I hope I'm wrong. 12 million JB so far? That's crazy!!

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    That could be Papasin73 as stiff competition with andriod. They do take long to put apps on AppStore will try to check if they check the updates too. Just heard there maybe a jailbreak for 6.1.3 soon maybe we should get an update from apple then.

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             Recently I udpated to iOS 6.1.3 on my iPhone5 and I didn't face this issue, infact in my case Battery Life has significantly improved. I don't know what went wrong with so many people, but technically if you are on 4G or 3G it will for sure drain your battery fast. I don't see any problem with iOS 6.1.3 and if there is any such problem for real then Apple might have updated there iOS to next version coz we are at best hands, Apple's support is undoubtedly the best among others. Cheers


    Dr.Ayush Singh

    Veterinary Officer

    Sheep Breeding Farm

    Chamoli (Uttarakhand)


    iPhone5 iOS 6.1.3

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