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    Deleted right after your post "please go away"

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    Why did your post get edited?

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    You're wrong


    The issue is iOS 6.1.3. Even with all features off, since 6.1.2 my phone exhibits the same issue. 2 people with iPhone 5's noticed the same issues. 1 person with an iPhone 5 has experienced the same problem as mine. When I updated my wife's 3Gs to 6.1.3, she started having the same issue.


    Issue is, misreporting battery %.


    It gets compounded by iCloud ad other things, but te underlying problem is 6.1.3.


    Most people don't report it. They just, like my wife, have no time for this and just carry a USB cord and charge the phone.


    Not everyone with a battery issue comes here to talk about it. You can't go by the numbers here and say we are the only ones. There are millions of people with cheap battery life who don't post here. They just live with it.

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    Your numbers are ridiculous. Assuming that every single iPhone owner would come here and post about it is ridiculous. Most people won't say anything. Some come here. Some call tech support. Some don't say anything and live with it.


    IOS 6.1.3 battery drain is a big enough issue that if you go to Google and type


    "iOS 6.1.3"


    By itself, all the hits you get are either Jailbreaking or Battery Drain hits.

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    Thanks for your concern


    The moderators are free to do with my posts as they wish.


    My aim here is to cut through all the fanboy smokescreen. The ones who always say everything is fine and it must be "user error", regardless of the issue. Every Apple forum has that. Macrumors bans you as soon as you say anything bad about apple.


    I just want to he the voice of reason and give it to people real, as it is.


    iOS 6.1.2 & 6.1.3 are problems. With the same settings, my battery % is going crazy. I haven't changed or added anything, yet on iOS 6.0 I had no issues. A quick look on Google will tell you I'm not crazy. People aren't crazy.


    I believe, as a user, you should be able to have your phone with all the features apple sold you without having your phone die in 4 hours.


    So, I'm trying to tell people to be patient. To reset the phone a lot, and basically just wait for iOS 7. Once it comes out. Update and if you don't have issues, then stop updating the phone.

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    Yea. If I'm buying a phone that says 8 hours of LTE use, I should be able to get 8 hours on LTE  with all features on.

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    APPlE do something I'm fcking tired of endless recharging :( at least allow the possibility to ROLLBACK. The best phone in the planet will be thrown away to the rubbish basket soon because of this. Congrats!

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    Not one person here has acted like a fanboy. Not one believes these issues are at all acceptable. We all equally hate the situation.


    There is never going to be one solution for everybody. This was proven when Apple updated 6.1.2 in order to fix the exchange bug which caused battery drain. For many it fixes their drain issues and yet for others, it caused drainage issues.


    Some people managed to solve their issues by turning off push, I was able to fix mine by logging out of my Google account in Chrome etc etc. Others are still suffering.


    6.1.4 if it ever comes will hopefully fix the issue for most, but I know it won't fix it for everybody.


    It's not clear whether 6.1.4 will even be released now. It maybe that we have to wait for iOS 7 in the Summer.


    I'm getting a constant 8 hours usage now, plus I purchased a juice pack air which gives me almost double, so I can't run my battery down now even if I try.


    Ultimately I just want for everybody to appreciate there's no single fix that will work for everybody. And that in the end we are all just trying to solve our problems and attempt to help one another. There doesn't have to be battles among ourselves.


    Sure if somebody comes along and actually tells us that it's our own fault for using specific settings or that there isn't an issue, ill be the first to correct them. But right now I don't believe anybody is doing that.

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    Yes your post where you commented on my 'numbers' above was deleted along with a reply of mine to you....  Very odd since niether warranted removal...

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    Your blatant disregard for facts is ridiculous!  You have basically told every poster here that we all have no idea what were talking about.  You think you are the know all end all source for Apple product issues.  Basically we all chuckle at your ludicrous negative postings but it's getting very old and is no longer worth even reading your repetative rantings.


    You can't seem to get your head around the shear volume of IOS devices that are running 6.1.3.  The estimate is well over 200,000,000 IOS devices have been updated to 6.1.3.  So let me revise my numbers using an ultra conservative estimate:


    Instead of estimating there are 300 or 3,000 forum pages on the issue let's assume their are 300,000 forum pages worldwide about 6.1.3 battery issues.  Further lets assume that 10 posters per page actually have battery issues.  That gives us 3,000,000 affected devices being reported.  That equals less than 1.5% of IOS devices would have been reported having this issue!


    Now let's take some other facts into consideration:  Samsung has been estimated to have a 2.3% failure / return rate on new, out of the box, deliveries of the S3.  Apple has been estimated to have a .4% failure rate 'out of the box' on the iphone 5 (both estimates from Bloomberg / Financial Times investment research study).  So right out of the box more than 5 times as many Samsung S3's are faulty compared to iPhone 5's.  So even if you add my very conservitave (and I believe way over estimated) numbers above of a 1.5% battery problem rate and add it to Apples estimated .4% faliure rate you get a 1.9% 'failure' rate which is still below Samungs.  


    This is why this issue has not been making significant news in the press.  It's just not effecting a very significant number of people when you look at the big picture.  I'm not saying the issue is acceptable or that Apple has addressed it proactively.  But in the big scheme of things it's not nearly as wide spread of an issue as you make it out to be.  If it were then it would be the top news story on every tech website and be making cable news, network TV news and printed press headlines.


    PS: You can type anything in Google and get thousands of hits.  I just Googled 'S3 Battery drain' and there were 899,000 results !!!!

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    if  you have problems call to apple, go to apple store, do what they recomend you!!

    hopefully they will change ur iphone o do something...

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    FYI:  Don't get your hopes up for IOS7 to be released anytime soon.  Bloomberg just posted a big article about potential delays and changes being made and it looks like a September release at the earliest.  Link to full article below but here is one pertinent paragraph:


    While the company still expects to release iOS 7 on time as soon as September, internal deadlines for submitting features for testing are being set later than past releases......



    PS:  @Thai_iPhony4  Thanks for your all knowing assurances that IOS7 will be realeased "very soon" and fix all of our battery issues, LMAO

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    I think the issue is more the fact that, regardless of the "temporary fixes", I didn't expect to buy an iphone 5 and have to turn off all the features that make it a great phone.

    People are missing the point, I spend £600 on a phone, I dont expect to have to turn off all the amazing features it has just so it lasts a day on one charge, that defeats the point of it being such a great device, I may as well have bought a Cheap £10 phone from a supermarket, because at the moment, if I want to have the availability to make and receive calls and text messages all day, (FUNDAMENTAL mobile phone functions) I have to turn everything else off. well then what is the point of having such an amazing device.

    Also, none of this was an issue until 6.1.2, thought 6.1.3 would have fixed it but still the same problem.

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    Only thing that works to solve the battery issue is a clean IOS installion, "setting up new phone". Don't restore. That will just reinstall potential corrupt settings. Set push to manual, and don't add any mail account.(Very Important). My mail account starts battery drainage, once battery drainage starts the only way to solve it is reinstalling a clean IOS and setting up NO mail account. (Only web mail until Apple solve it, but battery works OK now).

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    Not true.  Many here have gotten our phones back to normal with simple settings changes / resetting.  My i5 works like it used now after barely getting 4 hours of usage after the update, and I have all my features back on just the way they were before.  For me it was just turning off a few of the new 'hidden' settings and resetting the phone a few times.  No restoring or reinstalling needed.

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