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    Here's what worked for my iPhone battery drain issue after upgrading to 6.1.3. A hard reset followed by choosing "Settings" "Mail Contacts Calendars" "Fetch New Data" "Advanced." Then set my non Apple email account to "Manual";

    Backing up one screen, I also set "Fetch" instruction to "Manually" for those apps using "Push" when "Fetch" is not available. Good luck!

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    Hey guys..

    Im experiencing the same as most of you posting here.


    I had an iPhone 4 recently,had it for two years..about two weeks ago updated to 6.1.3. iOS and everything was okay,about a day with no charging,but also surfing internet a lot..,then this past weekend I bought a new iPhone 4S from a friend,but he hadnt updated,so I immediatelly updated to 6.1.3. naive that would be okay as it was on my iPhone 4..

    in couple of hours my battery was dead,so I charged it to 100% and again in 5 hours I was at 5%..I though it was a wrong piece and wanted to return the iPhone,but now I can see there actually IS a problem. I ve read all the threat and I tried the hard reset after switching off the icloud and other e-mail account..tried it twice,still the same,didnt worked for me at all..charged it to 70% and im 51% in like half an hour!!!so crazy!

    not even with Siri off,vibrates off and contrast set for 60%..the battery is just dying in standby as pretty dissapointed.


    also thinking about getting an iPhone 5 even though the problem could be there too..

    anyways, whats new?are there any news with some 6.1.4. release or some response from Apple?!


    going to see this thread everyday for updates or news from you..


    also sorry for my english,Im from czech republic,but hope you understand me.

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    I have been having increasing problems since 6.1.3 upgrade. My battery visibly discharges, often in 5% increments it is so fast. I have tried deleting all of my mail accounts and resetting them up but it is just getting worse.


    Today I charged my phone over night and it was 100% when I set off to a meeting. I was in the meeting for 3 hours, never touched my phone, and when I came out of it my phone was at 20%, now I have to plug it in everytime I use it.


    I cant go back to 6.1.2 which caused me no problems. Has anyone any different ideas.....please!

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    Looks like apple finally realized that 6.1.3 is a battery drainer!! 6.1.4 in the works!!

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  • Papasin73 Level 1 (0 points)

    Remember the name and always know I'm telling the TRUTH! For a couple of user names I won't mention.


    Ios 6.1.4 is coming. Sooner than later. Apple is doing their job. Thank god!

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    My iPhone 4s went from a normal 48 hours between charge to less than 7 hours with no change to my settings. I have not changed anything else on my setup - including email, notifications, etc. Now, if I use the phone for anything (on not at all, I can see a notible loss in the battery.I guess I will have to take along my back up battery so I can make it through the day.

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    Just wanted to share with you guys on this experience:


    Last week I received a phone from 'Jason' who claimed to be from Apple and wanted at the request of the engineers to install a log collector on my phone to study my battery problem ... At first I wasn't sure this call was real but after taking some precautions I new it was real. The log collection was spread on 5 days and then they called me back I did upload my compressed log to Apple server...

    I was happy to participate in this experience.


    Being an IT specialist for 14 years now ... I never seen big corporation going to the end user straight ... I am impressed and happy at the same time !  Like the 'Oracle' once told Neo in the 'Matrix' ... 'You made a believer out of me ...' 


    Thank you Apple,


    So if you are contacted ... Go ahead and participate,



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    Hi!  Please try these fixes on this link:  I know it says 6.1.2, but try it out.  Most of the fixes are the same for all.  I do think that Apple needs to address these problems, but for now, we have to fix it ourselves.  We can't just throw away the phone, can we?

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    Just found this thread after having much shorter battery life on my iPhone 5 with 6.1.3.  I already found two fixes here that made a difference.  1st I read a post that said to turn off facetime, so even though I never use it and had it turned off, I decided to check the setting.... To my surprise it was ON, so the update must have turned it on by default.  After turning it off I reset my phone and was shocked to see the battery level showed 81%, it was showing 72% when I turned off Facetime.  The second thing was from a link above which said to turn off 'documents and data' in iCloud, it's another feature I don't use and had turned off.... It was ON and docs and data was on,  must have been the 6.1.3 update again....  I reset again and the batt level jumped to 83%...  Very strange as the capacity / charge level should not jump upwards from turning off features?????  Anyway I'll see how it works after a full charge and report back if anything significant develops.


    On a side note;  Has anyone noticed after 6.1.3 that their Auto Brightness control started changing levels much more quickly than before?  Mine also seems to jump right to maximum when outdoors in sunlight no matter what level it is set to on the slider control?  Never did this before 6.1.3, I thought I'd find this as one of the battery drain issues.  This is also happening on my iPad 3.

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    Doesnt work for me unfortunately..Facetime is off and documents on iCloud as well..I did a reset and battery is still showing the same and getting 1% down in few minutes..


    But thank u.


    Hope 6.1.4. is coming reaaaaaally soon!!

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    Dont think there will be a 6.1.4....maybe directly IOS 7. Till then no options but to carry charger around.

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    I believe we will see Apple release 6.1.4. Apple won't wait until ios 7. Apple know this is getting bigger because more and more people are doing the update w/o researching 6.1.3. Just hope Apple makes a proper firmware and triple check it before its release. I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong. Carry your chargers if your battery is that bad. Or try a do it yourself fix, never worked for me but it may work for you.

  • RJV Bertin Level 3 (950 points)

    As I've mentioned before, the real question is how devices bought with this firmware installed will perform. If they have normal battery life with normal usage, the issue is not with the firmware itself, but with the update procedure.


    Apple's biggest wrong in this whole situation, IMHO, is that they don't allow even a single version rollback to a known working state (heck, it isn't even straightforward to maintain a previous backup when making a new one!). And if I really have to be honest, I consider that there ought to be a legal obligation to provide a warranty period on each firmware update.


    Maybe users in countries with ubiquitous Apple Stores should have the updating be done by a store employee, so that they can go back and point fingers in case of problems like this. That'd be harder for Apple to ignore than yet another petition, bad press (or targeted Samsung ad campaign)

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